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Yeah, the world has not yet ended. Almost a bummer. But…ain’t midnight yet! And we all know the entire world runs on NY time! LOL So we got a few hours before we know for sure.😉

While you’re waiting you can head on over to Queen Tutt’s World of Escapism to read my last guest spot on that site. Ronda’s heading out into the world and living my dream…she and her husband are going RVing for the long-term future. Much luck and tons of fun to you, Ronda! I will miss her blog and the wonderful reviews and unending support she’s given me and my little OF WAR Series. If you want to read my last post over there Click Here You can read Raven’s first solo interview, a never-before-seen sexy little excerpt from “Rising Son” and get a FREE copy of “Christmas Eve on Olympus”.

BUT…since I know most of you won’t hit that link😦 Here’s the interview portion.

Today I’m here, in a burned out and abandoned Times Square, with Raven the Son of Ares God of War and Alena MacLeod. This being my very first visit to NYC I find it quite unsettling that not a soul stirs anywhere in sight. The traffic jams I’ve heard of are at a stand-still as idle cars clog the city streets never to move again. Behind their wheels sits either an empty seat or another victim of Major Falls, the plague that’s swept across North America, South America and is swiftly making its way to Europe.

Lisa: Where’s your Father? Where is Lord Ares?

Raven: He’s not feeling well. He sends his regards.

I find this quite strange as the last time I met with Raven and his Father, Ares warned me to stay away from him. Never to be alone with him and I find the absence of my protector unsettling. But, looking around at the utter decimation of the once grand Big Apple, I understand Ares’ warnings and remain careful to stay out of arm’s reach of Raven as we proceed.

Lisa: This is your doing?

I gesture to the burned out buildings with their shattered windows. All of them tagged with some type of mark that seems familiar yet the meaning escapes me.


Raven: Not exactly.

He glares me from those unearthly eyes of his; gray as a hurricane with pupils of amber.

Raven: This wasn’t my intent.

Lisa: But it’s the result. What are going to do about it?

Raven: You’re as feisty and direct as my Father says.

He laughs, tossing back his handsome head letting his long midnight hair with its wide silver streak fall across his bare supple shoulders that heave up and down with his chuckle. Then his laughter subsides and he leans that long toned body toward me.

Raven: I bet you’re everything my Father says and he says a lot about you.

His breath is hot on my face, it smells of cinnamon as it wafts its way into my head. I take a step away from him.

Lisa: And about you to me. I hear you’ve gone through your Bacchanalia and you put on quite a show for the Olympians during the orgy.

Raven: Oh, yes, it was a night to remember for all time.

Lisa: I hear you’ve gone through two of your Trials and come out with flying colors. That Zeus Accepted you as an Olympian—God of the Damned, isn’t that it?

Raven gives a sly smile that sends shivers down my spine even as it lights up his eyes and makes me tingle with the desire only wanton danger can bring.

Raven: That’s me, God of the Damned.

He reaches out to trace his fingertips across my cheek and jaw.

Raven: Don’t forget it.

He looks around at the devastation and sighs deeply.

Raven: Any more questions?

The words fall from my lips with urgency.

Lisa: Where’s your Father?

Raven: I told you he’s…not feeling well.

I wonder what could happen to a fully Ichored Olympian, one as strong and powerful as my friend the God of War, to make him ill? With the rotting bodies littering Wall Street their faces hollow and drawn from their defeat at the hands of Major Falls, which I know to be a weaponized form of rabies. Suddenly, I am struck with fear for my long-time friend and the Wolf he always carries within him.

Raven: I think you should go now. This is no place for you. My Father wouldn’t like it.

Lisa: And you always do what your Father says?

Raven: No. Now get out of here. There’s a lot of work ahead of me and I have to get started.

Lisa: You think you can put the world back together?

Raven: Not even all of the Olympians…and all of the Fae… in this world can mend this.

Raven raises his handsome face to the setting sun and takes a deep breath.

Raven: War is in the air, one like this world hasn’t seen since before history began being written. Two Kingdoms that loathe each other are about to collide and when they do, the millions dead from Major Falls will look like a simple game of Battle Ship.

Lisa: And you’re going to stop it?

Raven: I’m going to lead the charge.

My heart stops. Our time is indeed up.

Lisa: Give your Father my best.

Raven: Don’t you always give him ‘your best’?

Lisa: And your Mother too.

I add the last words quickly not liking the look in the young buck’s eyes.

Raven: Certainly, my Mother too, are there any other relatives of mine you’d like to give your best to?

He winks at me.

With a shaking hand, I turn off the tape recorder and slide it into my pocket as I bid him good-bye.

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  1. the site is already taken down lisa😦 a real shame

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