All I Need to Know About Life

This post will only mean something to you if you’re over 40—way over 40.😉 If that’s not you, you should feel free to click out and come back in a while cuz I may have another ‘hot button topic’ post today. Maybe.

Anyway…last night, for no apparent reason, I got to thinking about me and life and how I got where I am, which ain’t too far from where I started and that’s ok cuz it’s a good place.

Often times, my hubby loves to cover his food in goop. Sauce. Gravy. Salt. Spices. Anything. Me? I hate it. I will often sing to him this little ditty.

It kept me from becoming obese–(which is I hear is a monumental problem these days) –along with something called ‘going outside to play’ and gave me a taste for the natural taste of food. I like to know it’s chicken without having to peel back layers of goop. Sue me.

But that little ditty came on TV every Saturday morning, at least once, along with

His name was Timer and he taught all sorts of things!

He was a very helpful guy. I learned a lot from him.

I also learned multiplication tables from these people more than ANY teacher I EVER had

I learned more about History and How a Bill Becomes a Law from these people

Than from any teacher except Mr. Weyant.

I learned more English from

Than I did from any English teacher except Mr. DePeter.

The rest of what I really really really NEEDED to know I got from these two ads

AND from


That latter was brought home to me years later when I picked up a book at a yard sale


Yep, that book still sits in my bathroom to this day. If you ever find you’re losing your place in life or you don’t know which way to go or what to do I suggest you pick up this book. No lie. No bullshit. I’m totally serious here. In fact, I loved the book so much that one year hubby went out and bought me this poster.


Of course, at the time way back in my youth while I was happily munching on bowls of Cap’n Crunch with WHOLE milk and boppin’ my head to the tunes, I didn’t realize I was LEARNING anything at all. I was just watching all of the above and their friendly cartoon buddies with their happy tunes. It was just FUN in between Saturday Morning Cartoons (Oh! Where did THEY go??? It’s so upsetting.) If it hadn’t been for the Schoolhouse Rock Rabbit I never would have passed my 7 tables! Ever.

I found myself looking around and thinking how dumbed-down, idiotic, selfish, mean, greedy, and egotistical the world has become, how me-me-me and screw-you-you-you everything is and thought; The world could use Schoolhouse Rock, Star Trek, and Timer again. They surely could. I don’t mean jazzed-up 2013 versions of them either, I mean the Old School fuzzy picture bad color versions! No remakes. No new craptastic music with a rap/hip-hop beat. Trust me “I’m Just a Bill” does NOT have a 70s-80s beat. Neither did any of the rest of them, they had a much more ‘classic’ and enduring style than the pop-beat-of-the-moment. I don’t know why they ever went away or who took them away but they should bring them back. Then I thought; geez, you’re getting old, you sound like your mother–‘when I was young……’! Then I realized that’s not such a bad thing. Maybe we’re all destined to turn into our parents (to some extent) at some point in time. Also, possibly not such a bad thing depending on who your parents were, I guess.

All in all, while I graduated from New London High School in 1984 the absolute bottom-line truth of the matter is I didn’t learn a hell of a lot of useful information IN school. Nope. If Schoolhouse Rock taught keyboarding and accounting I never would have needed anything else to get me by in this life as a ‘good person’ with morals and values and standards. They taught me to be smart, how to do the right thing and when–which is always. How to stand up. How to stick by and defend my principles. Mostly, they taught me to be a Humanist. You know, someone who is kind/caring/sympathetic/empathetic to the plights/needs/wants/desires of those around them no matter who they are instead of being a selfish prick.

Not a bad lesson.

The last two major lessons I learned in life, the ones that really got me over the hump and created the slightly wacky off-beat but mildly talented and good-hearted person you ‘see’ today are:


Where’d you learn your best lessons?

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  1. I miss those shows… along with Mr. Rogers Neighborhood… Nothing like the crap they have on tv now.. I really don’t watch it except a few I’m hooked on like Spartacus, Walkn Dead, and the shows like Bones, Law & Order, my fav lately is Criminal Minds..lordy Shemar is HAWT lol.. anyways I hated English, Math in school… and Dora the Explorer just doesn’t help the kids enough..

    • Oh hell yeah he’s HOT! Love him! hehehe “Criminal Minds” is the ‘worst’ show I watch, not that it’s bad but it’s a lot gorier than any of the other crime dramas I like so I don’t make hubby watch it with me.🙂 I watched “Dora” with the kids and “Blues Clues” and “The Elephant Show”, they were good but not as good as Schoolhouse Rock. They were the best!

  2. I STILL sing “Hanker for a Hunka Cheese” ALL THE TIME. People think I’m nuts — unless they know what I’m talking about, and then we end up singing it together.

    I blame the Hunka Cheese for making me a cheese addict. Also, I own the entire collection of Schoolhouse Rock cartoons on DVD. I was like a Twihard waiting in line to buy it when it came out.

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