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Yep, looks like I’ve found why Kathleen Edgecomb never called me back with regard to the little parking lot problem my neighbors and I are facing.

As usual, they don’t give a damn. It’s far more important to those at The Day to make Lawrence & Memorial Hospital–and now also EB–look good. Never mind what it costs the rest of us, hey? That’s not important.

I’d link to the article in today’s “Day” but we all know what happens to those links after two weeks unless you’re a paying customer of the “Day”. So here’s the article in full.

New London tries to help EB, L&M find space to park

By Kathleen Edgecomb

Publication: The Day
Published 12/10/2012 12:00 AM
Updated 12/10/2012 12:14 AM
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New London – With Electric Boat expanding its workforce and Lawrence & Memorial Hospital offering more and more services, parking space has become a prized commodity in this densely populated city.

EB has maxed out its parking facilities on Pequot Avenue and workers are taking shuttle buses from Groton to New London, or parking on public streets surrounding its New London offices.

At L&M, in an effort to provide more parking for patients and visitors on its campus, and to encourage employees not to park in residential areas, a 225-space lot is under construction off Ocean Avenue.

“We recognize EB is our largest taxpayer and the hospital is the largest employer of New London residents and we remain ready, willing and able to assist them however we can,” Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio said Friday. “We want them to be successful.”

But economic growth and development bring more demand on limited resources – like parking spaces, he said.

City officials have met with EB representatives and have discussed several options to address parking needs, such as expanding its parking garage on Pequot Avenue and offering parking on vacant lots. But each option has had problems, Finizio said, and EB elected to shuttle its workers from Groton, he said.

EB provides on-site parking at its garage and adjacent parking lots, and a regular shuttle service from the Groton campus, according to Robert Hamilton, director of communications.

In addition, EB promotes van-pooling through the Connecticut RideShare program, as well as car-pooling at both its Groton and New London sites, Hamilton said.

“Those options would accommodate all New London employees,” he said in a statement sent to The Day. “Some employees have chosen to utilize on-street parking rather than carpool, as some Groton employees have for decades.”

Since 2010, when Electric Boat purchased Pfizer Inc. world research headquarters, it brought about 2,750 workers into the city, hundreds more than those who worked at Pfizer.

Lawrence & Memorial, which employs about 2,500 workers, is back before the Planning & Zoning Commission to address drainage issues for its lot under construction behind the Recovery Room restaurant and Dunkin Donuts on Ocean Avenue. The Conservation Commission is also reviewing the plans, which were first approved last year.

The lot, which was scheduled to open Nov.1, will be open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. when it receives a certificate of occupancy. It will accommodate first shift workers, said hospital spokesman Mike O’Farrell.

“It will open up local streets and will make it easier for those coming into the hospital,” O’Farrell said. “It’s also improved the situation for Revery Room and Dunkin Donuts, making that whole area easier to navigate.”

The city has not received any complaints about on-street parking around EB, but has taken steps to ease traffic flow there eliminating two parking spaces near the roundabout at Pequot Avenue and shifting traffic to accommodate the parked cars.

“We’ve been in constant discussion with EB to address parking and we continue to remain open,” Finizio said.

There has been some concerns about parking on streets in Fort Trumbull, where River Bank Construction is expected to break ground in the spring for its 99-unit Village on Thames housing development which has 217 parking spots.

Finizio said the city is monitoring parking throughout the city.

“We’ll adjust accordingly,” Finizio said.

Day Staff Writer Jennifer McDermott contributed to this story

Now, you’ll kindly note the one ray of light in this article, it seems the crappy new parking lot directly behind me will only be ‘open’ until 6pm instead of the ‘after 11pm’ we originally got from Mr. O’Farrell. I guess someone clued someone in to the fact that this lot is SMACK DAB in the MIDDLE of a RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD. We don’t like the lights. We don’t like staring, day in and day out, at the empty barren football field covered in asphalt. How the moron said this with a straight face: “It will open up local streets and will make it easier for those coming into the hospital,” O’Farrell said. “It’s also improved the situation for Revery Room and Dunkin Donuts, making that whole area easier to navigate.” I will NEVER be able to fathom.

This doesn’t ‘open up’ anything. It’s made the RECOVERY Room/Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot HARDER to use by far and how it makes anything ‘easier’ for those going to L&M I will never know. I can’t wait until it opens and traffic is clogged from the parking lot all the way back to Henry Street with morons trying to get out of the stupid thing. Oh, I know, the City will put a traffic light there for them so it’s easier for them to use. On my dime.

Personally, I don’t think L&M should be allowed to buy/rent/lease any more land in this city. I think they should have been forced to build another parking garage on their already existing parking lot. I, for one, am sick of bending over backwards and biting my tongue for the convenience of Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

I see that I may have some places to vent such as Planning and Zoning and the Conservation Committee. I think the latter should be just as concerned with ‘conserving’ neighborhoods and the flavor of the city as it is with wildlife. However, said wildlife–the deer, foxes, and such, are bound to be adversely impacted by the new lot. So maybe I can get them to listen on that point. P&Z should also be concerned as I doubt that what the City really wants is lowered property values just to make things more convenient for Lawrence Memorial. They may be the cities ‘biggest employer’ which is kinda sad when you think about but they’re also the city’s biggest pain in the ass. The trade off has gone past the point of being ‘worth it’ now that they’re spreading their little tentacles all over the place grabbing up land here there and everywhere rather than staying put on the property they already don’t pay a damn thing on.

In the end, I do believe hubby and I are going to have signs made up. GREAT BIG SIGNS a la Linda McMahon. We will put them all along the back border facing the parking lot to block out the ugliness of the lot. Our side will be nicely painted with trees and green grass. The side that faces the lot will be loud neon colors–as loud and ugly as I can possibly get them– with letters as big as I can get them that GLOW IN THE DARK reading simply; LAWRENCE AND MEMORIAL HOSPITAL IS A GREEDY PIG THAT SUCKS SALTY MONKEY BALLS.

Those parking over there can read the sign day in and day out.

I’m sure it will really ‘open things up’ and be a ‘lovely addition to any neighborhood’. Won’t it, Mr. O’Farrell?

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  1. Fred the Wolf


  2. Would contacting your State Senator or Congressperson help? I know mine would help if all this crap happened in my neck of the woods. You had such a lovely backyard when I came to visit. I thought you had a forest in your backyard. With the malarkey going on in CT you would feel happy here in NJ. (But our taxes SUCK like everywhere in the Northeast – but don’t tell my hubby that. He thinks we are in the worst state but whatever…. grass greener etc.)

    • That’s a great idea but I don’t know how interested they would be. Taxes suck everywhere! I’m telling ya…new Jersey is looking good to me!

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