Rising Son–Trailer

Well, I guess this means we finally pulled this thing into the station and put it to bed. Woot! E-books are ready. Apologies to those who may be upset at the upcoming schedule but it works out easier for me this way. If I sell them only through my site for now I get the direct cash influx, which is nice at Christmas Time. Then, if I make it a Kindle Exclusive right away I don’t have to go around to half a dozen sites chasing it down and taking it down. That way Kindle can’t screw me on the price!🙂

I worked hard all day and, while I know it’s not the best, this is the trailer for the book and I’m calling it done.

Maybe tomorrow, but probably more like Saturday, I’ll get back to writing. I already know where we’re starting, we’re going to take a chapter and move it up to the front for the Prologue. We’ll get to expand on it and have some fun with it too. Fun would be really good at this point! Writing isn’t supposed to be so much drudgery.😉

I hope you like the trailer!

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