The Backyard Saga

I’m still looking at this ugly parking lot


I cruised through my pics but after so many hard drive crashes these are the closest I could come to ‘accurate representations’ of my yard. They were taken October 29, 2011. Yeah, the deer didn’t come out very well, I know.

deer 004

deer 010

The ‘white thing’ behind the deer is NOT the new parking lot it’s one of the electrical-thingies for the Acela train. (Oh yeah that was a ‘joy’ having that installed behind the house a few years ago! Oh yeah.)

I’ve found myself closing the blinds and turning away from the yard lately and then, quite strangely, yesterday I looked out there and, to my horror, found myself thinking; I guess I’ll get used to it.

I promptly mentally slapped myself to clear any such thought. I am not sheep. I am a wolf, or at least a wolf’s mate😉

I will ‘get used to’ the new view anymore than I will EVER consider $3.50/gal a ‘good price’ for gas. Nope, ain’t happenin’.

On the night of November 28th I did something I loathe doing and I can’t stand those who it on a regular basis; I reached out a ‘friend’ in ‘good position’ at “The Day” paper seeking their assistance in the matter. I knew they weren’t thee right person at the paper to talk to but I also knew they would know who was and, with any luck at all, would pass the story on.

They did. That was very nice of them, I thank them from the bottom of my heart. However, ‘the right person’ was a name with which I am familiar and I was immediately disheartened by having previously been misquoted by her. Always one to give a second chance and the Old College Try, I said I would wait for the reporter’s call.

On November 29th I was contacted by Kathleen Edgecomb of “The Day” newspaper with regard to ‘the story’. I was also at work. I had one person on the line waiting for my boss and another standing at the window. I couldn’t stop to chit-chat about personal business. I nicely told her I was at work and couldn’t talk, that she should call me back any time after 2:30pm. She said she would.

Of course, she never did.

No, I didn’t call her back either. It’s Tuesday now, so I did wait quite a while to see if there was any ‘interest’ in the story.

Obviously there is not. As I said already, we’re dealing with Lawrence & Memorial Hospital here and the City of New London will bend itself into a pretzel and spit nickles if that’s what L&M wants. I know that because I’ve been forced to be ‘good neighbor’ to the hospital nearly all my life.

Today, my boss said something that I found myself both agreeing with and dreading it was along the lines of; You need to write an editorial. (It was a little more colorful but that’s the gist😉 )

I used to write Letters to the Editor of “The Day” newspaper on a regular basis when the ‘suggested word count’ was 300 words. (I hear you laughing at ME trying to keep within THAT confined space!) I very often went far over that suggestion. In fact, due to indulgences of the former editor Maura Casey, I was able to publically hone my skills and grow that hardened fire-proof shell so necessary to make it in the ‘writing world’. She seemed to take a shine to me and she gave me quite a bit of leeway on her page. She even gave me full-fledged Editorials complete with by-lines and graphics. Oh! How thrilling that was! I will always be grateful to her for that. Always.

The the Editorial Staff changed, someone else was in charge, they were nowhere near as good of an editor and they weren’t interested in ‘courting’ any ‘talent’. The ‘suggested word count’ dropped to 200 and they meant it! I wrote a few letters, they hacked them to crap. Utter crap. Tore the hearts and meanings right out of them. The very last letter I ever wrote the “The Day” paper was horribly butchered I couldn’t recognize myself as the writer. The last thing I wanted to do was write a Letter to the Editor of “The Day” paper.

I fiddled around online and settled on the City of New London’s website. I found a link where I could lodge complaints about several issues. So I copy/pasted my original letter to my friend at the paper and cut a lot out of it and send it to my illustrious Mayor…or whomever. Probably the web ‘master’, there were issues with the site that’s why that’s in quotes.

Then I thought writing a ‘blog’ for The Patch. I might venture that yet. I found myself back on “The Day’s” website and in the Letters to the Editor. Doing *my* best to keep within their specifications I came up with:

I have lived on Dell Ave for 46 years. My neighbors and I have done level best to be ‘good neighbors’ with Lawrence & Memorial Hospital but our good nature has been taken advantage of with the a new parking lot off Ocean Ave.

This has drastically changed the look and feel of properties on Dell Ave, Evergreen Ave. and Menghi St. Where once there was a ‘wooded’ area now there is an ugly parking lot.

The best feature of my property has always been the backyard. I had a little slice of heaven in the middle of the city as the view of ‘the bank’ and the railroad tracks beyond was nothing but woodlands.

Now, an empty lot stares back at me. It’s even worse at night when big bright lights pierce the once lovely darkness behind the windows of my living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. I’m told they will go off “sometime after 11pm” and L&M has no plans to landscape or camouflage this sterile lot with anything, let alone give us the respect of putting up mature evergreen trees.

L&M has substantially lowered the property values and simple enjoyment of our properties and our everyday lives. It has forever changed the quiet peaceful nature and landscape of this area enjoyed for well over 90 years by many generations of families who, like me, still own their ancestral homes.

This neighborhood has put up with quite a bit from L&M,. I think L&M held up its end of the ‘neighborly’ bargain.

It’s 255 words…sue me. BUT it’s UNDER their ‘character count’ of, I think it was 1250 characters. So we’ll see what happens with that.

Ya know, at the *very least* L&M should have to pay for the back of my yard to be properly and professionally landscaped so I don’t have to look at that. They should have to do that for every property owner effected by their ‘pleasant addition to any neighborhood’ (that’s what they called it in a letter! Do you think that’s ‘pleasant’??) OR they could find their spines, apologize for the inconvenience, and set about planting 30-40 foot fir trees all along the property line at 4 foot intervals.

Until then, I’m not giving up the ship just yet.

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  1. Fred the Wolf

    hey I think maybe grammar or misplaced wording here Sis, :”This neighborhood has put up with quite a bit from L&M,. I think L&M held up its end of the ‘neighborly’ bargain.” did you mean I think L&M needs to hold up it’s end of the “neighborly” bargain.

    just tryin to help.

  2. Fred the Wolf

    i try to help

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