Mine just got a little bigger.πŸ™‚

If you’ve been around this old blog for a while you may have been here for the whole Birth Mother Debacle–yeah, that was fun, wasn’t it? Gee, man, good times. She’s gone away, knock on wood. And, ya know, ‘for now’. I’m sure I haven’t seen the last of her that wheel will come around again at some point.

Lucky me.πŸ˜‰

But, the truth is, within all darkness there is some light. I finally got to the light! For the last several years my brother…gee that still ‘sounds’ strange…and I have been in touch off and on. We finally settled on being FaceBook friends for the last couple of years. We keep in touch and say ‘hi’ and happy things like that. Just before Thanksgiving I got a note from him; Hey, gonna be down your way, how about if we get together for coffee?

I found myself typing; Yes!

We made plans and he came down yesterday with his lovely wife and two daughters. I felt so bad for his girls, they sat here for 3 hours perfectly behaved with nothing to do. They had to have been bored off their butts but they didn’t complain. Yeah, my kids? Would have been up the wall with; When are we leaving! LOL

I was nervous as I waited for them to arrive. I mean, ya know, I was fairly certain he’s nowhere near as crazy as our mother but, ya never know, some people hide their crazy well. Those are the people ya gotta watch out for. Ever since the whole Birth Mother Debacle I have questioned my own sanity several times, my deepest darkest fear is that it’s hereditary and I will end up batshit crazy like her. I’m already half-way there with this constant voice in my head telling me what to do, how to do it, when to do it, what to write, how to write it, and…usually when to type ‘the end’ just not this last time.πŸ™‚ So, ya know, it’s What if I am Schitzo? What if I’m not ‘just a writer’, what if I’m nukin’ futz? I did take those pills to ‘help me sleep’ and the voice went away and I almost went out of my little mind! So, maybe I am crazy. Maybe everyone walks around lonely like that. Oh, that’d be awful.

They finally arrived and his girls jumped out of the car with….

hahahaha. Yes, we had been commiserating over the loss of the Twinkie on FaceBook!

I gave Twinkie the Kid a high place of honor on the kitch shelf over my computer.

Then Billy walked in the door and I gave him a big hug and it was the strangest feeling. I think that’s the first time a guy ever hugged me without trying to get into my pants–not counting relatives of course, well most of them anyway. I had some rowdy male cousins.

I couldn’t stop staring at him thinking; he’s got my eyes. Those are MY eyes staring back at me.

Again, very strange feeling. Totally bizarre in a very good way. My girls don’t have my eyes, they have their father’s eyes and while they look kinda like me they look more like my hubby. Well, you tell me, do we look alike? A little bit?

We sat here for three hours jawing away and I came to realization, another bizarre thing; He married me and I married him. No joke, my hubby and my brother are a lot like. His wife and I are a lot like. Is that weird or what?

I discovered he lives in an area that my parents I visited a few times, the Catskills. I knew he lived in ‘upper state New York’ but around here that applies to ANY part of NY north of ‘the city’. Yeah, as far as CT, MA, and RI are concerned NY consists only of NYC then there’s ‘upper state NY’. LOL

We talked about Howe Caverns, and the Baseball Hall of Fame, Sleepy Hollow and the Catskill Game Farm. He informed me it is no longer there and that made me sad. It’s one of my funniest/worst/most vivid memories of my childhood. We went there when I was, maybe 6 and they had a petting zoo. My father bought me a box of crackers…they looked like Triscuits…to feed the animals. I’ve always been a very ‘fair’ person I didn’t realize animals don’t think this way. I trotted around with my little box feeding the goats, and lambs, and the llamas, giving each one or two crackers as they let me pet them. Then I turned to walk away, go see the pony. The llamas didn’t like that idea. I heard my father shout out; “LIS…” that’s as far as he got. The next thing I knew I was FLYING! The damn llama butted me, in my butt, so hard I flew through the air and landed hard. It munched my crackers while I cried and glared at it with my palms bleeding and my little jeans ripped open at the knees, which were skinned and bleeding. My dad came over and picked me up, hugged me, told me I was ok, and he tried to take me back to the llama but…no dice. Stupid llama. I’ve hated them ever since!

Billy thought that was a funny story. Everyone I tell it to thinks it’s a riot. I laugh at it now too, it is funny, but yep, still not going near a llama.

We have a good deal in common, other than our off-the-wall blood relatives, and several things that are opposite as it should be in a brother/sister relationship. He likes the Jets. I like the Pats. He’s not much of a baseball fan but he likes the Yankees. I like the Red Sox (you knew that already!)

We made plans to get together again when he comes back this way for Christmas. His wife’s family is from Voluntown! Like 20 miles from me. How weird is that??? Maybe in the spring or so we’ll take a bike trip up his way and drop in on them. Hey! Maybe I’ll get to New York City on the way! Wouldn’t THAT be a blast? If I finally get up my courage and go into ‘the city’. So while we’re up there I’ll take my hubby around to the places my parents too me; Howe Caverns, the Vanderbilt estate, the Roosevelt estate, and a nice long winding ride through Sleepy Hollow. Hummm…maybe we should do it in the fall instead, the foliage is freakin’ gorgeous up that way in the fall.

Yes, that means the Bike Project is still going strong. Hubby’s got the exhaust on and the engine in and we’re just waiting on a few ‘minor parts’ to see if she kicks over. Come spring we’ll be zipping around again and I’ll get some nice pics. Well, not with this camera. It broke.😦 I spent all morning trying to get these pics off it and had to use the SD Card and a laptop to do it. I broke the thingy off inside the camera that lets the USB thingy read it. Now the camera is no good unless I use the SD Card. Major bummer but, well, I’ve had my eye on a new camera for a while so maybe it’s a good thing.

Like meeting my insane birth mother who drove me out of my mind. She’s nuts. Birth father ain’t no better. But Billy’s cool, I like him. I like his wife and his kids, looks like my family just added a few more members and I think this gonna work out just fine.

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  1. i’m really pleased to hear this turned out so well!! and as i said on fb yeah you two really have common features, it’s clear you are siblings. maybe that’s the only thing the crazy woman did rightπŸ˜‰
    and pat on the back for his kids!! mine would be up the wall together with yours haha sitting down for one minute is a shore.

  2. Fred the Wolf

    gee I guess i should add him then since he is family, who woulda thunk we would find brothers and connect you Billy me and Roy Troy. still cracks me up roy and troy so close and rhymiie

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