A Plea For Help

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“Women of War” is coming out better than I ever hoped! I’ve spent my entire vacation utterly immersed in this world and I have no doubt the story will be nearly complete by the time I have to go back to work. It’s been quite the rush! Telling the small but significant stories of Shar, Morrowind, Maven, and now onto Alena. Been a long time since I was so swept away and flew so far into The Zone.πŸ™‚

I hope everyone out there will see in this rather odd long/short story what I do…admittedly I’ve indulged in a good bit of Canadian Mist while writing this and letting the Muse have his way with me.πŸ˜‰ Yeah, not my ‘beverage of choice’ when it comes to these things LOL! AND I’ve had a long snowy weekend to just let my mind wander. Very dangerous, I know.

Here’s my plea to The Group before I settle in with my hubby for the nigh for hopefully some outrageously kinky and over-the-top sex!

I have TWO more FREE days for “The OF WAR Anthology” on Kindle left. I want to use them up. If YOU are willing to help me promote two FREE days of this work on Kindle POST HERE! I know, it’s an utterly shameless thing to do! BUT the January edition of BTS eMag should hit soon. My ad is there with the link to my site so IF the Anthology is FREE during this time…I could get quite a few people to take advantage of a FREE offer on the whole series. With any luck at all “Women of War” will be ready for release by Valentine’s Day which encompasses my ‘feature’ in the same mag.

If you’re willing to Tweet/post/facebook on my behalf let me know and I’ll let the Anthology go FREE for two days on Kindle on Valentine’s Day to coincide with the anticipated release of “Women of War” (not included in the Anthology).

What do you say guys and gals? Help out an old lady?

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  1. Any time hunπŸ˜‰
    Kinda behind with reviews (but will attempt as soon as everything calms down here from Holidays)

  2. I will definitely help!πŸ™‚

  3. Must be something in the air….I’ve been making new jewelry designs and just enjoying the hell out of it. Creative juices flowing is a awesome thing!!!πŸ™‚

  4. just tell me what to do and where and you know i’ll have your back!

  5. I’m here to help …

  6. Whatever you need let me know, I can blog,tweet, and post on my page.

  7. jovialvampyre

    I’ll gladly help promote for youπŸ™‚. Just let me know when.

  8. Hi:)

    Where and what I have to write? I am willing to help:)

    Happy New Year:)

  9. Thank you! All of you! You’re just THE BEST! I’m going to put the Of War Anthology up for FREE download February 14&15. It will coincide with the release of “Women of War”. If you would just send out the links/info to your twitter/blog/facebook–wherever you want really–during that time I would appreciate it very much!

  10. jovialvampyre

    I’ll be on itπŸ™‚

  11. Yes, absolutely. I would love to help out in any way I can. I am new to your world but u hooked me and now ur stuck with me.πŸ˜‰

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