Google, Unions–Starting the Countdown

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Pot’s legal in two states

Who else is counting down to December 21st with me?

Personally, I’m not doing a single lick of Christmas Shopping until December 22nd. Nope.

Just not doin’ it.

Today I was informed that I have to give up Google.


I ADORE the Almighty Google. I LOVE my Gmail! This one hurts. Cuts right to the bone, it does.

Seems my most beloved Google has somewhere near 10 billion US dollars sheltered in Bermuda.


Google is part of The Problem. I never stopped to think about it before but I probably should have. For quite a long time now I’ve been aware that Google takes it upon itself to READ MY EMAIL before I do. This how they get those so precisely targeted ads to pop up on the right hand side when I’m reading my email. The ads change from email to email depending on the content of the email I’m reading…or writing. Have you noticed that yet? It’s annoying. It makes me feel like Big Brother is watching and I don’t like it.

I like their 10 billion tax sheltered US Dollars even less. I think we all understand the concept of hiding money away for a ‘rainy day’ but they must be expecting a tsunami and they’re not telling the rest of us! 10 bill dollars is a lot of fucking money! Why do they ‘need’ to hide it like that? More importantly, in this Old Hippie’s mind, why can’t they see how much they HURT the US economy by doing this? There are people out there who will bitch because your grandmother gets an extra $25.00/month in her Social Security check but they’re just fine with this. I don’t get it.

I already hated Apple. So this leaves me with Yahoo! and Bing. Hummm, I love FireFox, maybe I have to add them to the List of Suspects as well. Then I guess I should start checking into their financial records to see if they’re hiding any massive amounts of cash before I switch search engines, browsers, and email providers. What a pain in the ass! All of my contacts are in my friggin’ Gmail. I’ll have to let everyone know when I’m gone from there or just have the account forward stuff over to the new for a while. That’s probably best. I have to find some place else to upload my videos that will let me embed them on my site…yeah, bye-bye YouTube.


After that lovely bit of news, I was updated on this case in Michigan where it seems they want to open Union Shops to non-union workers who won’t have to pay dues. I admit, until I came to work for my local union, I didn’t really understand this shit. Didn’t really care to either. I never did get the point in being forced to join a union to work at any place. I figure, Equal Opportunity Employment and all that jazz, if you qualify for the job and they hire you for the job then that’s it. Unions should be voluntary to join. That was my take. It’s still my take.

BUT, if you are a non-union worker working in union shop and you do not pay any union dues nor do you contribute to the running of the union in any manner whatsoever then you can’t look to them if you need assistance. When the union negotiates a contract for its members it’s doing just that. You are not a member therefore you are not covered by any contract the company and union agree to. You’re on your own as far as benefits, hours, and pay are concerned. If you have a problem with these things or the working conditions or, ya know, anything like that, you cannot look to the union to plead your case on your behalf. Again, you are on your own.

I think that’s fair.

That being said; I am no “union buster”. I support the ideals and concerns of the unions all across the country. They’ve done a lot of good for a lot of people. I read the ‘news’ on Yahoo! and the ‘comments’ and I shake my head. My guys bust their butts trying to drum up work for the union. They’re always researching new things coming up and sending out emails and faxes and going to meetings. They’re not sitting on their asses just ‘collecting fees from mindless slaves’ (yeah, that was one person’s comment). Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is you have a whole bunch of people, not necessarily “union busters”, but people who, for whatever reason, don’t value other people…at all. They’re think they’re worthless. These people don’t see any reason whatsoever why other people should make a ‘living wage’. Not a ‘minimum wage’. A ‘living wage’. That means if you go to your job–whatever it is–40 hours a week, you do your job, you’re a good worker, then you get paid at least the minimum amount of money it actually takes to LIVE in your state. Pay goes up from there accordingly, of course.

I think that’s fair too. No bullshit. None of this crap where a company opts to hire 30 part-time employees rather than 15 full-time employees. That’s shit and we all know it. They only do it to keep their profit margins large, their employee’s paychecks low, and so they don’t have to pay any benefits. Remember this the next time you wander through the doors of WalMart; they are one of the country’s largest employers AND they have MORE EMPLOYEES ON “ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS” than any other company. That means our taxes go up because of WalMart’s greed. They don’t pay their employees well enough so people who ARE WORKING also have to take WIC, Food Stamps, ‘free lunch’ and Section 8 Housing and good old Title 19 health insurance. The next you want to Save Money. Live Better. Ask yourself how much ‘better’ the cashier is living these days. Then ask yourself just how much you’re contributing to that factor. Perhaps the $5.00 you save so you can live better won’t seem like so much.

So, from what I can see, without a strong union, there are even more people would be greatly taken advantage of by such companies and people. The end result would be that places like Google would have 50 billion dollars in offshore accounts rather than the meager 10 billion they’re having to suffer with now. Yeah, I know, our hearts bleed for the poor buggers. It is impossible to hoard sums of money so vast most ‘common folk’ can’t even fathom them and expect that economy will grow and prosper. It just doesn’t work.

If you pay the ‘common folk’ enough money to make their normal bills with incentive to make even more than they will give the economy the push it needs. More than that, they will keep it spinning and humming along nicely. The rich will stay rich. They’ll still have mansions, fast cars, yachts, jets, jewels and all of that happy-crappy. It’s just that the ‘common folk’ will have a little more maybe they’ll get a new car or buy a little fishing boat, maybe ‘he’ will buy ‘her’ a diamond, or ‘they’ will buy a house. Those are the things that grease the wheels the best. Not a few thousand purchases of million dollar homes in a year but twenty thousand purchases of twenty thousand $200,000 homes. That creates community and community creates its own little economy, which in turn, contributes vastly to the larger economy.

