In Small(er) Doses

I got that damn email again. Yeah, the one from touting “Rising Son” in the subject line and at the very top of the email. It’s starting to bug me. It really is. The other authors and their order don’t change. I wonder if those authors are getting an equal email with their books in the subject and at the top of the email?

Yes, I really believe that is trying to SELL MY BOOK to ME. I surely do. I haven’t seen any type of surge in sales (well, not really, it was Christmas and all) or searched hits or anything. So…it’s perplexing.

Speaking of my buddy Amazon/Kindle…it seems they didn’t pay me this month. Well, last month. I looked through my sales and they were pitiful but they were there and a small amount of change should have fallen from Amazon Heaven into my bank account but it didn’t. I was paid for AmazonUK sales on the 14th. They pay off rarer than regular Amazon/Kindle but not for plain ol’ Amazon. I’d like to find someone to talk to about this problem but sifting through their FAQs is a pain and their Customer Service people are kinda snotty. If I don’t get that tiny chunk of change in with next month’s payment, which will make a slightly louder cha-ching sound when it hits then I’ll try to find someone who can help me.

I wish there was a company out there that could rival them. I really do. I hate being in bed with, ya know, The Wal-Mart of Authors. Totally blows and never to a satisfactory conclusion.😉

So, I was on VACATION all last week! Ahhhhh. So nice. We Pooh-Bahs really hate to rise before 10am so I didn’t.🙂

When I did roll out of bed it was straight for coffee and other morning rituals then right to the computer. I spent DAYS lost in The Zone! It was AWESOME! “Women of War” is now (roughly) 40 pages from being complete and I think we have a nice little story. One that no one has to read, like “Christmas Eve on Olympus” it’s just one they can read if they want to. Hopefully they’ll want to! LOL I’m planning for a Valentine’s Day release which means I may end up being very naughty and actually holding the story back a few weeks after its done. Sorry. But that will give us a nice jump on “Kingdoms of War” and the end of this series. No plans for the release of that one yet. Definitely not until the end of the year at the earliest. I really want to tie this up right and, of course, do it our way if at all possible.

Being on VACATION I was also totally, completely, blissfully out of touch with The World. That too was freakin’ AWESOME! Getting up so late there’s no morning news. Writing so much there’s no nightly news. Yahoo!? Fuggitabudit.

Yes, I did manage to be informed that the USA did not fall off some type of cliff. I did NOT manage to be informed that during the cliffsliding process Congress gave itself a freakin’ pay raise.

I hate them.

All of them.

(Say it Cartman!)

So very…very…much.

I managed to scan past headlines of new gun laws amid headlines of victims of Hurricane Sandy being put on hold. Hummmm. Being in CT I’m not fond of putting those folks on hold. Sorry.

I managed to read a post on the New London Patch. It’s a rather thought-provoking little editorial/blog/missive entitled “There is No God”.


Oh…and it’s on the Second Amendment and Gun Control.

Oh boy.

It has well over 300 comments…one of them is mine. Mostly I just read the article and then watched them go at each other like hungry sharks over a dead tuna.


Opinions are strong. Tempers are high. If they could just stop screaming at each other and trying to one-up each other maybe they could…I dunno…find Common Ground. Get something done.

As I read the thread and laughed until I cried as often as I shook my head and asked; “Where do they come from?” I realized my neighbors are a very good metaphor for Congress.

They bitch. They snipe. They whine. They get pissy. They shout “Hooray for our side”.

Nothing gets done.

It don’t matter who’s in charge or who’s under the Capitol Dome.

Weird, huh?

I used to think it was just New London that had been built on an Indian Burial Ground or something but maybe it’s not. Maybe Washington, DC is and the craziness spreads out from there like tendrils on an octopus. Until they seek out and invade all of the small levels of power making them crazy too.

Could be…could be.

Ya know, in The End…the Grand Scheme of Things…maybe none of us actually makes it out of the sand box on the playground.

Hummmmm….Food for Thought anyway.

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