The Crying Game

Has two parts to it today.

First, we bow our heads in prayer and say a final ‘good-bye’ to our old pal, The Twinkie, and pray that God ushers it’s creamy soul through the Pearly Gates with much love and reverence. Good-bye, Twinkie, you are sorely missed.

I say that because I went grocery shopping today and I thought as I passed by I would take a quick glance just to see if there were Ring Dings, Yodels, Coffee Cakes, Twinkies, or even maybe a Funny Bone.

I froze in place, nearly burst into tears right there in the Bread Aisle, as I pointed sadly to the rack where once tasty goodness sat awaiting me and I found…Tasty Kakes!


You took away my frickin’ yummy creamy goodness and left me with TASTY KAKES??????

I nearly had a stroke.😦

People passed by, they stared at me, stared at where I was looking then they sighed, nodded their head, shrugged their shoulders and moved on. I feel as though someone just trampled all over my childhood and laughed while doing it.

Oh bother.

Secondly, we are gathered here today to lament the loss of…my backyard.

It’s a sad sad day. The last picture of the yard that I posted was this one

See how nice and serene it is?


Yes, that is an ugly parking lot put up by Lawrence & Memorial Hospital for employees who will never use it! I’m not kidding, those SOBs will continue parking all over Ocean and Montauk Avenues just because the, I dunno, 7th of a mile from the lot to the front door of Lawrence and Memorial Hospital is just ‘too far’.

If you think it’s ugly now…You should see it when they turn the lights on at night! Lights up my yard!!! Yep, they blare right into my bedroom window. I’ve been informed that there are security cameras over there powerful enough to just zoom on into our homes and watch us do whatever we’re doing. This has effected me and all my neighbors on my side of the street. It has also effected the poor people on other side of that monstrosity who now have a parking lot right IN their backyards!

I’m so pissed! I want to sue! I’m not kidding. I want to sue. They have ruined the peace and serenity of the yard, the overall feel of the property and lowered my property value and the value of everyone elses’ property who has to look at that eye sore day in and day out! I want my money. I’m thinking $50,000 will do nicely. I will not settle for a penny less. AND I demand they plant large evergreen trees ALL around that hideous lot so no one ever has to look at it! AND I think a deduction in taxes to the City of New London is also in order due to the severely lowered value of my property.

The one thing that I, my family, and all of the people who ever came to visit us always said was that we had a heavenly slice of the country right in the middle of the city. In fact, if you didn’t know you were in the city, when you stepped into my yard you would have sworn you were in the country.

Not anymore.

Bastards! Bastards, bastards, bastards, I say, they’re all BASTARDS! I hate them! The hospital has always sucked salty monkey balls, never gives anything of substantial value back to the community, just bought Westerly Hospital, built that freakin’ ugly parking lot AND laid off 33 workers.

Nice, huh?

My neighbors are just as pissed as I am. I think we have the makings of a Class Action Suit against Lawrence and Memorial Hospital. I think we’ll win. Who could look at THAT and say; “Oh, no, it hasn’t effected your quality of living, your enjoyment of your property, or the value of your property.”

So today, we bid a final adieu to the beloved Twinkie AND my backyard. Both are wonderful memories from my childhood that I will cherish the stomped on remains of for many years to come.

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  1. Fred the Wolf

    wow, that is nasty looking, what happened to the lawn it looks like a dessert.
    you and roy should do some in the window and giveem a good show

  2. Fred the Wolf

    I know sis,

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