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I went over to the New London Patch this morning to get my AM dose of insanity. I gotta do it, it’s almost force of habit now. The morning isn’t complete until I check in on that site and see who’s bitchin’ about what.🙂 As long as I don’t comment too much, just be a lurker, I find it’s highly addictive to watching them fight. Not quite as good as the Roman Coliseum but, in the Digital Age, I guess it’s close enough. Every day they put up a new poll and nearly every day I ‘vote’ on whatever the question is. Sometimes it’s just utterly ridiculous and I don’t bother with it.

Today the question is: Are you willing to pay more in taxes to have a police officer in every school?

I clicked ‘no’ then registered my vote dying to see how far in the minority I am but…I am in the overwhelming majority! How do you like that? Me. In the majority. Weird. Anyway, so far, 57% of people have said ‘no’ they are not willing to pay more in taxes to have a police officer in every school. I was shocked. I really was. I figured it’d be somewhere near 80% in favor. Of course not only am I in the majority I am in the Silent Majority. Most of the posters are just…a little off. Ok, maybe more than a little. They seem to thrive in an atmosphere of fear and they think your kids should too. Not being paranoid myself I tend not to agree with their mode of thinking or talking or just being a pain in the ass.

My reasons for voting ‘no’ are this; I already pay taxes for cops, I already have cops in my schools, they aren’t doing anything worth anything, they stay at that post year after year doing little and getting paid a lot. They make ‘buddies’ with the kids and the more anyone butters them up the more they get away with. That’s my FIRST HAND experience with Officer Nolan who was the NLHS on premises cop for ages…now the jerk is on the City Council. He wouldn’t even enforce the State’s bullying laws nor the school’s written code on bullying when my youngest was bullied so badly she not only came home crying and shaking day after day it was hard to get her to go to school. What the hell do you think he’ll do when/if a crazed gunman walks into the school? My answer to that question is ‘cower’ but yours may be different.

Yes, perhaps ‘one day’ they’ll be needed. Perhaps, ‘one day’ they won’t. I’m never one to hedge my bets on the side of fear. I will not live my life caught in its grip. My other reason is, I’m old-fashioned I admit it, I think a learning environment, a school, should be more like a school and less like a prison. When doing so much and going so far to keep people/things out you deter other, better, people/things from coming in.

Those few posters on ‘my side’ who dared speak up in the face of great adversity…some under threat of gunfire from the wonderfully mentally stable, law-abiding, gun-toting citizens here in New London…did not say they wouldn’t go along simply because they didn’t want their taxes to go up or they didn’t want to ‘protect’ their kids. They said basically the same things I just did all boiling to; LESS not MORE guns in schools.

There were a few others that I recognized by their handles who also had the displeasure of dealing with our on-premises officer and fared about as well as I did with him, the faculty, the administration, and so on. Basically, we’d rather hang him upside down by his toes than pay him another week’s salary. In fairness, we’d rather do that with about 80% of the faculty/staff/administration than continue paying them. After all, because of their lack of any type of ability to do anything at all, we now have the State Dark Overlord running the New London Education Show behind the curtain. We’re on the verge of becoming a ‘Magnet School Only District’, which means, in essence, New London would no longer be responsible for educating its young, smaller boards and those who run the magnet schools would take that over supervised by the Great State of Connecticut.

Although, in tongue-in-cheek fairness, if we did give them guns Board of Education meetings would be a lot more interesting!

So…..Personally, I can’t even imagine entrusting any of them with a gun in the school…if you knew them and just how gloriously screwed up they are you’d know exactly what I mean. Hell, no matter how pro-gun you are if you have half a functioning brain then after 10 minutes with these people I’d bet you wouldn’t give them a water pistol. Ok?

Before you say ‘yes’ to arming teachers, cops in schools, armed guards blah blah blah, you might want to take a step back and look your local educational system first. If it’s like mine, in the end, you’ll probably want to say ‘no’ too.

While we still don’t have any concrete answers as to how to solve the problem left to us by the Bush II Administration that, in 2004, refused to renew the existing Assault Weapons Ban–yes, we did have one and nobody ‘came for your guns’ after it was enacted, in fact, it was working fairly nicely,–at least we’re finding out what we don’t want to do. It’s a start. Got a long way to go but at least we’ve set off down the road. It’s a rocky road, full of melodrama, crying, whining, foot stomping, and a lot of ‘me-me-me’ but it’s our road and it’s high time we did our best to make it a safe, smooth road for all of the sane upstanding citizens in the United States of America. I’m not interested in catering to the crazies any longer or in being politically correct (yeah, I never was, I know.) It’s time the majority actually ruled the country and was no longer silent in the face of empty threats and rhetoric.

And zombies. Don’t forget the zombies.

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