Hair Wars

Yesterday when hubby came home he informed me made an appointment to have a haircut today with his regular guy, Dino. I sighed and grimaced. I knew it was coming. He does this every time. Then he made the mistake of asking me my opinion on the matter and, since I’d had some Kahluah in my coffee, I gave it to him.

Things went badly.

I was perplexed. Very perplexed. I thought all I was doing was having a polite conversation on hair but he seemed to take my opinion as some type of personal affront. Then, after a while, I realized we were coming at this rather mundane issue from different perspectives. He was coming at it from a perspective of his job and where he works and how he doesn’t want to look like a ‘little boy’ or one of those over-the-hill hippies who can’t let go of his hair I was coming at it from the perspective of being the person who has to look at him the most often as well as what actually turns me on.

On top of that we had very different personal definitions of the words ‘long hair’.

This is my definition of ‘long hair’…yours may vary.


I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s so freakin’ sue, I love long hair on a guy. I do. By ‘long hair’ I mean when it hangs past his shoulders. I love ‘feathers’, I do. Can’t help it. I love lush silky hair and running my fingers through it. Something I’ve been denied for the last several years.

He thought I was stuck in the past. I said his hair didn’t even touch his collar…hell The Beatles had longer hair! Then he thought I was trying to make him have a Shaggy DA/moptop type of a thing.

Weird. I was nearly totally lost.

Let me explain:

When I met my husband he looked like this


Yes, that’s us 28 years ago just about six months after we met in our very first studio apartment with our very first Christmas Tree. Do you see his hair?

Sometime after we got married


A football player named Jim McMahon arrived on the scene. Hubby fashioned his look after him and McMahon had a spiked crew cut type of a thing. It was spiky and prickly and very very short on the top. With his camel-hair coat and his dark glasses he looked very cool. It was fun for a while.


Yes, that’s him rockin’ a mullet with Nikki on his lap.

Then he let it grow again.


Then he got out of the factories and the ship building business and got into IT. The Jim McMahon thing came back and, for the last several years, that’s how he’s worn his hair. No fuss. No muss. No yank. No pull. No ‘hair action’.

02 (3)


Every time it start to touch his ears…you know just as it’s getting to the point where I like it…he cuts it off. Just as it starts getting that nice soft little wave and the spikes turn to feathers and its all shiny and silky and I just want to grab it and yank on it.

It’s gone.


So, yesterday I voiced the opinion that I like it ‘long’. I guess I should have said ‘longer than it is’ or something. In the end, I told him to ask the barber’s opinion, to tell Dino what I said and let Dino decide what to do. Then we went to Moe’s and got our movies and, as we came to our street, HIS radio station started playing

And he said how much he loved the song. Me too. I told him he did like some things from our long ago 70’s and 80’s past.

Today he went to Dino, I told him to do what he wanted, I’d love him anyway. Of course I would.

I was pleasantly surprised when he came home with his coat over his head to reveal his new do.



I said; “Did you ask Dino first?”

He said; “Yes.”

I said; “What did he say?”

He said; “To tell you that I have a very smart wife.”


Before anyone jumps on me over the beard…it wasn’t my idea but I surely do like it.😉 I gave him a new beard trimmer for Christmas and the other day he asked me to trim it up for him. I asked what he wanted and he said he wanted me to thin the sides. I said ‘no’ and heard The Big Guy roaring as my hubby did the same. I’m already aware that he bares a striking resemblance to Ares, I don’t need either of them to have a bigger ego over it. LOL

I think it’s a good compromise between his usual high-n-tight/professional/USCGA thing and my desire to have to something to pull on when we have sex.

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  1. Love the new haircut! I just got bangs, but still long enough to tuck behind my years, for the fist time in like 30 years. Love them but its going to take a while to get to used to it too.

  2. he still looks handsome and bless Dino. hubbie = 0 ; Lisa = 1 !
    you can have longer or long’ish hair in “higher up” positions, just make sure it’s groomed nicely or in a neat ponytail and all is well.

  3. Fred the Wolf

    he looks good, I love my hair long, before Heather went to ogle to learn it was past shoulders to shoulder blades. i let H cut it to get rid of splits and deep knots. I will let it grow long again goal to my butt.

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