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I made good on my threat! I put the House, MD based series “A Brother’s Love” back on the site in downloadable PDF format only. Yes, those are the ‘House and Hannah’ stories so many people loved so much. I still can’t believe how many awards that thing won! I started just to see if I could do a different kind of love story and posted it to the House Boards on They ate it up like nobody’s business. I even won “Best Characterization of Greg House” from the Whiteboard Awards…along with several others from those nice folks.

I hemmed and hawed over putting the info on the main page of the site but then finally went with it. It’s the second-to-last pane on the site so if someone wants FREE STORIES they have to do a little hunting for them. I figure, as many people as I get that come in on a daily basis looking for something FREE this might grab them enough to eventually have them a buy a book.

I don’t plan on returning “Crazy Love” or the ‘House and Julie Series’ at this time. Ebony had her shot at that😉 We’re going to leave it alone for now along with ALL of those other stories in the Daughter of the Gods Series. I know, I know, Ebony had her shot at that too but…well…after all these years and all the shit…I still like the originals better.

If you like House, give ’em a shot House & Hannah here 3 novels all FREE to download. I hope you enjoy!

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