This One is for Cher

I suppose I could have entitled this post “How to Kill the Middle Class” but, since Cher’s the one who started this particular bit I thought I’d dedicate it to her. Hi Cher!

A while ago I posted about my problems with my pay check. Some of those problems have been cleared up thanks to Cher and FAB who were kind enough to explain the dates that should appear on my check. The last check checked out but I never did get those copies of my last 5 checks. OK, no big deal. I can be a good little


(Anybody remember him?)

Cher mentioned something in all of the replies and comments about a new tax hike that had effected her pay check in a rather drastic manner. I believe it’s a hike in Medicare but I could be wrong. If I am, feel free to tell me.

So today hubby mentions to me the dreaded news; We Need Oil.

I didn’t take kindly to this. 1-I hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet so not good to lay shit like that on me then 2-oil’s freakin’ expensive! 3-we’ve kept the ‘heat’ to 60 or well below for the last month or more. 4-like everybody else we have other bills to pay.

He leaves for work, I boot up the computer, check out our meager finances and to see that fuckin’ electric company hasn’t passed their check yet! I paid them through their fuckin’ site on Sunday! They’re in Hartford! AT&T (in Georgia) grabs it within 24 hours. Not these fuckers. So, I have to keep accounting for that until it goes through. I look down to see hubby’s pay has been deposited and nearly screamed!

Every two weeks he get $1,209.00 (that’s after taxes and all that happy shit). This week….$1,180.00! Are you fuckin’ kidding me?????

Oh yeah, for the love of the Gods let us not tax the rich. We would never want to ‘steal’ from the repugnantly wealthy to help ensure the rest of us stay warm never mind afloat. That’s a horrible idea. Goddamn ‘Robin Hood’ should be shot! Find that limey bastard and string him up!

Poor Meg Whitman, huh? The CEO of HP, what will she do? After all she is currently only earning $1.00 in yearly salary–how much will her payroll tax go up??? I dunno. But I do know that she manages to bring in a cool $15million is bonuses/perks and stock options, so maybe she won’t mind the bite out of her $1.00 paycheck but the rest of us may feel differently. I think she’s setting the Platinum Standard for ‘how to screw every one’ with the $1.00 paycheck. At least if she took a weekly ‘regular persons’ salary she’d be paying this higher tax too.

Oh, wait, I’m sorry. I forgot. Once you make $110,000.00 you stop paying into Social Security. Is that not the dumbest thing in the world? I think, for the first $20,000.00/year you don’t pay into Social Security. After that it goes up to whatever it is now…last year’s rates would be better!…you keep paying at that rate no matter how much your rich fat ass makes! Who comes up with these idiotic rules??? It wasn’t ‘Robin Hood’, I’ll tell you that much for free. These million/billion/cajillionaires are still going to collect THEIR Social Security, you bet they are! Every single dime they can squeeze they will. Why? Because they feel…entitled. So they should keep paying until it hurts like the rest of us have to do. I’m betting none of those people even think about, never mind bat an eyelash, over spending $1,000.00 to fill their mansion-sized home heating tanks. What do you think?

In no way, shape, or form, is this continuing to levy taxes/raise taxes/take away tax credits on/pertaining to the middle class going to help an economy that is just-maybe-kinda-sorta-possbily turning the corner here. Yesterday, Yahoo! informed me that the building of new homes is up more than it has been in the last 4 or 5 years. That’s the first sign things are going good. Now it’s going to stop dead in its tracks. You watch. You’ll see. Those of us in the middle-to-lower end of the ‘middle class’ were just starting to get confident. Our pay went up a tiny bit. We had a bit of breathing room. We started to go out to dinner, see a movie, buy a new dishwasher, things that really get the economic wheels turning but now we have to stop. Again.

I swear they won’t be happy until they have actually created a caste of drones. Not a class. A caste. Google it if you have to.

Everything goes up, up, up but our paychecks. It’s pathetic. I have to go grocery shopping today….oh boy! There’s a $200.00 bite! But, at least with Becca mostly gone that’s a bi-weekly $200.00 bite, ain’t half-bad, ain’t half-good either. Of course it doesn’t include quick trips to the corner store for milk/eggs/cream and small things like that in between. It really does feel like ‘they’ just don’t want ‘us’ to eat. I think ‘they’ figure if ‘we’ don’t eat then we won’t have the strength to get pissed off and organize.

‘They’, of course, are correct. ‘Their’ plan is to keep turning us into good little sheeple. The sad part about it is ‘we’ are letting ‘them’ do this to ‘us’. Yep, we’re just bending over saying; g’head shove it up there as far as ya can.

It’s time we made corporations responsible. It’s time we stopped subsidizing places like Exxon-Mobil AND giving them a fat refund check while they report ‘record profits’. Corporate Welfare is the biggest drain of all on our system. Government incentives like subsidies are supposed to help corporations create jobs and keep the American economy going but these places aren’t holding up their end of the deal. They aren’t creating jobs…in America. They are not helping the American Economy as much as it would behoove ‘them’ and ‘us’ to do so. So why should we continue to give them handouts? You’re tired of people buying Snickers bars with food stamps? I’m sick of CEOs and the like getting multi-million dollar ‘bonuses’ off my hard earned money. Money they wouldn’t be able to line their own pockets with if ‘we’ didn’t subsidize ‘them’. Let’s get those bastards then we can worry about Snickers bars.

