The Indie Writer’s Work is Never Done

In case you can’t tell by the new appearance here, I’ve been updating my website! I like it when the blog theme matches the site theme so I changed it here too. Check Out the New Site. I like it. It’s a little more representative of what we do. AND since we’re hoping to have a bunch of company in the near future, I thought now was the perfect time to give it a new look.

I did spend yesterday writing and things are going well. I planned to spend all day today writing today but web work ain’t easy and I got lose in all of the little touches.🙂 Will put ye olde nose to ye olde grindstone again tomorrow with the story.

Don’t forget our upcoming Women of War Release Extravaganza So far we have 6 stops in 3 days with stories, interviews, guest posts, giveaways, and more. Join the Facebook Event for more fun, prizes, and trivia.

I got a new edition of “The Heart of War” up and running on Smashwords and All Romance E-Books but Kindle and Nook were having problems today and would not let me finish. Don’t worry, it’s just a spit-polish and a reformat on the font/type. If you’ve read it you do not have to read it again.😉

That let me drop it into the OF WAR Anthology and I reduced the price to $7.99 for the rest of it’s exclusiveness on Kindle. BUT, of course, Kindle was having those problems…so it didn’t let me finish the task! How annoying!

I got the PDF/Adobe ebook versions of “Heart”, “Child”, and “Rising Son” returned to my site all nicely spruced up. PDF/Adobe versions of the OF WAR Series books are only available on my site. I removed them from everywhere else for security purposes.

My ad is up and running in BTS eMag it’s on page…35? Maybe it’s 38. Check it out! They did a really GREAT job it’s very cool! Except for one tiny thing; they forgot to add the Buy Information. So it kinda doesn’t do much good. I emailed them and they’re going to give me a FREE ad next month! Woot-woot! I’ll have a two-page spread plus the ad! I’m very happy with that.

Child of War-Rising Son received a wonderful 5 Star Review from Kristina’s Books and More
Book 3, Child of War: Rising Son, is yet another captivating installment in the Of War series. It’s still the gritty, sexy, roller coaster ride we’ve all grown to know and love, only better.The story line is even more complex, more entertaining, more heart-warming! Motives are being revealed, secrets exposed, and chaos has been unleashed in the Mortal world!
CoW:RS sets up for what is sure to be a mind-blowing ending to an already epic series. Bring it on!”-Kristina, Reviewer

YEAH BABY! hahaha Thanks, Kristina! I’m so thrilled that you loved the story.

Right now if I don’t go and pay some attention to my hubby I think he’s going to fall into a major funk.

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