The Lull

That small little space between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I like it. I know most people go…KA-RAY-ZEE…not me. You couldn’t drag my little white ass out of the house on Black Friday if it was on fire. Nope. I’m one of those annoying people who actually, in a very perverse way, enjoys waiting to the last minute and not doing a damn thing about Christmas Shopping until 7-10 days before the Big Event. I’ll run out, do it in two trips, haul my crap back home, drag it up the stairs, sequester myself in the bedroom behind a locked door, play Santa Claus, drag it back down and put it under our tree all in one mad dash.

This is my protest against the commercialism of the holiday that I once loved as a kid.

Admittedly, I was an only child. I was spoiled rotten on Christmas. It’s true. It’s true. I confess. What my parents didn’t get me my Grandpa or my Aunt Marge surely did. I was the only grand kid in the area too.🙂 Yeah, I was really lucky. LOL

I still love Christmas. I love Santa Claus and all he stands for sans Macy’s and them. I love a pretty little tree all done up in lights. I love putting out my parents’ old Christmas decorations; handmade nativity and carolers and all of that good old-fashioned stuff.

I don’t love the prices on things or being told I should buy diamonds and cars and furs and iPads and such.

We’ll keep it small and intimate, we always do. The day isn’t about getting a lot of stuff. Yes, it’s about getting a few neat things, a shiny bauble or two, in this day and age that lets your know you’re ‘loved’ or something. I don’t deny that. It’s more about home made cookies and stockings by the fire and curling up by said fire with friends, family, and loved ones to keep warm and share good cheer as we face the winter ahead. To let each other know that yes we will share whatever we have through the long cold days and nights that are about to barrel down on us. We won’t forget that, no matter how small it may be, we do have things that others do not. For this we are grateful and remind ourselves to share and be kind to those who share the planet with us. Yeah, that feeling is transitory, that bites. We should feel that way all year ’round but, I guess if we did, it wouldn’t be ‘special’ any more.

That’s my theory anyway. Yours may vary. But I’m sticking with mine.

In the Christmas Spirit, all books have been ordered! Woot! Look at me, I’m on the ball this time. hahaha There are only four left on their way to me for signature, all others have already gone out to their new homes. So, everyone who ordered a signed copy…or was getting one as a little gifty…will have them by Christmas. I even managed to get myself a hard cover of “Rising Son”, how do you like that?! One day I’ll get a hard cover of “Child” too but, right now, I’ll be content with my paperback.

Also in the Christmas Spirit, I got a little gifty today.

I came home and Nikki was waiting for me with those plus two other boxes which have already been placed in their permanent home on my kitch shelf. I should probably have them encased in Lucite or something! LOL The others I intend to eat and share with friends who may be Twinkie Poor and melancholy.

Maybe by a roaring fire next to a little tree with pretty colored lights.

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  1. Fred the Wolf

    Love you guys, may i put am order in for cookies please?

  2. Twinkies! What a great idea! My mother would crack up if I sent her a box for the holidays!

    I’ve been searching for innovative gift ideas and came upon your blog. You can always use a bit more inspiration! In terms of gift-giving, if you need more ideas and want to support local art and deserving charities, I’m a Sydney-based artist and have some innovative gifts in my shop here ( There are some pieces for families, some for men, some for kids, and quite a few for women too. Plus there’s a special sale happening where any photo can be made into a print for only $20! A portion of all sales is going to charity, as well.

    Good luck with your gift-giving and happy holidays!

    Wishing you the best🙂

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