Child of War-Rising Son

The wait is over. We got our first review today.

Five Stars, baby!

Check it out.

Snippet from the review:
“The story’s plot is intense and exciting showing how dedication and determination can over come some of the harshest situations. The erotic scenes are mind-blowing especially when Raven is initiated into manhood. With a little help from the Olympian Gods the passion and desire will take you beyond no return so get ready for a sensory overload when the erotic escapades blast above the imagination.” Ronda-Queen Tutts World of Escapism.

Not too shabby!

AND we made it to #3 in Kindle/Anthologies with the giveaway of the OF WAR Anthology. Again…not too shabby. Yes, I admit it, I would have liked to have hit numero uno but….there’s no shame in 3rd place. You can still get it FREE through Nov. 28. If you have a Kindle account go download it. Even if you’re never going to read it. Download it and make Aunty Moon’s numbers go up.🙂

While you’re there click the ‘like’ button or, if you’d be so kind, leave a short review for the entire series. It has no ‘reviews’ yet.😦

Tomorrow, Nov. 28th, is our big day over on The Romance Reviews you can win an ebook copy of “Rising Son” and chat with me in the afternoon. I’ll also be on RomCon with a promo for “Rising Son”. We’re supposed to (finally) be on Bitten by Books with a new character interview and the chance to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card. We were also supposed to have reviews for “A God is Born” and “Christmas Eve on Olympus” but I don’t know if that will work out or not. Lastly, we’ll be over on Queen Tutts World of Escapism on December 21st with Raven’s very first character interview.

So we’re a little busy😉

Just so you know, “Rising Son” has released to Kindle, Smashwords, and Nook as well as All Romance Ebooks.

I’m off for now. Gonna go scream at that damn parking lot!

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  1. Congrats! Can’t wait to start reading it🙂

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