But, what do I know? I’m just an Old Hippie.

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  1. Fred the Wolf

    Get a new domain and get real webhost like godaddy and control your own mail. use your isp and their settings OR I can make you emails on my domain give ya gig of space on main and 500mg on others, right now it would ??? soon I will be adding a new domain with wolf or something. gimme call, we can talk, your friend relative web owner<G<

  2. The problem with the USA and why the companies are hiding money I think is because of the high taxation. When we had high income taxes like you – up to 30-40 % of the high income – the economy here was crap, everybody was trying to avoid the taxes, the gray economy was almost 80%. When the flat income tax of 10 % for all incomes was introduced in 2008 the gray sector shrank from 80 % to 25 % today despite the crisis that we also felt. A lot of companies invested here because of the low taxes and the other benefits the government offers.

    I think that is the real source of USA companies hiding and outsourcing their business from USA. Who will want to pay 40 % of their income to a government that is spending money like a drunk sailor? I’m sorry if Obama’s supporters are reading me but I have seen once the same type of behavior from my government in the early 90’s and this ended with hyperinflation, riots, mass immigration and economic crisis for a decade. We were lucky to avoid civil war just because we made huge improvements and now we have money board – we spend just what we have earned, no more than 3 % deficit in the budget – this year the deficit was 1,5 %. Yes, the incomes are less than most European countries but in comparison to what has been only 10 years ago it is a huge improvement and we joined the EU 9 years after thanks to our reckless government we were broke in 1996.

    Sorry, for the long post, I’m not the type of person to write long posts, just seeing the same things repeat makes me so upset. Spending money for wars, warfare for people that breed without any thought how they will feed their children, for other stupid things is so pointless, when these money invested for space exploration would have made Mars habitable or brought new types of clean energy.

    • Hi Morrigan!

      Don’t apologize, my blog is a free space where anyone can step up and say what’s on their mind. I always like getting the opinions of people outside the US because, often times, we’re just ‘too close’ to the situation. An outside opinion can be refreshing.

      I don’t think we spend money like a ‘drunk sailor’ (love the comparison though!) but I know we have a habit of spending money on the wrong things, usually with the best of intentions. In America, we have the tendency of putting our ‘wants’ before our ‘needs’. The ideas of a flat tax and the mind blowing idea of spending only what you earn have been introduced over here but have failed miserably. I’m not sure I support a flat tax, while it sounds fair I think, as usual, the poorer folks end up feeling the bite more. If you have $200.00 and tax it at 10% then you go home with $180.00 but if you have $10,000 and tax it at 10% you go home with $9,000.00. You’ve both paid the same rate but, in a moral sense, who has paid ‘more’ for it? In the end, no one over here actually pays the 40% tax we have so many loopholes and credits and just plain bullshit that’s designed to help wealthier people that most of the time, after the tax professionals are done, they end up paying at a lower rate of tax than the average person.

      I think the real problem, as far as the desire to pay taxes goes, is that no one ever sees much of a benefit from it. Over here it’s like…the tax money just…disappears. Poof. Gone. Never to be seen again. We end up looking around asking ourselves why we pay taxes if X, Y, and Z aren’t getting done.

      If companies like Walmart were forced to conduct business properly and do everything above board a lot of our financial problems would abate. Companies like Exxon-Mobil should not receive millions and millions of dollars in tax refunds while they’re taking millions and millions of dollars in subsidy programs. The CEO of Hostess should not be given a raise to 2.55 million/year while the company is folding. They shouldn’t be allowed to raid the pension programs of workers to give themselves unearned bonuses. If one has a job and works every day then one should not be in a position where they qualify for entitlement programs because their pay shouldn’t be that crappy.

      We don’t have “warfare for people that breed without any thought how they will feed their children”. Most studies show that the majority of people receiving entitlements are working people. A good many of them are active military along with Walmart employees. These are not lazy slugs who just want to lay around and not work. I’m not saying such a group of people don’t exist, I simply say their number is exceedingly small. These people want to work, they DO work, they want to earn their way, they want to pay their taxes, and they want to be part of the community but other people just don’t want to let them.

      As for Civil War and riots in the streets I almost welcome it but we have too many sheeple over here for that to ever come to fruition. We’ll just keep complaining and going about business as usual. Nothing will change. That’s the really really sad part about the whole thing. Real meaningful change will always stay just outside our grasp.

  3. Fred the Wolf

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    prolly find more tools for your site. including shopping carts, blogs. photo albums and some even give big coupon for discounts to stuff with search engines. shoot me email i will give ya crack at mine give ya the keys and drive around.

    • You’re right but my webspace is so damn cheap! I’d have to get them to unlock the domain name and all that happy shit. I can have shopping carts, blogs, and photo albums on my site it’s just I’ve already got that stuff sitting on other sites so it was easier not to use it through the host. I’ll send you that email and get a peek at your ‘back end’😉 Who’s your web host?

  4. Fred the Wolf

    oh and 10.00 year to keep domain name mine. not sure what other places cost and can have more domains no addictional cost minus 10 a year

  5. Fred the Wolf

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