9 Days To Go

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I forgot to add this to my list of Signs of the Mayan Apocalypse yesterday; someone REWROTE “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”!

I’ve really had my fill of ‘remakes’ this year. Yes, I have. I now have a ‘politically correct’ Santa Claus! WTF? Poor Jolly Old Saint Nick has been relieved of his pipe and acknowledges that he wears ‘fake fur’.

Oh yeah and this too


That’s a billboard in Times Square. Again I say; WTF? Have you noticed that a lot of people are getting really militant over this religion–or non-religion–thing? It’s kinda messed up. It’s one thing to believe in a God…or not…it’s another to take out billboards that publicly decry/mock someone else’s faith. They’re Atheists, they acknowledge they do not believe in any Supreme/Superior/Divine Being. Ok, fine. Is there a reason they have to go around telling others what to do/think/believe? Can’t they see they’re becoming just like the people they say they don’t like? In California they’ve gone out of their way to impose themselves in Christmas Displays.

Ok, fine, so they don’t believe in Christmas but that doesn’t mean they have to ruin it for everyone else. Kinda like some Christians and Halloween; they don’t like the holiday but they don’t have to run around calling it ‘Satan’s Day’ and crap like that. Just don’t go Trick or Treating, that’s it. You don’t have to be mean or stick those little Jesus Flyers into people’s Trick or Treat bags. Don’t believe in Christmas? Ok fine, but you don’t have to go around telling other people they’re living a lie or something.


Anyway, we’ve got (about) 9 days left. What shall we do? I’d make a Bucket List but I’m too poor and there isn’t enough time. So what do you say? Rob a bank? With 9 days left we’ve plenty of time to spend the money and not worry about getting caught or doing any serious jail time. By the time they catch us the world will be over. If it were summer we could run naked down the beach but it’s kinda cold out so there would be much shrinkage. Base jumping? Sky diving? Bungee jumping? Fly, I dunno, a little around the world in a hot air balloon? Or we could just pool our resources, get a big shack on a tropical beach and drink/smoke/screw the next 9 days away. Yeah, that one sounds best to me. Let’s do that. What do yo say? Maybe we can even run around naked like little savages and get in touch with our ‘inner animal’ before it all blows up. Or sinks into the ocean. Or whatever it’s gonna do on December 21st.

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