The Grind

****March 26, 2013—-


You pain in my neck. Yes, I do. I’m playing with you. Hope you’re laughing as much as I am!****

Yep, we’re at it again. We’re Gridin’ Ye Olde Promo Wheel already. That’s a good thing because it’s the only time I intend to do it this year. Once “Women of War” releases 2/14/13 I’m taking the rest of the year off from promotional stuff while we kick back and take our time writing “Kingdoms of War”.

So….to that end. We have no less than 6 guest spots between February 13-15th! Each with a giveaway for “Women of War”. Those are the only giveaways too. I’m actually hoping to garner a few guest spots during those three days and just do a massive ‘shot gun’ then get out for a while. One of the posts is going to be really cool because someone else is going to interview Ares for a change! Thank the Gods! I love The Big Guy but coming up with things to ask him (that I don’t already know) is difficult so I can’t wait to see what she comes up with to ask him. Should be a hoot! Two others are going to be intertwined posts. It’s Valentine’s Day both places asked me to do something for the holiday so one site will get “Valentine’s Day on Olympus: Ares” and the other will get “Valentine’s Day on Olympus: Alena” After a while I’ll merge the two and make a longer/short story out of it for sale like I did with “Christmas Eve on Olympus”. The others will probably be straight promo pieces but all will include the information on how to get your free copy of the OF WAR Anthology so I’m hoping for a big 3 days. Of course, we’ll be in the February edition of BTS eMag so that may help too. Still waiting for the January issue to ‘hit newsstands’ so I can give out the link.

It’ll be nice to sort of get-in-and-get-out for once too. Grinding Ye Olde Promo Wheel is, well, grinding.

“Women of War” is almost finished, I sent most of it off to FAB for editing and proofreading. Tonight hubby has to work until midnight which kinda sucks. BUT I think I’ll use the time to do the little Valentine’s Day story and be done with it. With Eros’ as one of the major players in the storyline, how could I possibly resist doing a little Valentine’s Day thing? I’m sure he has tons of advice for his Father but Alena’s already got her plans in place. I keep thinking we can’t do it because I’ve seen it before…to a degree…but it’s so perfect for Ares I just can’t resist a little trip to Chicago for Valentine’s Day for him. LOL Can’t wait to get him in a pin-stripe suit….hahahahaha. That should be a hoot.

We got some awesome reviews for “Child of War-Rising Son” over on Kindle. People are really looking forward to the last two installments so I’m a very happy girl. I don’t expect to ever ‘top’ the OF WAR Series, nope, not at all. I think this will be my ‘baby’ until the day I die. Aunty Moon’s Masterpiece….LOL. I would like to get back to “OBSESSION” and clean that up. Some people loved it. Some hated it. I was never comfortable with the tense and that’s why it got pulled. I’d like to fix it and put it back on the market. I think it’s a good story. Maybe not one of my ‘best’ but definitely a good scary read. I’ve still got that ‘Tony Stark’ thing rolling around way in the back of my head. It’s named itself and I hate the name; “Lunch Lady”. But it may go well with the theme. Although I hated pretty much all of the Lunch Ladies we had at school, they were so mean!

First things first; promo wheel, Valentine’s Day story, finish “Women of War”, WRITE “Kingdoms of War” and then, come 2014 we’ll see what we’re up to. But not before then.

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