To Tuck or Not To Tuck, That is the Question

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I’d like to pose this little quandary, query, poser, to the group.

Yeah, that means YOU.

I love my husband. I love snuggling up to him every night and settling in for a deep snooze. Like a lot of people I imagine I get hot in the night. I kick off the covers, stick my feet out, and cool down. I do this less often now that peri-menopause is quickly becoming menopause and hot flashes/night sweats are no longer the order of the night.

It seems that when I throw off the blankets this is a signal to my hubby to awaken and cover me.

I know, that’s sweet, isn’t it?🙂

He doesn’t just toss the blanket over me. He tucks me in right up to my chin and all around my shoulders.

Awwwwww….what a guy.

I know and I love him for it.

BUT this tucking causes me to wake more often. Suddenly I’m sweating inside a little cocoon that’s nearly choking me as it wraps all the way up to my chin. I toss off the covers that are now stuck under me. I kick out my feet, throw off the blanket from my chin and roll over. I start to cool down.

He covers me up again.

I throw them off again.

Do you see where I’m goin’ here?

I asked him this morning why he does this and he answered that he didn’t want me to be cold and he wanted me to feel safe.

I know, I know…oooooh so cute.

I asked him if it never occurred to him that the reason the covers were OFF was because I was HOT?

No, he said, it had not. He only thought that I looked cold.

I never do this to him, almost never. If I wake in the middle of the night in a chilly room and his covers are off, yes, I will cover him up. But not four, five, or six times in a single night just as a matter of course.

So, my question is; does your spouse/significant other do this to you? Do you do this to them? If so; why? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Nicole Jones

    Nope Nate steals the blankets all night long and I end up freezing so yeah…. LOL I have the opposite there

  2. i have to steal back my blankets, he’s the one that first takes them all and then turns them off and lies on top of them. while i prefer to sleep in a cocoon, i’m really cold at night brrrr
    sometimes it’s so annoying i tell him i’m going the german route and will get two seperate duvets!!! hahaha

  3. Fred the Wolf

    I think he needs to learn to do a full swaddle on you LOL. If is really cold and i was sleeping in bed, i will cover Lisa but never tuck, if she kicks off, i let her be out in air, if i awake later and touch her and skin is cold, i toss over again. she will cover me if she thinks I am cold even since I am sleeping in recliner in living room, but she wont recover me if me or one of alts kick toss them off.

    and Roy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute doing this. btw I am gonna share this on my fb.

  4. Fred the Wolf

    When i was able to sleep in bed we had separate covers to prevent stealing, but we always had some sort of touch, i miss sleeping in bed with my Angel

  5. A brass band could march through our bedroom playing “When the Saints Come Marching In” and my husband wouldn’t wake up! I’m on my own when it comes to covers.

  6. I’ve had to steal covers back while Hubby “cocoons” with the blankets as he rolls himself up. I’ve even had him steal my pillow (the one I was using) more than once.

  7. Sorry to say this but mine is blanket hog.
    NO blanket sharing or cuddling happens here (that’s fine)
    He has his I have my own blanket and same goes for the bed I stay my side and he his (thank goodness for California King Bed)..l

    • A California King, huh? NICE! He’s got his own blanket that he wraps up in, rolls over, and I never ‘see’ him again the rest of the night. Just feel him continually tucking me in! LOL

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