Been Busy…a/k/a Maybe I’m Just a Bitch

Yeah, I can’t tell at this point! LOL

I’ve been struck by two bonzer ideas. Like lightning they zipped through me and I’m running with them.

I’ve been wrestling with how to have my cake and eat it too. I’m greedy sometimes, I know. That’s bad. But, I’m human so I can’t help it. I have just finished uploading the new OF WAR Anthology to Kindle. It’s a Kindle Exclusive and will probably stay that way for the rest of its life. It includes; The Heart of War, Child of War-A God is Born, Child of War-Rising Son, and Christmas Eve on Olympus. Technically, for a while, “Rising Son” is a Kindle Exclusive and it is available on Kindle.

I know that’s a nasty little cheat. I’m sorry. But the Exclusive thing was good to me even though it has its drawbacks so that’s what I’m trying to even out here, those nasty drawbacks to the Kindle Exclusive Program.

Child of War-Rising Son will ‘debut’ on a major site on November 22nd over on All Romance E-Books. Look for the discount Black Friday-Cyber Monday. Ok, it ain’t much of a discount in the end. The idea is to get it ‘out there’ and ‘seen’. Happy stuff like that. If you buy it over there during that period you’ll pay about a nickel less than you will on my site if you buy it right now. So if you want to save a nickel go ahead and wait.

It’ll come ‘off sale’ and become ‘unpublished’ over there on November 23rd and will go back to being available only my site in singular form…just that novel by itself.

This gives me the holidays to get my visibility up and direct traffic to my site. I’ve got some events coming up so that may help with all of the good promo stuff. I haven’t heard back from any of the reviewers yet but, I know, it’s still early. I just hate waiting for the thumbs up or the thumbs down. Either way just do it and get it over with! LOL It also gives me the holidays to relax and take it easy. No worries. I’ll be able to see everything that’s going on with whatever sales there might…or might not…be during that time. It will also provide me with that ever-sought-after Extra Christmas Cash…well, maybe anyway.

I’ll try to do it on December 30th but I might not get to it…anyway, somewhere around January 1, 2013 it will be widely available, in singular form, everywhere. I’ll put it up on Kindle, All Romance Ebooks, Nook, Smashwords and that’ll throw it over to iBooks, Diesel and Kobo.

In the meantime we’re going to set about work on long-short story; Women of War. We’re going to take a little break and what was a minor chapter will evolve in the stories of Shar Draíocht, Morrowind, Maven, and then Alena up to the point where she meets Ares. Hoping to get away with 150 pages or less. It will be a nice lead-in to Kingdoms of War, it should set us up very nicely, finish off all of the back story still looming and clear the way of new stuff.

Yep, there’s always something new. Something unexpected around the next corner.😉

Oooooo! Look what showed up in the mail today!

They look AWE-SOME! I did a killer job on this cover! I love it!! WOOT!

Those are the paperbacks. I was told hard covers shipped at the same time so I’m hoping they show up tomorrow or Friday so I just make one trip to the Post Office on Saturday and send them out!

All right, off to make dinner and then watch Gibbs and LL Cool J…no more freakin’ political ads! It’s been oh so heavenly.🙂

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  1. and the circus started again !!! the books looks ace (don’t they always?)

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