Christmas Wishes Blog Hop

This hop is now CLOSED.
Winners are:
Prize #1-The OF WAR Anthology
Sherry Johnson
Jeannie Platt
Prize #2-Child of War Rising Son
Cindy Barton

Many thanks to those who stopped by during the hop!

Greetings! Welcome to my post for the

Christmas Wishes Blog Hop

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There are TWO Giveaways here.

First–if you haven’t already met Ares God of War, I’d like you to give me the chance to introduce you to this wickedly sexy Greek God along with his lady-love Magdalena MacLeod, these two share a love that will rock the world from the heights of Olympus to the Celtic Moors. I’d like to giveaway 2 COPIES of the

OF WAR Series Anthology

This includes anthology includes the first three novels in the series plus the short story “Christmas Eve on Olympus”. This DARK ADULT paranormal/immortal erotic/romantic drama/suspense epic is not for the faint of heart. If you like your reading down and dirty, you might like this one😉

SHORT Sexcerpt from “The Heart of War”:
Alena’s lips moved away from his and to his neck. “I do so love the way you taste.” She sighed and began nibbling below his ear. “The way you feel. I can’t stop touching you.” Indeed, she could not. Her hands ran wild, with minds of their own, all over him. All she knew was the sensation of his flesh below her palms but not which direction they would take or when and where they could stop to knead him, caress him, and drink in as much as they could of him.

To the best of his recollection, Alena was the softest thing he’d ever touched. “That’s good because I don’t want you to.” Softer than pillows or feathers. Softer than the most luxurious silks was her touch as it glided over him. Ares’ own hands slid down her back and over her firm ass to grab one cheek in each hand as her lips and then her teeth clamped down over his neck. He wished that he were Mortal so that he could bare the passionate badge of the hickey she was bestowing on him for more than an hour or so. He wanted the world to know that he belonged to her and her to him and there was no one else. Then those hot lips and that moist overly-long tongue were working their way past his neck and down his chest where her hands were still roaming wild in time to her pulsing heart beating below the breasts heaving against him. Down she went until her hands settled on the leather pants at his waist and deftly undid the strap that held them together. Ares let out a sigh of relief when she opened the restrictive leather setting his bulging cock free. It prickled with life as it twitched and stretched upward at the feel of her breath falling on the tip. Her hands slid past it and down his hips, over his inner thighs and then past his hips again as she kissed, licked, and suckled him from his chest to his flanks and then to those thighs tight with anticipation. All the while, her breath and her hair fell on that pulsing twitching part of him while her hands and her tongue escaped him until he could not take it any longer. “Please?”

Alena’s heart skipped a beat as his pleading request; she brought her mouth closer to its ultimate goal until her lips settled just over the tip. “Please…wh-at.” She whispered.

Ares’ hips rose off the sand as they probed around looking for the source of the hot wind that fled over him. “Please take me.”


Child of War-Rising Son

This is Book #4 in the OF WAR Series and it IS INCLUDED in the giveaway above. If you’ve read the whole series already, this giveaway is for you. I want to giveaway 2 EBOOK COPIES of “Rising Son” in conjunction with this hop.

SHORT Sexcerpt from “Child of War-Rising Son”:
“I love you, Magdalena MacLeod, I love you and no other woman. I will never give up on you and I will never let you go.”

Alena’s eyes welled with tears as relief washed over her and she turned her body back to him. “I thought I’d never hear you say that again. Home. I’m home.”

“Right where you belong,” he whispered heatedly and continued his descent without further interruption. When he made his way back to her hips, her legs parted like the Red Sea and he settled between them a starving man with a steak dinner laid out before him. He dove in greedily lapping up every drop of nectar she had to give him until his thick beard was drenched with her juices. Every sigh, every moan, every soft coo that rose from her throat brought him higher giving him more command over her as her body shuddered and quivered with the thrust of his hand and the deep probing of his tongue. Until she lay panting and breathless with the blanket below them soaked through to the mattress begging him to stop because she couldn’t take any more ecstasy.

Just so we’re clear–please ENTER ONLY ONE GIVEAWAY BELOW. If you’re entering for #1 you don’t need to enter for #2 because it’s already included. If your goal is grab a FREE copy of “Child of War-Rising Son” please don’t enter for #1 to give new readers a chance to experience this epic.



1- Leave a comment below indicating which giveaway you would like to enter
2-Please enter only ONCE below
3-Please do not make your email public in your post. You’ll be asked for your email address when you comment and only I will be able to see it
4-You may garner more entries by posting the link to this post on your FaceBook page
‘Liking’ the FaceBook Fan Page
Following me on Twitter (@lb_darling)
Tweeting this link–be sure to ‘mention’ me in the Tweet so that I’ll be automatically notified.

You DO NOT have to any of #4 and only as many as you would like to.
I’ll pick FOUR winners at the end of hop–two for each giveaway–. My exceedingly scientific method for doing this is to print out all of the entries for each giveaway, toss them into a Red Sox cap and draw two for each. I will announce the winners here as well as contacting them personally. Winners have 48 hours to claim their prizes.

My OF WAR Series, other Novels, and Non-fiction works are Available On

Thank you for joining me today. Please Return to the

Christmas Wishes Blog Hop

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  1. I would like to enter the give-away for #1. I love mythology and am looking forward to reading your (more exciting) vision / version!

  2. Sophia Rose

    Loved the excerpts! I would like to enter for #1.

    I liked the FB page as Sally Michele Shaw and I tweeted as sophiarose1816. I follow on Twitter as sophiarose1816.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  3. raonaidluckwell

    Number two.
    Hope you and yours have a great holiday

    Raonaid at gmail dot com

  4. thank you very much for the wonderful blog hop and great giveaway

  5. I’d love to enter giveaway #1. I like you on FB

  6. Jeannie Platt

    i would like to enter #1 as i haven’t read your series… That is if i win lol… Happy Holidays

  7. I would like to enter giveaway #1. Thanks for the hot excerpts.

  8. I think #2 if I were to win. Thank you for the giveaway and for being a pat of the hop.

  9. Sherry Johnson

    I would like to enter #1,hope to win, would love to read.

  10. I’d love to enter for #1. I can’t wait to read the Of War anthology. Thanks so much for this great opportunity.
    Carol L

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