An Oldie but a Goodie

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I’ve received several e-mails and been asked several times about this when I do guest spots so I thought, in the spirit of the season, I would return


To the site!

For now, I’m only putting up the first two novels in this long-ago series, “Every New Beginning” and “Dark Illusions”. They’re not available for online reading but you can download both novels in PDF format. If nothing else, long time Readers might like to have copies of these books for their own and new Readers might get a kick out of them especially if they know the OF WAR Series. In “Dark Illusions” you’ll get to see where Ares becomes a full-blown character of mine for the very first time. I have no plans to restore the other 4 novels or the 30+ short stories that make up the Daughter of the Gods series. Likewise, there are no plans to return the Daniel Jackson Library to the site at this time.

Please be aware that both novels are ADULTS ONLY and they try to stick to canon but I’ve always been more of a rebel so they’re not too close to canon.😉

If you’re interested check them out

Plans are in place to return the House, MD based series “A Brother’s Love” to the site in the exceedingly near future. This series consists of 3 stories, 2 mini-novels and one full length novel. The series “Crazy Love” may also return to the site some time in 2013. All will be for download only and not online reading.

I hope you’ll enjoy these very early efforts.

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