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And we’re getting a little closer still. Oh, yeah, no, this is in no way as sensational as the Massacre at the Elementary School but it’s still got its impact.

Dominos Founder Sues Government Over Contraception Mandate.

Yep, there goes another company. One more added to the List of Places That DO NOT Get MY MONEY.


Ya know, it’s a damn good thing the City of New London has decided to allow us to have 6 chickens! Pretty soon I won’t be able to shop ANYWHERE, be connected to the Internet AT ALL, or even get a pizza!

One more time people; IF the world is NOT coming to THE END…where the fuck are we headed??? It ain’t no place good, I’ll tell you that for free.

After YEARS of hating Dominos pizza and finally coming to like them…they got WAY BETTER…now I have to delete them from my browser history. It’s a damn good thing we’ve already discovered Captain’s Pizza–little local place on Bank Street that delivers very yummy pizza and other good stuff. To tell the truth, we’d started moving away from Dominos already and towards Captain’s Pizza just because it IS a locally owned business and, yes, because they finally decided delivery was a good idea. OH! The day Sam at Ocean Pizza decides to DELIVER…I’ll never cook again!🙂

I admit it, I’m an American. I’m fat. I’m lazy. I want someone to bring me my pizza.

Wait, I want someone who is well-paid and treated like a human being by his/her place of employment to bring me my pizza. Yeah, that’s what I meant. Ya gotta be very specific about these things.

So long Dominos and ta-ta Papa Johns.

One is too cheap to raise his pizza $0.14 to give his employees healthcare and the other thinks his so-called ‘rights’ trump those of his thousands of employees.

Good goin’ guys.

I’m betting not all of Dominos employees are Roman Catholic like the owner. I’d further bet a good number of those employees aren’t even any domination of Christian. So…yeah….what about their ‘rights’? I am ALL IN FAVOR of letting people out of the contraceptive-thing as relates to Obamacare on a religious basis IF they agree to ONLY HIRE people of their OWN FAITH. They must be practicing. They must go to church on a regular basis. THEN you may opt-out. Until then…suck it, babe. The faith/beliefs/tenants of the CEO do NOT outweigh the faiths/beliefs/tenants of their employees.

Until he gets that much he gets to keep his pizza. No matter how tasty it’s become.

Come spring I’ll get me some chickens. Seems one may also be allowed to have pheasants, peacocks, peahens, quail, and rabbits–not much of a fan of any of those meats but they’d be cool to have. I’ll get that fencing and re-dig that garden. Maybe we can get a few sheep? Ya know, so I can spin yarn to make clothing/blankets and such. How about some cows? I won’t slaughter them, I promise. I’ll take them to Salem Prime Cuts for slaughter🙂 But until then my family and I will just enjoy the milk. No? Then how about goats? Not that I like goat’s milk but I’ll give it a shot since milk is nearly $5.00/gallon. I’ll get me a butter churn (I’ve always wanted one, no seriously…I have!) I’ll make my own fresh butter, have my own fresh cream for coffee I’ll buy at the Fair Trade Store. If I grow enough veggies and things maybe I can sell them at one of the local Farmer’s Markets and make a buck or two.

Most of all, I wonder if I can force the City of New London to let me put up a little windmill. Get us off the CL&P teat. We’ll get two hybrid cars, generate our own electricity for them, and only buy gas (now and then) from Cumberland Farms–locally owned and run convenience store/gas station.

With the Mayan Apocalypse only days away, I don’t see how they can stop me. Maybe they won’t be able to do much of anything come December 21st.

Maybe we’ll all just be set free and we’ll…run….

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  1. I haven’t eaten Dominos in YEARS — the founder was instrumental in funding the rise of “Operation Rescue” and the religious “right” way back in the 80’s, as was the founder and owner of Curves (the “workout place for women,” ironically), among many others.

    As for those who are cutting their workforce or workers’ hours so they won’t have to provide benefits? Part of the list I’ve received includes Chili’s, Olive Garden, Applebee’s, and many other popular chains.

    Just for some FYI.😦

    • Yeah, Chili’s (which isn’t that good here), Applebee’s (also not very good here), Olive Garden (I love it), Long Horn Steak House (I love it), Papa Johns, and Dominos are all on the list of places Not To Go. Sucks. Really, really, just blows.

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