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I know, I know…..I only worked 3 days this week! LOL Believe me those 3 days were enough. I shall rant in moment in a pass protected post because I’m never sure just who’s lurking here. More on that in the upcoming post!

Anyway, I got some good news last night just before going to sleep. My phone goes off nearly non-stop between 7pm and 10pm for Words with Friends. Drives my hubby nuts! I almost didn’t get it last night I was just about to say; Forget it until tomorrow. Then I checked it anyway. Then I stared at it. And stared it. And stared it. Wondering if I wanted to subject myself to what could be a kick in crotch just before going to sleep. But I got brave and opened the email to find I freakin’ STELLAR review for “The Heart of War”.

Yeah, baby!

5 Stars: “The Heart of War goes beyond paranormal romance. This is an epic fantasy that is so rich in description and word play. Ms. Darling takes what we know about Greek Mythology and adds some twists and turns. I could see this book as a movie, no doubt. Long before Sister Wives, The Kardashians or The Real Housewives of Anywhere, USA….there were the Olympians. The word ‘dysfunctional’ doesn’t even begin to describe this ‘family’. They made me laugh and cringe all at the same time. You can trust no one. Not mother nor father, lover, child or sibling. The betrayals and lies that were revealed throughout made for such a fascination exciting read. As the reader, you will love them, hate them and find yourself not being able to get enough of them!” You can read the FULL review here

Yeah, I’m still grinnin’!

I know I’ll never be famous or get to wear a really cool bulletproof vest like ‘Castle’ (I so want that vest, you have no idea how much I WANT that vest! hahahaha) but this thing seems to be finding a nice niche and I can definitely live with that even if I can’t actually live off it…yet.🙂

The reviewer was kind enough to let me send her “A God is Born” and “Rising Son” to review so hopefully they’ll like those too. This review should also pop up on GoodReads and…Kindle! Woot!

Anyway, it sure made sleeping very peaceful.

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  1. CONGRATS on your 5 star review!!! I know it feels great! Take care, Emily

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