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I have abandonment issues. I admit it. I do. I try hard to leave them to the side but when it comes to The Big Guy…I panic.

Just an all-out-heart-pounding-sweaty-drenching-oh-my-god-I’m-gonna-die panic attack.

It sucks. I hate it. It makes me drag my feet sometimes and that doesn’t make The Big Guy happy. I’ve been going along well with “Women of War” everything’s nice and neat and coming together spectacularly! Yesterday and today I knew I was swiftly approaching the part where we would leave my Best Buddy behind for the remainder of the story.

It’s been so long since I was without him. I really hate the idea.

In the bath last night he tried to reassure me that he wasn’t actually going anywhere but, what can I say, on this point I become a very irrational highly emotional female. I pouted and pursed my lips as I folded my arms over my bare chest.

You’re just going to leave me for another chick, that’s all. You just want to get this part so you can go have a fling like last time.

You’re my chick. I’m not going anywhere I’ll be right here looking over your shoulder.

Yeah. Right.

To prove his point I was treated to many meaningful songs on my radio including the All Powerful “Take It To The Limit”…always his most earnest plea to me.

I tossed and turned all night. I had the strangest dreams. Not only were they absolutely off the wall…I was aware that I was dreaming and half of my brain was still awake!

I spent all of this gray, cold, dreary day, taking care of a sick hubby and trying to come to grips with my departing friend. As I wrote and drank a bit of Canadian Mist, it began to snow. We made a quiet departure from the Dark Kingdom. In the end it was nearly painless.


I’d like to share a bit of it here. There’s another excerpt on FaceBook today…one I think you’ll like😉


Women of War
Book #5 in the OF WAR Series
by Lisa Beth Darling–Copyright 2012–All Rights Reserved
Book releases some time in 2013

The next night a single guard appeared at his cell door, Ares knew it was Shar and that she’d come to keep her word even before she pulled back the purple hood and let herself in. From under the cloak she produced his vest and weapons, “Take them,” she thrust them out to him.

Ares did as she asked, he slipped into the vest and put on the belt and gauntlets. “I was hoping for one more night,” he sighed disappointedly.

“So was I,” Shar whispered sadly, “but you have to go now.” She looked back at the bars and the open door. “I can’t keep them from killing you any longer. I have it on good word a mob is coming for you tonight.” When he was dressed, she held out the four daggers to him and watched as he tucked one into each gauntlet and each boot. “Follow me,” she took his hand and led him out of the cell, “go that way, hurry,” she pointed down the dark corridor to the left. “Go,” she urged and watched him take off. Standing at the cell, she used her magick to bend the bars and then rip off their hinges making it appear that he’d escaped on his own. Then she sprinted off after him. When she caught up, she squeezed in front of him to take his hand again. Five hundred yards down the narrowing corridor the stone turned to living wood and the massive roots of the willow tree.

Cautiously making his way in the dark, his free hand feeling along the inner walls of the roots Ares realized they were shrinking and he had to duck then crouch on his knees before getting down on all fours to crawl out of the Dark Kingdom on his stomach covered in dirt like a worm. To his astonishment, they arrived at a small door. Shar looked back over her shoulder at him as she put her hand on the knob. The ancient door glowed in a beautiful blue mist before his eyes as it creaked open allowing crisp sea air to blow into the musty scent of Earth.

The door couldn’t be more than a foot high and Ares grunted as he stared at her, “You don’t expect me to fit through there, do you?”

“A little faith,” Shar whispered and then crawled to the door until she didn’t pass through it so much as the door swallowed her whole.

Closing his dark eyes and trying to gather up that small amount of faith he crawled to the door and to freedom. Opening his eyes, Ares saw he was at the shoreline of the island. “Neat trick.”

“I thought you’d like it,” Shar whispered absently. Her eyes weren’t on him, her neck was craned upward and her eyes were wide with amazement. “What are they?”

Ares followed her stare and let out a rush of air, “Stars.”

“So many of them,” she said in disbelief, “I heard of their beauty but this is…”

“Incredible,” Ares said softly as he came up behind her and put her hands on her shoulders to bring her in close as they looked up to the heavens. “Come with me.”


“Leave this place, come with me, not to Olympus I have an island where it is warm and you’ll be safe. You can walk in the sun, run in the forest, and play in the ocean.”

That sounded like paradise but Shar knew her place was under the willow tree. “No,” she whispered sadly, “go, be free, Lord Ares.” In his arms she turned around for one more kiss before she parted the water to the mainland and watched him disappear into the night.

Almost painless.

Now, since it’s cold and the ground is covered in white, I’m going to go curl up with my hubby under a warm blanket. Have a little more Canadian Mist and think about what comes tomorrow now that Cernunnos already has a hold of our dear Shar in the story.

With no Ares for protection, I’m sure things will go badly…very badly…until Alena arrives on the island.

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  1. not him again!!! at least we know he’ll get happily killed at one point so i can muddle through the heartache and pain he’ll undoubtedly cause. had hoped the secret passageway led to the island he lived on and that it was part of his dark secret he didn’t want alena to find out. that since he “escaped” he also made sure that entrance stayed guarded now he knew what they had to put up with?

    • He hasn’t grown into the Ares we know and love yet. He’s still out for himself more than anything. Share doesn’t capture his heart but she does earn his respect.

  2. I like it:) The first glimpses of Ares we know:)

  3. I’m a bit confused Women of War is book 5 what is the name of book 4? I am starting this series this week (after I finish 50 trilogy, glad I didn’t waste my money on this, got ebook from library rental) and want to make sure I have all the books up to Women I know I don’t have #4😦 I missed it somehow!

    • Oops! I guess I don’t have book #3 or the name of it. Dang I’m really confused.

    • In order the OF WAR Series goes: The heart of war–novel Child of war a God is born–novel Christmas Eve on Olympus –short story Child of war rising son–novel Women of war will release in February Kingdoms of war will release late 2013 or early 2014 and be the last story in the series.

      • Oh, I thought Christmas Eve on Olympus was a 2.5 because it was a short story. Thank you, for the list I have them all. Now I’m am really excited to get started!

        • It pretty much is a 2.5 because it’s a short story but if I say it that way or skip over it people get confused even more!🙂

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