Roast Chicken?

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Hubby and I quote that all of the time when someone’s said something a little off. We also say it when I’m actually making roast chicken too🙂 It’s become one of our favorite quotes over the years.

This morning I opened up my email to see the headline;

Chicken Slaughter Ban Struck Down By Planning And Zoning Commission

HUH? Who the hell is slaughtering chickens in New London??? WTF? it didn’t help that I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet either. But it certainly did grab my attention so I clicked the link and was informed that the City of New London in all of its magnanimousness has decided to let residents have ‘up to 6 chickens’.

I didn’t know it was illegal to own a chicken within city limits since my neighbors two doors down had one for the longest time. It fell off a truck and they gave it a home. It used to get loose from time to time and us kids had a grand old time chasing the thing around trying to get it back to its home. And, we have horses here in the City. Not a lot of them, I grant you, but I have seen a horse or two living on nice plots of land with very nice homes on them down in the ‘south end’.

But, I digress. It is very nice of the City of New London to realize and be able to empathize with the plight of its poor beleaguered citizens…isn’t it? I mean that must be what they’re doing…isn’t it? In this bad economy with food prices through the roof isn’t this their way of trying to ensure I and my family don’t starve to death? Ya know, so we can keep on paying those high property taxes for them. Peons like us aren’t any freakin’ good if we’re all dead from starvation, right? Who’s gonna pay taxes then?

We’ll have eggs! And chicken! FREE! Sorta, ya gotta feed ’em. House ’em. Keep ’em warm. Keep the foxes and coyotes away. Alright so it won’t exactly be ‘inexpensive’ to start but after that it should be ok. Best of all is New Londonders will never again have to question what’s in it.

Is it free range?

Does it have hormones?

Was it kept in a tightly packed ‘coop’ with so many other chickens it couldn’t move?

Was it de-beaked?
Not my chicken, you can do it to yours if you want, but not me.

And…on the other end…we’ll have loads of fertilizer which we can use in our new organic vegetable gardens next year. After we fence off the old garden, that is.

It seems some people are upset that their might be ‘mass public slaughter of chickens’. Yes, we’ll be taking them out to street and wringing their necks on the side walk. (My sidewalk, poor chicken would just have to walk on it, I’m sure it would fall over and break its neck by itself!) There will be rivers of chicken blood running down every street.

Personally, I’m getting to the point where I’m no longer adverse to laying a chicken on a chopping block. The last chicken I looked at in Stop & Shop was $11.00! For that….I’ll raise it and kill it myself.

Anybody know where I can get some chickens?

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  1. LOL….. I think the feed store near me is a bit too far for you to come for chickens, but they have every kind you can think of at least 1 weekend a month. We are actually planning on getting 2-3 hens this spring. We will probably do an A frame portable coop.

    • I’m serious. I think, come spring, we’re going to try our hand at this. If nothing else, it’ll be fun and we’ll get some free eggs out of the deal.🙂

      • I know that there are a couple of places that will mail them to you (yes I am serious). I am going over to a friend’s house tonight and her dad ordered some. I will try to find out the details. Also if I find free blueprints for the type of coop we want I will let you know. I will try to have Bri get pic of the one we like at the feed store that Tony is going to copy. It is made to move around so they can eat the bugs all over the yard. Apparently chickens love ticks.

        • They love ticks? Oh I am so getting some now! Hummm….mail-order chickens? There’s a joke in there somewhere🙂 Let me know about the coop. The chicken the lived down the street lived in an old dog house. LOL

  2. Fred the Wolf

    I did search for live chicken in area even ledyard where they used to that future farmers thing, nada and ran across this, maybe it will help:

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