NO company is ‘too big too fail’….if it were actually ‘too big to fail’ it would never be in teetering position of failure! No person is ‘too important’ to arrest or hold accountable for aiding drug lords and terrorists on the backs of its customers with their US dollars. Fuck you HSBC! You and you’re terrorist lovin’ black heart. The lousy 1.9 billion dollar fine levied against them (oh yeah, that’s just one month’s worth of income for HSBC!) should have been turned around and put towards the mortgages they hold. And an appropriate fine would have been no less than 1 year’s corporate income. I realize Uncle Sam needs the money but ‘we’ do too. So this time– take a ticket, Sam, get in line.

These companies and our own government’s complacency are killing ‘us’.

We are in a fast and furious Race to the Bottom here.

And no one gives a shit.

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  1. Sucks doesn’t it yeah Soc Security was the one who more than my FICA witheld…wtf.. something we all know will be drained before we get there… check out the self help things … they’re out there…

    • Definitely not counting on SS being there when I hit 65. Then again, by the time I hit 65 they will have raised the ‘retirement age’ to 75 or 80! I hate them so much…I really really do.

      • I hate that no matter what We want… WE don’t get it… and I know you’ve seen my rants, etc on the welfare thing.. don’t get me wrong..I’m not heartless just very frustrated… I know there are people that have the genuine need for assistance. And there are plenty that do work etc… It clearly makes my blood boil..and is a hot issue for me… . I bring home shit..yeah USED to bring home$1300.00 /every two weeks not bad for someone without a college degree I thought… but but but lol… but up here in MA it’s basically equivalent to making 8.00 an hour in PA… struggle struggle struggle…My sister makes about 11.00 per hour not sure what her useless counterpart makes, but hey they do have a house, thanks to the Veteran assistance… so I am a lil jealous there… and it just p’s me off where we can’t. We both make 40k a year or thereabouts, but.. the leeches take a good ehhh 11k off the top for all of their taxes.. that’s just one poor lil ole middle class family… imagine that? Then we have to pay our half w/Insurance.. great insurance fuck I’d be a goner without it really… but not so cheap w/that either that’s another 12k out of our pockets yearly… or somewhere around that figure… so for 80k gross, we get.. err allowed to keep more like 57000.00 ish… of that 16.5k goes to our lovely landlord… for the pos apt we have… 2520./yr for elec, 1920-2160 for gas approx… depending… I know soooo many that are abusing the system.. have their live in bfs not reporting their income naturally,etc and the State does not care… they say they do, but they don’t… and then ya have the needs or wants more so nowadays.. like med’s, dr, appt fees, and food, water, crumbs lol.. car payment, insurance… blah blah blah, I’m soo sick of the rat race… Just what for?? Treading water so the sharks don’t get me … smfh … I’m ranting..sorry ttys xx

        • Rant all you want because you are soooooo right! Somebody out there seems to think everybody makes (brings home!) 100k/year! The tax system is completely screwed up and skewed toward the wealthiest of us. Here in the Union Hall it’s no picnic, I’ve got guys losing their houses, can’t heat their houses, out of unemployment with no jobs in sight, and the government keeps sticking its hand out! Personally I think Uncle Sam is the biggest welfare sucking leech goin’. That bastard oughta get a freakin’ job!

  2. I hear ya…
    My boyfriend is truck driver, (as well as dispatch from our phone-yeah you read that right we pay for the company to use his number for other driver issues or other company stuff, as well he is the mechanic & other 2nd & 3rd shift stuff-you can name he does it) & his pay is almost always jacked up. The company he works has him working 65 to 70 hour week – Hourly Rate of Pay (no OT) & docking hours off his pay for nonsense like lunch when most time he has NO time to take it … & other plain bs (like one week they docked his pay for 6 hours cause someone on 1st shift jacked up & the company lost a run-how in the blank is that his fault when he wasn’t on the clock when it happened) …
    Because the company he works for a trucking company the state has no say what they are doing its a government regulated, well call government & they says they’ll call you back but NEVER do…
    In addition to all this he has been promised a raise for the last year off & on, only when you confront them about it they say we can’t cause we are losing money…
    I should also say that he has been working for the company for the last 8 years & none of this nonsense start until the new company took over 14 months ago when the original boss retired.

    Jobs are sacarce unless you wanna make minimum wage … Which barely covers anything It’s one of those WTFudge are you to do…

    I have cut the grocery budget for a family of 6 down to $130 a week. (which amazes some but it not enough some weeks…) And I really understand what you are going thru…

    I have medical problems & haven’t seen the doctors in two years cause of no medical companies want to cover me (forget medical assistance they say since I can’t have any children I don’t need to be covered, another WTFudge moment…)

    It’s one of those darned if do darned if don’t things… Take one day at time …

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