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Everybody hangin’ on to their assault rifles out there???

Yeah, not me, you knew that already.

As the country begins spinning itself up into a frenzy, hubby and I are back to this same tired old argument that years ago we agreed to disagree on and get on with our lives. Oh, yeah, it’s a joy for sure but at least we’re adults and we’re not screaming at each other, whining, crying, or stomping our feet over it. That’s a start! I wish others could follow our lead on this one.

They’re spun up over on the New London Patch they’re all blue in the face over it. Most people seem more concerned with their ‘rights’ not being infringed upon then they are with public safety. Now there’s a sad commentary, huh?

Before 9/11 we all jumped to the airport, got a plane, and went wherever we were going. Little fuss, little muss, just hop a plane and go. Post 9/11 we have to remove our shoes and volunteer to be molested by the TSA who may ask grandma to remove her Depends before we board a plane. We also checkedout/bought whatever books we wanted and no one was keeping a government list on it. They are now.

Before crystal meth became a ‘thing’ we all went to the drug store and bought as much products like Sudafed that we wanted. After crystal meth, we have to ask the pharmacist and show ID if we want even a single box of cold medicine.

Why do we have to do these things? It’s all in the name of ‘safety’ and ‘national security’. My point is; things change. The world doesn’t stay the same and we have to change with it. If anyone out there is actually serious about things like safety then it’s time we all sat down and had an adult conversation regarding assault-style weaponry. No bullshit. None. I don’t want to hear the childish argument of Timothy McVeigh taking out the Federal Building with a shit-ton of fertilizer. Bomb making is already illegal! How ’bout dat? AND fertilizer actually has legitimate uses. It is NOT designed to kill, just the opposite, it’s designed to help things grow. Is a gun designed to help anything grow? Hummmmm….no. It is not. Does a gun have any other use than being a gun? Hummmm…no it does not.

By the way, we’re not talking about hunters or people who own a handgun for ‘home security’. We’re talking about people legally possessing firepower that, really, only professionals should have. These things are not designed for the ‘hobbyist’ or the ‘gun enthusiast’. They were never intended for that particular market. These are weapons of WAR and were intended as such. Not for hunting, not for target shooting, not for home defense; WAR. Personally, I don’t think it’s a great idea to let Joe Average walk around with one of these things because Joe Average is not equipped for it. If Joe Average wants a .38 Special, I don’t give a crap. If Joe Average wants an AK-47…oh yeah, I give two craps! You bet’cha.

Hey, man, there are people are out there screaming their heads off wanting those on ‘entitlement programs’ to pass drugs tests. Ok. How ’bout you pass one before you get a gun? Or at least an assault-style weapon. Not a piss test either, I want hair samples. If you’re bald…I’ll take those hair samples from south of your waistline…or off your back, whichever’s easiest. I think the public should do it’s best not to allow the legal purchase of high powered weaponry by those on, oh, crystal meth. But any drug addict, with a clean record, can walk in and get one if they have the cash. No, not all drug addicts are dirt poor…sorry, Charlie. Some can actually afford to buy the weapon from a legitimate gun store.

I’ll tell you the bone-chilling truth as I see it in the face of all these new gun sales, you know who’s buyin’ ’em? It’s not Joe Average and it’s not the ‘criminal element’. It’s these people we see on ‘educational channels’ on shows like “Doomsday Preppers” and, I SWEAR to you, I SWEAR, those preparing for the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. I saw ’em last night on TV and they are deadly serious about the world turning into zombies along with government suddenly going totally off its rocker and turning on the citizenry. Just fuckin’ mowin’ us down in the middle of the street in broad daylight. (Oy!) Do you know what their ‘weapon of choice’ was? You got it, an automatic assault rifle. I ask you; do these people strike you as anywhere near sane? Upstanding citizen? Do they strike you as the kind of person you feel safer around knowing they have at least one assault weapon? Seriously. Are they? Do you? When it comes to the ‘mentally ill’ or at least the ‘bizarrely unstable’ we may have to broaden our definitions. These guys & gals are major accidents just waiting to happen.

If you’re preparing for the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ please rise, then see the nice gentlemen in the white coats at the back of the room, they will escort you to some place soft and safe. Where you can ride out the Zombie Apocalypse in a heavily medicated state. 😉

Lastly, my favorite moronic battle-cry; If you get rid of all of the guns only criminals will have guns!

Yeah, but at least I’ll know what they are. I won’t need a scorecard.

But, ya know, if we took away all of the ‘entitlement programs’ (as some people want) those living in the most gun lovin’ states…will shrivel and die. It’s a fact, look it up for yourself. “Red states” take MORE government money in ‘entitlement programs’ than any “blue state”. Bar none.

So there’s a bright spot. Guns aren’t good for growing things so, in the end, maybe we can just starve ’em out.

Well, ya know, if the Zombies don’t get ’em first.

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  1. Nicole Jones

    ya’know when I was over in England gun (all guns) are illegal there, even the cops have to sign out a gun at the start of their shift and then return it at the end of the shift. And according to studies were over 10,000 people died from hand guns alone here in the good ole USA only 38 were killed over there. Just saying that you are by far right on this account.

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