Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Stop and Say….

What the fuck?

For me, today is one of those days. One of those days where everything just seems a little peculiar.

Now, almost a YEAR ago I BEGGED you people to SAVE THE TWINKIE. I did my part, I bought a crapwad of Twinkies and other Hostess products but it seems you folks did not do your part. Now I’m losin’ that creamy goodness…for good. I’m bettin’ Tallahassee is one unhappy dude today.

After he’s done cryin’, it’s probably gonna be more like this

I don’t blame him. I want to cry and break some shit too then I wanna choke the life outta the Food Police cuz we all know those high-n-mighty-smug-bastards are the real culprits here. I hate them. I wish they’d choke on their alfalfa already, leave us nice folks in peace.

Oh buggernauts!

Then I open my Facebook page to read that ‘Papa John’ is joining with Applebee’s and Olive Garden trying to get out of “Obamacare”. Olive Garden and Applebee’s seem to be doing what I’ve been saying employers are doing for years; they’re going to ‘mostly or all’ part-time employees. ‘Papa John’ would rather have his employees go without health insurance so the rest of us don’t pay .14 extra per pizza. While some people argue, fuss, and fight over it, I just sit back and grin cuz, like I said, I told you YEARS ago this was happening. But now it’s all “Obama’s fault” so they feel free to bring their nasty business to the public’s attention–instead of keeping it hush-hush as they’d been doing–cuz they think they have a scapegoat. To me, they’re just finally showing their True Colors and I hope everyone can now see just how dark and hideous those colors are. So, Appleebee’s (which I don’t like anyway, this one has lousy food), and Olive Garden (which I love..big sigh) and Papa John’s (which we don’t have one!) just joined WalMart and Chick-Fil-A and Apple on the List of Places That Do NOT Get MY Money.

Gee, that list is getting long.

But ya know my Moral Compass just won’t let me go along with it. They make big ‘investments’ (some that crash Wall Street), buy yachts, planes, 3rd,4th,5th houses, and only God knows how many cars but the people who make that possible for them get the shaft. Nice, huh?

My favorite part of the messed up equation is when ‘they’ argue that ‘they’ can’t ‘afford’ to ‘raise their prices’ because ‘the economy is bad’. Hey! Dipshit! If you RAISED your employee’s salary and stopped treating them like chattel you’d be able to raise your prices too because people would then be able to afford it. In fact, they might be able to afford to do what you will not; put money back into the American economy. See how that works?

Nah, probably not. Sad but true.

Guess who else is a Cheap Bitch.

Linda McMahon! Seems she ‘forgot’ to issue her campaign employee’s last checks. My local news had to get involved to get the bitch to pay up.

Yeah, Connecticut definitely dodged a bullet there! Phew. While I’m still a little goofy over having met The Big Show several years ago I will never watch wrestling again. He’s quite sumthin’, btw😉

I’ll be kind and end my little rant here. There’s more but you already know my opinion on the Middle East; electric fence, guns, pay-per-view.

Although I did read something astoundingly stupid on FaceBook the other day someone said: “Persia was a better place before all of the Muslims moved in.”

I know my geography sucks salty monkey balls and I may not know where China is in relation to Greece😉 but I even did a double-take over it. I’m almost positive that the whole general area there; Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, and the rest has had a crapwad of Muslims for, oh, I dunno, at least 2012 years.

I could be wrong but The Almighty Google tells me I’m right.🙂

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