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I probably should have entitled this blog “Making an Old Lady Happy” but, while I’m ecstatic!, maybe it is just another sign of the Mayan Apocalypse.

I did something I hardly ever do; I checked my reviews on Amazon/Kindle. I figured, with that email yesterday, maybe I should check my sales. I did. No major movement. That’s no big news either. hahaha BUT, there are new reviews! They’re good!

I sent “Heart”, “Child”, maybe “Christmas Eve” and “Rising Son” out to BTS eMag for a promotion. It was cheap! I mean DIRT cheap! I couldn’t pass it up when I was approached with the opportunity to have these books reviewed in a eMag that’s been picked up by Nook which makes it ‘world wide’. I’d have to be NUTS to pass that up, right? Ya also have to be at least a little nuts to go for it too. Takes nerves of steel to do that shit. It does. I could end up ripped to shreds in, what’s becoming, a very popular eMag. So, then and there would have ended this little writing ‘career’ of mine it would have gone down in spectacular ball of flame.

Next month, in BTS eMag you’ll see my two-page for “Heart” along with review snippets for it. I’m not sure the following reviews will also appear but I think they will. Then in February I’m supposed to have an interview/spot/article for their Mythology Issue. I could end up making some sales, I mean real sales, maybe. Keep hopin’ for me, huh?

Here we go…check ’em out….

4 Stars-Hugh Smith, Reviewer, BTS eMag: “Two mythical beings, the omnipotent intensely sexual Ares God of War and Alena an enigmatic Fey with secrets of her own clash in Lisa Darling’s The Heart of War. The depiction of the brooding, powerful yet flawed Ares and the mysterious and sexy Alena are well done.

Before reading the book, I assumed it would be the Gods’ powers that would engage me but as I read I found it was their human traits that kept the pages turning. Both protagonists are centuries old, and possessed of powers that mere human only dream of, yet they love and lust and behave exactly like the humans they live among.

The story involves Gods but it’s one we can all relate to. Loving and lusting, losing our way and finding it again. And if we’re very lucky, one day finding where we truly belong.”

5 Stars-Lori Zalewski, Reviewer, BTS eMag: “Lovers of mythology will enjoy this dark, erotic romance and paranormal thriller that demands attention from the first sentence. Lisa Beth Darling consummately blends the realm of the ancient immortal Greek Gods with the modern world of man to create her own unique world and then seamlessly combines an epic love story within an intricate web of mystery, drama, and suspense.

Ares, the God of War, captures the imagination as a complex and charismatic protagonist. Darling masterfully blends his Greek God of War traits–strong, dominant, violent, and moody–with an incredibly sexy and passionate lover. In the end, she creates a hero to die for. The author provides the perfect complement to Ares with the strong-willed and compassionate Alena. Their chemistry is explosive, dramatic, and passionate. This couple will haunt you long after you have finished reading their tale.”

3 Stars-DeeNigma, Reviewer, Independent, “As a fan of Greek mythology, Lisa Beth Darling’s `The Heart of War’ gave me an opportunity to see Ares, the Greek God of War, as almost human. Exiled on an island with his guards and a harem of women to keep him company, Ares is arrogant and mean-spirited and you come away thinking that the rest of the Gods were happy to be rid of him.

When a woman, Magdalena (also known as Alena and Maggie) washes onto the shore of Ares’ island’s shore, she is brought into a world of lust, love and violence that will leave the reader wanting more. Fortunately, the author has a follow-up.

At times, a little slow moving, the plot more than made up for this by giving the reader interesting characters and a storyline that was engaging from the very start of the book to the last page. I’m looking forward to reading more of Ms. Darling’s work. ”

WEEEEEEEEEEE! I gotta say it, the last review is really GOOD so I don’t understand the 3 stars. Sounds like a 4 star review to me but, I’ll take it nonetheless! You can read ALL of the reviews for “Heart” on Kindle/Amazon here

5 Stars-Lori Zalewski, Reviewer, BTS eMag: “The second book in the Of War series has it all: suspense, betrayal, secrets, manipulation, and steamy hot sex. Picking up where the first book left off, Lisa Beth Darling continues to build her unique paranormal realm and expands on her multiple storylines to create another epic thriller. Beautifully fleshed out secondary characters, Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite, do their best to destroy Ares, Alena, and Raven. With insight and compassion, Darling realistically explores the ways Ares and Alena rebuild their faltering relationship.

Completely captivated by this dark, paranormal world and its characters, I could barely put this book down before reaching the shocking cliffhanger! Both Ares and Raven commit such unforgivable acts throughout this story. I look forward to seeing how Darling resolves this story and if Ares and Raven redeem themselves.”

3 Stars-DeeNigma, Reviewer, Independent: “In this book Ms. Darling has done something interesting by creating a character, Aphrodite, that I can honestly say I despised. The sequel to “The Heart of War” is engaging from the first page to the last. Ares and Magdalena are now the parents of Raven, a teen at the center of a battle between Gods and mortals. Their determination not to let their son be destroyed by the gods makes for an interesting read.

Ms. Darling takes the problems of normal humans: love, a thirst for revenge, jealousy – and gives them to the Gods to endure. What we are left with is a book that brings together characters who are willing to destroy anything or anyone who gets in the way of what they want.

This second story in the series is even better than the first and I look forward to reading the next book. ”

Again, I don’t understand the 3 stars but I will certainly take it!πŸ™‚

My friends have been very kind to me, I saw that three of them left wonderful reviews for me on the OF WAR Series Anthology page….it even has 27 ‘likes’! LOL, I know, sounds kinda like high school, huh? ‘You like me! You really like me!’ You can read all of the reviews for “Child of War-A God is Born” for Kindle/Amazon here

In any event, when BTS eMag comes out next month I am aware that I will not go down in flames and that’s a very very good thing. Maybe I’ll even get a nice boost out of it.

AND, if the world doesn’t end in 8 days, I’ve got it all set up to get 18 copies of my books in a LOCAL INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE! That’s right a REAL brick and mortar BOOKSTORE! I’ll be “on the shelves”! How do you like that? I’ll even have a reading/signing in the spring or summer.πŸ™‚ As soon as those books hit those shelves you know I’m gonna take pics and post ’em, right? LOL

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  1. Fred the Wolf

    very awesome I would share on fb but i got put in detention. someone narc me out on a risque photo,
    i love reading good stuff bout your writing., I know your choice for Ares is gone but let’s all chant “MOVIE, MOVIE, MOVIE” come we all know we want it.

    • LOL! I love ya, bro! Don’t you hate it when some jackass ‘reports’ you on FB? I can’t stand it. A lot of crapola crosses my news feed but I’d never ‘report’ someone unless it was kiddie porn or something like that. We like what we like, we should be free to share it. Those who don’t want to share can just go their own way.


    • Ya know, we watched that stupid “Immortals” movie and the whole time I kept looking at Mickey thinking; ya know what? May…be. Maybe. He’d be a good choice for Ares. I think he could pull it off and be a big enough ‘box office draw’ to at least get the film ‘cult status’!πŸ™‚

  2. Fred the Wolf

    Micky would rock Ares
    and immortals sucked like the girls on the Ho Stroll back there lol.

    as for fb i never report anything less it is a child porn thing, i usually hit hide so i dont see it again. but people on my list know i post odd sex provocative thought invoking things, hide it or unfriend me i offend you that much. there should be policy we can have access to reporters so we can remove them.

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