Nope, Never Done

That’s what I said in the last post and I’m sticking by it!!!!

The other day some nice lady placed an order for an “I Fell in Love With Ares” t-shirt and tote bag!

Woot! Yep, those are the first ones sold! Merchandise hardly moves but it’s nice to be able to offer it.

First, PayPal sent me a note basically saying; OH, hold on, don’t fill this order until we check it out further.

Then, the next day, they sent me another email saying, basically,: Ok, go ahead, give the lady what she wants.

I went over to VistaPrint to 1-see if they take PayPal (they do!) and 2-fill the order. Guess what?

My pictures were GONE! ALL of them! WTF????

Ok, ok, don’t panic. Just re-upload it. Sure, that’ll work.

It would have…if they hadn’t magickally disappeared from my hard drive too! GRRRRRRRRR! I have all of the other logos I made up except the 2013 Special Ares Edition! Mother____er! I looked everywhere. I looked on the main drive. I looked on the back up drive. I searched through every picture folder and document folder….nada. All gone.

I felt like crying. I really did. We were going along hot and heavy with the story and suddenly the Cosmos throw on the Emergency Brake. Oh…bummer. I tried to do it up quick and it kept coming out looking like crap and finally I gave up. The story was more important than the merchandise sale. I wrote until after 8 o’clock last night! LOL I just wrote and wrote and wrote and didn’t want to give it up at all. I didn’t want to watch “Bones” (I’ve waited over a month for these new episodes too!), I didn’t want to take a bath, I didn’t even want to up and snuggle in my bed. When I did go up, I took the laptop with me and tried to some more writing in bed.

For those unaware….come 5-6 o’clock, Da Boyz in the Da Sweatshop quit work for da day. The old mind keeps going and the wheels keep spinning but Da Boyz call it quits and dats it. Game Over for the night. So not watching “Bones” or taking a bath or snuggling in my bed are things out of my routine. I don’t like to be out of my routine, at all.๐Ÿ™‚

We had bonzer sex! Oooo! So good! Did it the night before too…twice๐Ÿ˜‰ Yep, even though we’re not having sex in the story the writing is going well and that transfers to real world sexual energy. It’s a nice a little bonus. I like it.

Went into work, did a crapton of work on the company website nearly all day with more to come in the near future. Put in a good day. Came home and buckled down to make the new graphic so the nice lady who ordered a T-shirt and tote bag from me can have them. Took about an hour and this is as close as I can possibly get to the original.

Here’s the original


Here’s the new effort

kevin smith shirtless

I know it’s not perfect but, I mean, it took me 45 minutes just to find the right freakin’ font!

What do you think? I think it’s close. I think it looks good. I said; cut/print/send it! So I did. I hope she likes them.๐Ÿ™‚

Now I’ve got an hour before Da Boyz start thinking about calling it a night so I think I’ll crack “Women of War” and see if we can get a few page done. I want to make most of this quick and just touch on somethings the reader already knows but they have to be here because the reader already knows them, it’ll look odd if they’re totally left out, and to keep the timeline of the story succinct. I want it quick because we’re getting to the ‘good’ stuff. We’re coming up to all the juicy nasty stuff that happened with Apollo and Eros and Alena. We’ve decided that we’re not telling Ares.


The reader will know everything because of this book however Alena and Raven will not tell him about it in “Kingdoms of War”. BUT I have the sneaking feeling that Apollo is going to tease/taunt the shit outta Ares with it at some point! That could be very much wicked fun! You know how I always like that.

Hubby’s going out to a dinner tonight so he’ll be gone for an hour or two this evening. Maybe I will get under the covers with the laptop and Karen’s DVDs๐Ÿ˜‰ Just for a little while. I haven’t done it for such a long time I think a little Scooby Snack–Aunty Moon Treat, I mean–is in order this chilly evening.

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  1. Kristina Haecker

    I will be buying something soon. I keep debating between a poster and a shirt. Heck, I should probably get both. Hehe.๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kristina Haecker

    It doesn’t look bad. The color could be a little bit darker, that way it stands out more, but I don’t think it matters that much. If she doesn’t like them then she is not worthy to wear Ares name!๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. shame you had to redo the picture but i like the new one better, it’s the same font but the style/color makes it more clear with the jummie background!
    almost done with WOW, cracks whip, i need me some more are๐Ÿ˜‰ (and more of the story too, having been so on top of all the previous books i’m just dying to know this part. lucky i have gel nails or i’d start chewing them off hahaha)

    • LOL! Not long now. I promise this one will definitely be ready on time!!! I’m glad to know you’re looking forward to this part of our little tale. Thanks for sticking with me so long!

  4. Every time you mention those DVDs it makes me smile. Glad my hubby could find them for you. Enjoy your evening!

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