Ted & Hope Springs

Last night hubby and I did something we usually treat ourselves to once or twice a month; a few new movies and dinner out.

We were going to go see “The Hobbit” BUT…could only find it in 3D at a decent time. WTF? Guess we really will wait for the DVD release. I’m not a big fan of 3D and neither is hubby.

So, we went to Moe’s and got tacos with an order of nachos. Very good. Rather pricey this time out; $30.00? 5 tacos, 1 order of nachos and 2 regular size sweet teas. Yeah, a little pricey. Then we went down the parking lot to Best Buy looking for a flick. I didn’t realize there were so many movies I wanted to see recently released on DVD. I could have spent $200.00 on movies if I had it. But we kept to two flicks. Two comedies. That’s very unusual for us. I hardly ever purchase comedies I almost always wait for them to come to TV. Yes, I like to laugh, I just don’t like paying for it and, more than most genres, comedies are really hit-or-miss.

I picked up “Hope Springs” and hubby picked up “Ted”. We looked at each other queerly, shrugged our shoulders, and headed to the check out line. In the car suddenly found ourselves saying that we each believe Blu-Ray isn’t worth the extra price unless it’s some high-intensity flick. We actually did buy DVDs. We came home, I had a shower, we went upstairs with hot cups of coffee and settled in to watch our movies.

First up, “Hope Springs”. I love Tommy Lee Jones. Even now I have a weak spot for him. The first thing I ever saw him in was “The Executioners’ Song” wherein he played Gary Gilmore. That was 1970–shut up! I also tend to like Meryl Streep. She’s a good actress and proves talent trumps beauty. I didn’t say that to be mean, I think most of us would agree she is not now nor ever was your typical ‘hottie’. I loved the trailers, they made me want to see the movie especially now that hubby and I are a lot closer to the storyline of “Hope Springs” than we are “This is 40”. Yeah, even though we’re not 50 yet! LOL

We’re sitting there watching the movie and laughing, then they get to the part where they go to intensive couple’s counseling in EBF, Maine. I’m watching and watching and watching saying to myself; gee, that’s a nice little town, I hope it’s not a Hollywood set.

In my mind The big Guy let out a loud sigh and shook his head sadly.

I didn’t understand.

I’m thinking to myself; ya know, I think this the first movie I ever saw set in Maine that wasn’t by Stephen King!

They’re walking around the town and suddenly…there’s the Stonington Lighthouse! I just about kicked myself in the ass as that sigh turned to a belly laugh. I remembered reading, some time ago, that Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep were in town filming a movie! LOL Yep, darn all of ‘Maine’ is actually Stonington or North Stonington, CT! BTW, that’s about 15 miles from my front door so I probably really should have recognized it sooner. Of course, once I saw it I couldn’t stop seeing it and Maine became Connecticut in my head.

Other than my little lapse…this is a great movie! If you’re of ‘a certain age’ you will love this flick. If you’re not of ‘a certain age’ you probably won’t understand it so maybe you’d like to wait a few years. I laughed. I cried. I connected with the characters and we even watched it right through the end when the credits rolled. Really really good. I highly recommend it. Aunty Moon gives it an A+.

Then it’s on to “Ted”. I admit, the trailers made me chuckle, but it looked so fucking stupid…kinda maybe like “Dumb and Dumber” that I didn’t want to see it until Becca said it was good. When hubby picked it up, I refrained from grunting and resigned myself to two hours of some type of inanity.

We watched the unrated version. I was pleasantly disappointed. I laughed my ass off with this flick! It’s such a dumb premise that it works almost perfectly. The animation is awesome so that helps too. ‘Ted’ is very funny but the minor drawback is I never really stopped hearing ‘Peter Griffin’ when he talked. ‘Peter Griffin’ is not my favorite “Family Guy” character, in fact, I kinda hate him and wish he’d drop dead. Sorry Seth! There’s one part where Mark Wahlberg gets up to sing, he does such a bad job (on purpose, I know) that again, I was a little disappointed. After all he was Marky Mark leader of the Funky Bunch. He can sing…to a degree. But mostly he just looked so droolingly hot in those Calvin Klein underwear ads! YUM-EE.

BUT…I never thought I’d actually like this guy…ever. I hated his ‘music’ didn’t care for his brother’s ‘music’ either though Nikki screamed for it. However, I surely do like him as an actor. I love the Boston accents throughout the movie, mostly because his is genuine.🙂

If you’re like me and you were on the fence or avoiding this flick because you thought it looked stupid…give it a shot. I bet you get at least 5 hard belly laughs out of it. Aunty Moon gives it a B+. (Points removed for the ‘Peter Griffin’ thing.)

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