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Life Goes On no matter what. Tough lesson to learn but it is what it is.

Back to our little tongue-in-cheek countdown here for a second; the Easy Bake Oven has gone Unisex!



I don’t know what their definitions of ‘unisex’ or ‘gender neutral’ or even ‘neutral colors’ happens to be but MY Easy Bake Oven looked like…well…AN OVEN. Kinda like this


I don’t know what boy is gonna wanna play with that purple boom box but…whatever. (Oh, ‘boom box’…that’s a radio. Geez, ‘radio’, that’s a thing that picks up music from the airwaves. Cripes, ‘music’ is something seldom heard any longer!)

Don’t get me wrong I’m not against boys cooking I think one does their son a grave disservice if one doesn’t teach him to cook/clean/pick up after himself. I just think the Easy Bake Oven should, in some way shape or form, resemble an oven. That’s all.

So, anyway, I’ve been working diligently on “Women of War” and it’s coming out nicely. I so wanted to keep it around 100 pages but I think it may go over that just a tad. Who knows? Once we finish telling Shar’s part of the tale I expect pages to drop drastically. Poor Morrowind isn’t going to live very long and Maven (Alena’s mother) is kind of a slut. Looking forward to introducing Alena’s father, Norman MacLeod, to the Reader.

I got an email from BTS eMag yesterday, I got in touch with regards to the February Mythology Issue asking if they wanted/needed anything from me. At first they said ‘no’, which I thought was odd. If they’re just gloming stuff off my site and putting it back out there that’s not the best way to go. I don’t think so anyway. I got another email asking me if I would write a blurb on Ares, from a historical perspective and make 100-200 words.

Oh crap.

100-200 words? That’ll take me HOURS and tons of effort trying to keep it to something slightly above a Tweet.

Oh well, at least it’s something. I’ll start on it this afternoon and hopefully finish it too.

Christmas Shopping is swiftly approaching. No, I haven’t done a single lick! I said I wouldn’t until Friday. I haven’t. So Friday I’ll go out and battle the shoppers see if I can find a few shinies for the family. Mostly I’d just like to stick with gift cards. My kids aren’t ‘kids’ and they don’t like my taste in gifts. Christmas isn’t my gig, I still find the weight of the holiday horribly depressing. I think my family should start a tradition of Christmas in July, that way I won’t be moping about through the whole thing.

3 days to go people! Who’s joining me on that tropical island????

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  1. Nicole Jones

    I have always liked your gifts…your picks in clothes for me well other then PJs was ahh well not my fave but everything else you’ve ever gotten me (counting PJs) I have loved! But hey gift cards, cash, kitchen equipment all good stuff😀 love you lots and cannot wait to give you your gift!

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