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I got that weird email again! They can’t possibly just be sending this thing to the AUTHORS of the books they’re shucking…can they? I don’t know, like I keep sayin’ it’s weird! I wish it would help push my book sales. That’d be awesome.

Yesterday, I got around to writing that little blurb on Ares for BTS eMag. I posted the rough draft on Facebook and it seemed to go over well. A lot of ladies who are married to Aries males seemed to recognized their husbands in it! Yep, that includes mine😉 It had a few flaws and it wasn’t quite right so I polished it a bit and sent it off:

The God of War
Name: Ares
Birthplace: Mount Olympus
Birthdate: Unknown

Originally, tasked with being the God of the Forests, the Lord of All Things Wild and Free, Ares is one of the most fearsome gods in the Greek Pantheon second only to his Uncle, Hades the God of the Underworld. It is believed that he is the embodiment of masculinity the yin to Aphrodite’s yang. I tend to agree. After all, he had a torrid love affair with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Desire, and she wanted him above all others including her husband Hephaestus the Blacksmith to the Gods. He’s said to be one of the most handsome of all the gods as well as the most sexual god on Olympus his appetite for pleasures of the flesh are legendary. He was also ill tempered, very grumpy, and often times, moody but, without hesitation, Ares would leap to the defense of those few he cared about or those who worshiped him. Never one to shy away from a fight—often times starting them–Ares lived his life in the moment, lived with abandon, and zeal.

In my eyes, Ares God of War is the Ultimate Alpha-Male.

It’s 199 words. Yeah, I know, that’s cutting it close! BUT the lady at the eMag liked it so all’s well. The above will appear with my spot in the February edition.

2013 could be a good year for me.

Well, ya know, if we all wake up on Saturday that is.🙂

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