Busy Saturday

Yesterday hubby and I did something quite unique; we did something for ourselves!

See, over the Thanksgiving Holiday I realized something; my kitchen is woefully inadequate for 10 guests. By that I mean I needed plates, cookware, glasses, and utensils. The Faeries steal my silverware all the time! I have no idea what they do with it but it’s annoying sometimes. There I was trying to set a table for ten and all I had was mix-n-match dinnerware. I was embarrassed but it turned out well. No one seemed to care anyway.

Once upon a time I had TWO full sets of my grandmother’s green dinnerware; 24 dinner plates, 24 coffee cups, 24 saucers, 24 luncheon plates, 24 desert plates, two sets of salt and pepper shakers, two gravy boats, two serving platters, no less than 8 serving bowls. Today I have six cracked plates, a few cracked coffee cups, and several chipped luncheon plates. That’s it. I used to have TWO full sets of nice silverware too but…I don’t have a single fork or knife left from those either.

I said to hubby that I would like dishes for Christmas and I intended to get them before the holiday arrives. See, in 27 years we have NEVER purchased dinnerware. Ever. It was all hand-me-downs even my nice green set.

We decided we would go over to Groton for dinner and while over there we’d look around for new dishes and new shoes for hubby. His are so bad he’s stuffing cardboard in them to keep out the wet and the cold! He asked where I wanted to go and I said; “Anywhere but Wal-Mart.”

We hit Ocean State Job Lot first and I went crazy! I got a nice set of 18 glasses for $10.00. I got new muffin tins, cookie sheets, large fry pan, can opener (the old one didn’t always work), loaf pan, salt and pepper shakers (.80 each!) and a nice marble mortar and pestle set. They didn’t have any sets of dishes so went to Chester’s BBQ and picked up dinner then we hit Kohl’s. He got new shoes and I got new dishes.

On the way I told myself; No sticker shock. They’re going to be expensive so don’t freak out.

OK, I finally found the Kitchen Department and started looking at the dishes. I found a nice set right off; 4 complete dish sets $50.00. I thought that was an ok price but I kept looking. HOLY CRAP! Did you know you can pay $200.00 or more for a lousy set of 4 place settings of “everyday dishes”! All just because they say ‘Food Network’ on the box. My new dishes don’t say ‘Food Network’ on their box but they’re pretty. Nice stone blue. I like them.

I have no serving bowls. Zero. All busted. So I looked for a nice serving bowl or two. $40.00! You’ve got to be kidding me! I didn’t get any serving bowls but I did get a new rice cooker/steamer that hubby wanted and a cheese grater. My old cheese grater was down to just the metal, lost its plastic casing long ago. That made it unstable and easy to scrape your knuckles on. I’ve been using the potato peeler for ages to grate cheese instead. Hubby picked up one said he liked it put it in the cart. We got to the check out and the stupid thing was $30.00! Better be a damn good cheese grater. I better not ever need another one!

Hubby said he would get me another set of these dishes for Christmas and then we will have service for 8. Kinda nice to have adult dishes that match and aren’t chipped or cracked.šŸ™‚

I can throw out the rusty cookie sheets and loaf pans. So that’s nice too! The can opener sounds like a freakin’ motorboat out of the water but it works so I’ll keep it.

Then it was off to Best Buy for movies. We stuck to the $9.00 bin and picked up; Immortals, Prometheus, Mission Impossible 4, and Snow White and the Huntsman. We pigged out while the new dishes washed in the dishwasher and then we stretched out by the first fire of the season to watch our new movies.

1-Snow White and the Huntsman was up first. Let me say right off I can’t stand Kristen Stewart, she came on the screen and I said out loud; “Oh fuck! I’m supposed to root for the dumb twit from ‘Twilight’. Shit.” BUT the blonde hunks makes up for that very nicely. Yes, that boy is really growing me on. Yes, oh yes, he is.šŸ˜‰ Charlize Theron is absolutely gorgeous, I’d have sex with her, I don’t know about you but I certainly would. How Kristen Stewart could possibly be considered ‘fairer’ than Charlize Theron is well beyond my comprehension. Charlize Theron gives an awesome performance I wish the rest of the cast had been able to match it. She really got into the part of the wicked queen. On the whole, the movie is ok. For $9.00 I didn’t feel ripped off. If I saw it in a theater or paid $30.00 for it on DVD I might feel differently.

2-The Immortals. Oh my. Mickey Rourke saves the entire movie! I adore Mickey Rourke, if you didn’t know that already now you do. I have lots of troubles with Greek Mythology based movies, you know that too, mostly because some jackass behind the scenes always thinks they know better than History does. AND the sets are either under done or over done along with the costumes…see “300” for a perfect example. Mostly my problem is simply this; no one casts the parts correctly! Zeus was never depicted as some hot young stud! They do NOT wear all gold! It’s very nice if, just once, someone says the names of the Gods so you know who the fuck they’re supposed to be! Poseidon was easy to spot, thankfully someone was bright enough to let him to keep his Trident. I think the guy with the spikes on his head was Apollo and the spikes were supposed to represent the sun. Athena is actually called by her name but she looks and acts more like Aphrodite. As to the rest of the Pantheon, well, I think Ares was in there somewhere but I’m not 100% sure. I don’t know who the rest of them were supposed to be. And the ‘titans’…hummm..yeah…they were not scaly icky monsters. Sorry to inform the production crew of that factoid. Just once I want to cast ‘The Gods’ and I want to give each one of them their first 5 lines. After that, the writer/director/producer/head jackass, can screw it up anyway they want but just give me that much. Yeah, if Mickey hadn’t been in it I’d gone to my phone and Words with Friends for the entire duration of the flick. So far, “Troy” is still the winner in the Greek Based Movie Department. But, ya know, I’d sit through anything to gawk at Brad Pitt with nothing on just hiding behind that torch…reow…hahaha. Again, for $9.00 not half bad, better for $5.00 if you can get it.

3-Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. Not a bad flick. If you like the first 3 you’ll like this one too. And it’s got the hot kid in it, ‘Hawk’ from “The Avengers” he’s getting rather yummy too. It’s got the funny guy from “Shaun of the Dead”, I like him. He always makes me laugh. I’ll tell you one thing, man, Tom Cruise can RUN. That guys books, baby! I’d put him up against Olympic sprinters just for shits and giggles.

We haven’t watched Prometheus yet. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on that one so I’m waiting until later this afternoon or tonight to watch it.

Right now I have to go get my nice new clean pans out of the dishwasher.šŸ™‚

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  1. I always get a kick out of you! I love to read your stuff too! Hope you enjoy all that new kitchen bling. It sure is nice to be able to have some nice stuff to work with isn’t it? You mention the money they charge for the Food Network cookware, etc.? Well, how about a GARBAGE BOWL…. ala Rachel Ray for $29.99 here in our neck of the woods! Are you kidding me? Thirty bucks for a garbage bowl? I was using a garbage bowl since before she was born and I am still using the same one. Plastic of some sort and has held up for over thirty years. I think I paid less than three dollars for it back then and it is still going strong! Happy holidays to you and your family Lisa… wishing you all the success on your writing!

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