Pushing Your Buttons


Ok, I’m here to push your buttons or some buttons anyway. If you are not the type of person who can’t read something ‘political’ without getting pissed off…kindly go away now. I’m gonna exercise my 1st Amendment Right to talk about the 2nd Amendment…again. You know I’m anti-gun but that’s mostly because I’m also anti-war

What did you just say?

Oh boy….yeah I’m sure he’ll be sticking his .02 into this post too!🙂

“In the Wake of the Sandy Hook Tragedy” (that’s how the media usually says it no matter what channel you’re watching) we’re faced with several dilemmas. I mentioned most of them in previous posts. For your edification I present the following list of my blog posts on this topic since Day 1.

On the Seventh Day
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Ok, that’s it. Just throwing it up there in case you’d like to go and refer back to anything as we go along here.

If you don’t know this by now I feel I should state it For The Record; I love my country, I really do. Because I love it I’d really like to see it Be All That It Can Be. Hopefully you do too and we can at least agree on that much if we don’t agree on anything else in this post…we’ll have that and it’s the best possible start so we’ll keep it. Ok?

Also, for The Record and someone else, I’m not talking about war with any of the following…

Define war.

I knew it. War= any major conflict declared between two or more assholes in charge of any given country/province at any given time.

Does that work?

In your head? Sure. Tell me more.

I’m never talking about war when it comes to ‘gun control’. Ever. I believe in your country’s right to defend itself and in your right to defend it. So, when it comes to the 2nd Amendment I actually don’t have too much of a problem. Again, even though we all know what it says, here it is, just so we’re all following along:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Cool. I like the National Guard and the Army Reserve as much as anyone else. They’re ok with me.

Does that work?

Again…In your head? Sure. But I know where you’re going with this and I don’t agree.

Yeah, him and about 8 million other folks!🙂

I’m sure you can see where it’s going too so let’s just keep moving along, shall we?

I’m also not talking about hunters or those who have a weapon for home defense. You have a rifle? A shotgun? A pistol? I ain’t happy but…so what? Go for it.

You got an Uzi? We got a problem!

Are still with me?

Still here.

So, “In The Wake of the Sandy Hook Tragedy”, I predicted a few things would happen. Chief among them was a lot of talk about ‘the mentally ill’ and how best to ‘handle them’ as opposed to passing slightly stricter gun laws. I said there would be people, a lot of them, who would try to push the blame off on ‘mental illness’ and, judging from the New London Patch, The Day, Yahoo!, The Huffington Post, and oh so many other sources…I was right.

I worked for the ‘mentally ill’ for a decade back in the law office. Believe me when I tell you that the last thing they need is to be put on some public list–like a Sex Offenders List–so the General Population can take even more advantage of them. Putting the most vulnerable of your citizenry up on display and under public scrutiny shouldn’t be the focus here. But, to this group of gun advocates posting on these boards, they’re good scapegoats. Just like in the real world; they’re easy targets. So I don’t think it’s particularly cool to do anything like that to them. And, let’s face it, who’s going to decide which conditions qualify to be put on this list? schizophrenic? People on antipsychotics? Personally I think the 2nd Amendment Rights of those individuals should be greatly infringed upon.

What about people who are clinically depressed?

Think on that one a second. Think of all of the ads you’ve ever seen for expensive drugs for depression. Think of how much money places like Pfizer and Eli Lilly make off just that one diagnosis. The CDC estimates that 1 in 10 adults suffers from some level of clinical depression. Those meds are strong and they can fuck you up. The illness ain’t no picnic either. Yet, it can lead people to do some horrible things like drowning their kids in a bath tub or driving them off a pier.

Of that 1 in 10…how many of them are already legal gun owners?

Hummm…what about that?

You’re a bitch.

Hey, man, truth hurts sometimes.

On those boards, those who are just absolutely vehement about having this list before they ‘give over’ their guns, are faced with another problem. Others are openly calling their sanity into question. I can see their point in most cases. You could too if you read stuff over there regularly. Some of ’em sound nukin’ futz and the fact that they own at least one ‘assault style weapon’ is freakin’ terrifying! Makes me wanna have one, ya know, just in case.

Before we go making any lists that may well include a whole bunch of people screaming for it and never dreaming they’d be ON it, how about making a list of gun owners?

Yeah! Bitch!

Hey, man, the list thing wasn’t my idea, I’m just running with it.

In the end, a list of gun owners made public like a list of Sex Offenders is the better option. After all, they chose to own a gun. Trust me, those who are mentally ill did not choose to be mentally ill. Why should they be further subjugated and held up for ridicule over something they can’t control? Doesn’t seem anywhere near fair to me.

BTW, to those people screaming on those boards; the liberals/dumbocrats/libatards are not the ones who closed down all of the State Hospitals. Thank Ronnie! (Freakin’ republicants.) They’re the ones who ‘don’t want to pay for’ ANYTHING that would aid the greater good in any capacity whatsoever. But now they want to ‘pay for’ the warehousing of the ‘mentally ill’ so they don’t have to ‘give up’ their high powered made-for-war-not-home-defense guns. WTF?

New York passed a ‘strict gun law’. That’s what the headlines say anyway. I read it. I don’t think it’s all that strict. I think it’s more along the lines of grasping for the last tattered remains of common sense more than anything else. Then again, I don’t understand why the 2nd Amendment is some great untouchable God-like holier-than-thou type of thing. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck said it best….

“It was intended to be amended the Constitution!”

Anybody…no, you don’t remember that?

Just you, my dear.

One of my personal favorites is the NRA attacking Obama because his kids go to a school with armed guards.

Hummm….well, I hate to say it, but his kids are ‘genuine targets’ and, ask any kid who grew up in the White House, the Secret Services follows your ass everywhere. So if there wasn’t armed guards at the school there would still be armed guards at the school…get it?

Making schools into prisons isn’t the answer. Our schools stink already. Making them more restrictive will only worsen the problem. Kids learn best when they don’t feel like they’re being punished for something they never did. Funny, huh? Weird.

Oh yeah…and we’re still sliding off that ‘cliff’. Let’s not forget that.

Country’s going to hell in a hand basket and everybody screams but they don’t care enough to shut up and actually DO something constructive about it.


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  1. Right on Bro’. And the Buffalo Springfield song gave me chills. I’ll never forget the dumb-ass that just bought a pistol “It’s a 45 magnum- long barrell just like Dirty Hairy used”, he said as he pointed it at my head. Yes. I do want a public list of all gun owners. Who is doing all the shootings? Gun owners. If they want assault weapons because they are paranoid the Feds are going to round them up. then they are bracing for a civil war or revolution against the USA. Gee wonder who will win…Nobody.

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