Prometheus vs. Batman

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Hubby came home with a nice surprise for me yesterday; Batman-The Dark Knight Rises. It rounds out our Christian-Bale-As-Batman collection. I have to say of all the actors who have played the Masked Crusader, Christian Bale is the best by far. Funny thing is, I don’t really like him. There’s something about his mouth that’s off and…well, I just don’t like it.

A while ago, I blogged that we picked up Prometheus along with a bunch of other $9.00 DVDs. It was the last one out of the bunch that we watched. The first time I sat through it I was pissed! I could definitely see what other people had been bitching about in relation to Alien, which happens to be one of my All-Time Favorite Movies. I forgave the part where it opens with the android being the only one awake on the ship. I forgave the part where the android is seen talking to an unknown ‘someone’ through a ‘communications device’. I even forgave it when the little alien-like thing gets split open and it has acid for blood.

Ok, I have to admit to being the first one that tosses out homages and nods in my stories.

But the further it went the worse it got until I started wondering about copyright infringement and then finding myself glad that it wasn’t billed as ‘remake’ a la the new Total Recall. I mean, ya know, at least someone finally had the brains to take their ‘remake’ and bill it as something else because it’s so far off base you can’t recognize the original in it.

BUT when it got to the part where the big alien dude–one of the ‘Engineers’ of Life on Earth sat down in control seat…I nearly flipped my lid! It’s as an exact a replica as one can possibly get of the scene in Alien where they wander into the ship and see the dead alien at the controls. Exact. I nearly lost my little mind.

I watched it all the way through and, in spite of all that, found myself thinking it was a good movie. I also found myself thinking they couldn’t have possibly gotten away with all of that without consulting someone first. The ending was what got me. I looked it up on IMDb to see there is a Prometheus II coming out. I learned something that maybe the others who were pissed off over the close resemblance to Alien missed. This is sort of a prequel to Alien.


Oh thank the Gods.

Now I can enjoy the flick and I bet we’ve watched it four times since. Not the world’s best by any stretch of the imagination but it blew Snow White and the Huntsman and Immortals out of the water. Mission Impossible 4 slightly edges out Prometheus so far as that batch of flicks is concerned. With the background knowledge in hand, it’s definitely worth the watch if you’re a Sci-Fi (not a SyFy) fan. I’ll tune in to Prometheus II when it hits the $9.00 bin.

Onto Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. I had heard that the original plan to end the trilogy was to bring back Heath Ledger as The Joker. Too bad. So sad. Truly. This Bane dude has got to be thee worst bad guy in the History of Bad Guys. He’s like…like…like… Jean-Luc Picard lost his little mind with a steroid overdose and is now pretending to be Hannibal Lecter. Seriously. He totally sucks. Right at the END of the flick you’re clued in to WHY he totally sucks but it’s not enough to make up for the overall suckiness of the character. He is so not-scary it’s pathetic.

If you ran into this guy you’d laugh your ass off as you dialed 911 for the Funny Farm to come pick him up; obviously he’s escaped from the Nut House and is in search of a good cup of Earl Grey Tea.

Without a truly good villain a hero is nothing. Batman never really gets off the ground because the viewer is always certain that, under that mask, Bane is a pussy.

Anne Hathaway totally reeks as Cat Woman,/i> she’s horrible. Michelle Pfieffer kicks her ass hard. She’s completely lackluster and has no heat whatsoever.

If you can overlook those facts, and accept that no one will ever be a better Batman villain than Heath Ledger, you can make it to the end of this flick without losing your lunch. The production is great, the effects are terrific, but those two actors totally blow any chance it has at being a really good movie.

Ok, so, in summary; if you should find yourself with the choice of these two movies to kill two hours go with Prometheus.

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