Lessons from The Joker Part Deux

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Hubby and I had an interesting conversation this evening and he asked me to tell you about it and pose his suggestion to The Group.

Please remember that *I* am the ‘Nazi’…the rotten hippie commie bastard in the house. Me. I am.

The conversation started off with the Almighty Second Amendment and how that shouldn’t be screwed with. I pointed out that Freedom of Speech is not unrestricted. You may not; shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, incite to riot, defame character,or by slander/libel cause egregious damage to another person/company. We put these restrictions on The First Amendment because some of us want to live a fairly civilized society. Therefore, the Second Amendment is just as fair game and just as open to restriction as the First.

He said a lot about…well…people being able to own whatever gun they want just because they want to own it. Then, after a while, he talked himself around to the following compromise. In Roy’s World, all citizens will be able to own assault-style weaponry BUT you’re gonna have to use it only at a certified gun range/club/thing. Oh yeah, you’re gonna have to leave it there too. You can’t take it home with you unless you live in like the wilds of Alaska or Wyoming or something…you know, some place where a bear might attack you and a gun of this nature could actually be useful. We are going to go “house to house” and “take away” whatever assault-style weaponry you own and take it to the nearest certified gun range/club/thing on your behalf. While we’re in your house, we’re going to check to make sure that all of your other firearms are safely stored in a certified gun cabinet/safe. They cannot be just laying around somewhere.

(At this time, please note my plan doesn’t include a “house to house” search)

After we’ve taken your assault-style weapon to the nearest proper facility, you will be able to go there and shoot your assault-style weapon any time the facility is open. When you’re done you will leave the weapon at the facility to come back and visit it another day. These weapons will, of course, be stored in an ultra-safe secure environment. In the event of the Zombie Apocalypse all guns will be available to their proper owners upon request to go shoot zombies.

He kept saying that a ‘responsible gun owner’ should go for this. He said, several times, that they’d still own the gun. It’s, in his eyes, like owning a race car. You can own a NASCAR but you can’t drive it on the street. You may only drive it in designated areas.

Works for me. But…I know that will never fly. As much as I like the idea the ‘other side’ will not go for it. BUT if we toss it down with a bunch of THIS we might have a better chance. Here’s the rest of hubby’s idea.

These certified gun ranges/clubs/facilities will be privately owned. They can be open whatever hours they want. They should be encouraged to make their firing ranges/courses as inventive as possible…you know, targets that pop up while lights are going off…FBI Training type stuff. (Kinda cool) Of course, you’ll have your regular old firing range too for those who like that better. Ranges may be indoors or outdoors if space permits. These facilities will offer ‘outings’ and ‘special gatherings’ even ‘tours’ where they will transport your weapon to the ‘event’ and you can have it while you’re there. Outings/gatherings/events could/would include shooting competitions, trick shooters (The Old Wild West Show…not the TV show! The other one!), displays of new weapons, popcorn, soda, candy apples, all that happy stuff. Kinda like Burning Man but with high powered weapons.

I sat there thinking; 1-who are you and what did you do with my husband? 2-man, that fucker would SELL! You could make a MINT. Seriously, you really could. Capitalist all the way…hahaha.

Of course you have to get them to hand over the assault-style weapon first and…that just ain’t gonna happen real easy no matter what the plan is. Personally, I give a lot of kudos to my hubby for coming around to the reality of the things he sees on TV everyday and some of the shows he chooses to watch. I think the Zombie Apocalypse thing did him in last night. If you think I’m joking about that…Google it! It was a REAL show with REAL people with a whole boatload of REAL assault-style weapons. I think it was on Discovery. They REALLY BELIEVE that ZOMBIES are going to ATTACK. No shit. I think “Doomsday Preppers” may be getting to him too.

Anyway, I want you to know that all I did was sit there and listen to him talk. After 27 years I’m good at that🙂 He went from ‘everyone should own whatever gun they want’ to a ‘house to house search’ ALL BY HIMSELF. I didn’t do it. The last time I suggested such a thing–about 20 years ago–he went ballistic!

So, dear Group…what do you think of my hubby’s plan? The floor is yours and, as always, I’d really love to hear what you have to say.

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  1. not being from america i have a whole different view on the right to carry firearms. i don’t like it one bit. if you want to practice it, fine, do so at a closed range where you could “hire” the gun after getting proper lessons and a permit to shoot at the closed range. i’m not in favor of having them in my house, a gun is just a “thing” but give it to a human and it kills, sadly something humans tend to do in more cases then one.
    a comparison i read today was : right to carry guns equaled to 10 000 gun related deaths in the USA; in the UK it’s illegal to have/own a gun, even the police are required to sign in and sign of for their gun at start and end of shift aka they do not take it home, gun related deaths in the UK : 38.
    there is some logic there that restricting guns would kinda lower the death-count too.
    however i’m aware that in america/canada there are areas you need a gun (polar bears, forest bears) but in those cases it would be just a limited amount of people having guns.
    it’s a tricky a subject, one where one could have a lot of heartache about.
    for me it’s kinda simple, guns don’t kill, people kill aka don’t give guns to people. they’re too easy to get in the USA, legal or illegal, just my belief on how it looks over here in little old belgium. it’s disturbing to read that after newton just a few days later a 11 year old goes to school taking wth him a .22 with a case of bullets while his parents didn’t knew he “found” and had acces to said gun. and then people wonder why the global view is so against the freedom/right to carry/have firearms😦
    i talked beside the point a bit but i don’t see your hubbies plan working, not in a lifetime. most americans are so set in their rights it’s sometimes scary. just like they’re lately crying out to be “political correct”” about saying happy holidays! for crying out loud, i’m not a christian, not jew, nor islamic, i have no belief but just call it what it is. i’m not offended, most aren’t, just the nitpickers for their five minutes of fame.

    • I know how we look to the rest of the world on this issue and they’re pretty much right. Problem is a lot of people over here know how it looks to the rest of the world and they just don’t give a damn. Those that don’t want to hold onto their guns with a death grip just throw up their hands thinking the problem is ‘too big’ to do anything about. We love our guns. I have no idea why. But we do.

  2. Just in the spirit of friendly devil’s advocate (and practicality):

    When you do your house to house search of assault weapons, are you also going to be checking for illegal drugs, egregious alcohol use, odd collections of fertilizers and radio transmitters, and putting everyone through some basic mental health tests? It’s not just a gun issue; it’s way bigger than that.

    I’m not against reasonable change, but I still have to ponder that if a person is willing to break the law by killing innocents, why would I think they would balk at breaking (more) gun laws? Or bomb laws. Or poison laws.

    • Nope, and it’s not my house to house search, it’s my hubby’s. He’s only interested in how you police your guns. That’s it. Although I am probably in favor of that basic mental health test. I’m actually in favor of that for a lot of things; driving, parenting, gun ownership are just a few. In the cases of bomb and prison laws…at least there are some. The gun laws tend to be much more lax. No one lets me walk around with a vial of anthrax…and for very good reason.

      • Not trying to be offensive, but honestly, unless you are at an airport or a bioweapons plant, no one is checking you for anthrax. And, anthrax, it’s everywhere naturally in the soil. You just need a bit of knowledge, which isn’t too hard to obtain, and some very basic equipment that you can get from the internet, to weaponize it.

        I will submit to you, for high-browed argument, that there are more laws cornering gun control than anthrax and other poisons.

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