TWL-Women of War Crosses The Finish Line


What’d I say when we started on this road?

“Oh, about 100-120 pages.”

I believe that was it.

102 pages! LOL! “Women of War” is nearly complete. We have reached ‘The End’ and now we may go back and do a little flourish and fill that might eek it to 105 pages. So…not bad, huh?!

Earlier today I couldn’t decide what to do. For ‘us’ we’ve really watered some of this down…horribly for our standards. We pulled a lot of punches, A LOT of them. So, when we got the main stuff down for what really happened with Apollo, Eros, and Alena, we found we’d held back a bit again. I went to FB, and asked my friends to flip a coin for me and let me know how it landed. (I didn’t tell them WHY they were flipping this coin) I figured ‘heads’ we’d explore a little more and hit it the way we usually do but ‘tails’ and we’d stop with what we had. Five people responded…ALL HEADS! LOL. So we went back and expanded on a few things though it’s still not as ‘bad’ as it could be. or as it wants to be😉 But, in reading and adding, we decided it’s pretty freakin’ horrible! Certainly enough so that if Ares were to find out all about it he’d killed Apollo very slowly.🙂

It makes Eros look weak and tortured. So that’s good too.

Want a little taste?




Women of War
Releases 2/14/2013!

From Chapter Eighteen “Caught in a Trap”
Copyright 2013-Lisa Beth Darling All Rights Reserved

Even though she gasped for air as her hands landed on his wrist and she fought to pry him off her, she hissed at him, “Fuck you.”

“Oooo, such ugly words from such a pretty mouth,” Apollo mocked and gave her a harsh slap with his free hand drawing a thick line of blood from the corner of her full lips, “Where, Maggie, where?”

“No,” she croaked sinking her nails deep into his golden skin but Apollo just smirked at her.

“My dear, we’re just getting started,” he whispered happily and then sent a horrid image through her mind.

Maggie started screaming and screaming then shrieking as her hands fell away from his wrist and she began furiously batting at herself trying to put out flames that only existed in her mind but that didn’t make the pain any less real. She swore she was burning alive, her skin was bubbling and melting as the heat sank through the meat to her bones.

Eros threw his hands over his ears in a vain attempt to block the agony in her cry, “Stop it!” He shouted at his Uncle. “If this was what I wanted I would have called on my FATHER for help!”

Insulted at the comparison between him and Ares, Apollo dispersed the illusion he projected into her head and watched as she gasped for breath and relief but he didn’t let get any. “What happened to Artemis? Where are the Golden Lands? Where is the Dark Kingdom?” Apollo fired at her.

Unable to take it any longer, Eros drew an arrow from his quiver, lined it up in his bow and just as his fingers released it, Apollo’s cold gaze fell on him. With a wave of the Golden Gods hand, the arrow turned to golden glitter as it fell to the floor. “Why don’t you go outside and play with your toys?” From the palm of his golden hand, Apollo shot a ball of energy strong enough to send Eros flying across the chalet where he crashed through a floor-to-ceiling window letting in the blistering cold even as he tumbled halfway down the mountain. Satisfied that his bleeding-heart Nephew wouldn’t be a problem for a while he turned back to Maggie to bellow in her face, “WHERE?!”

Thrusting out her arms, she planted the palms of her hands on his chest and pushed with all of her might even as Apollo continued to push, to penetrate, and rape her mind. Pushing out with all she had she was able to raise partway off her, enough to get her feet up and firmly jab him in the kidneys with the heels. Again, she pushed out, this time Apollo flew off her. His golden body lifted high in the air and crash landed near the blazing hearth. “Keep your fucking hands off me!” She railed as she jumped to her feet.

Apollo looked up at her with seething gold eyes as he licked a dribble of Ichor from his golden lips, “This is going to be fun,” he cooed as he charged at her. From the corner of his eye, he saw Eros just past the broken glass flying toward them. Apollo raised his hand and let a hot ray of pure sunlight fly from it to hit Eros in the chest. “Stay out of this, Nephew.” He warned darkly. “Get over here, you little bitch,” he reached out for Maggie but she grabbed up a heavy gold pitcher from the table and threw it at him.

Then she proceeded to throw everything she could get her hands on in his direction; pillows, food, lamps, and vases of roses all crashed to the floor as Apollo laughed heartily before falling on her harder than a ton of bricks.

Even through the gold band that always cut into her thighs, Maggie felt his hard shaft press against her as he pinned her to the floor. “You can’t take me.”

“I can do so much more than that,” he promised with a wicked grin. “Besides, there’s just something about you that’s really pissing me off. Where are they? Tell me, Maggie, and I’ll let you go. Where are the Golden Lands? Where is the Dark Kingdom?”
All of her life, Cernunnos always asked the same question and Maggie never understood why she should know the answer or why he felt she could take him to the fabled Dark Kingdom. “It’s a myth,” she whispered thinking of Eros and the shock in his bronze eyes when he discovered her identity. “The Dark Kingdom doesn’t exist.”

“Yes, it does.” Apollo corrected firmly. “Where is it?”

“Idontknow,” she uttered through lips that didn’t move.

“The Golden Lands? Where are they?” Apollo led as he held her down searching her stormy eyes for the truth and lies.
No matter what it cost her, she wouldn’t give up the last of her kin to the likes of the Golden God. After all of the young girls they’d sacrificed to Cernunnos so he would keep the Mortals and the Gods at bay for them she wouldn’t turn her back on all of those lives and all of that misery just to save her own alabaster skin, “They’re not for you.”

“Yes, they are.” Apollo hissed reaching between his legs to free his golden cock from the white linen trousers. Something in those defiant eyes and her mocking tone called his Brother, Ares, to Apollo’s mind bringing to the surface all the hatred Apollo had for his Brother. “So are you.” Using his knees to pin her hands over her shoulders near her head he settled his weight on her chest. “Where are they? What happened to Artemis? Who killed her?” Grabbing the base of his impressive cock, he pressed it against her quivering lips then ran it along them. “Tell me, little Fey, tell me.”

Maggie clamped her jaw shut tight as she shook her head swiftly from side to side trying to dodge the hot pulsing member threatening to invade her mouth. Then his golden hand seized her lower jaw in a vice grip.

Apollo squeezed hard below each ear until the bone and tendons creak loudly then he squeezed a little harder. She couldn’t take it any longer. Maggie opened her mouth the scream. He stuffed it between her open lips and then thrust it down her throat cutting off the last of her air as he rocked forward. His knees biting harder into her elbows as the patch of finely spun gold between his legs settled close to her nose. “Bite me and I’ll kill you,” he promised sternly. “Tell me what I want to know and I’ll let you go.”

The strands of gold made to look like pubic hair broke off as he thrust leaving sharp points behind that scratch her face along the sides of her aching mouth. Again, she shook her head knowing it would only cause him to push his hard cock as far down her throat as he could. And he did.

Apollo rose up on his knees pinching the soft bend of her elbows to the hard wood floor and making her cringe even before he jammed his throbbing member further down her throat. She didn’t choke, even though she did all she could to gasp for air, she didn’t choke. “I see someone has already taught you well,” he chimed as he pulled back and then thrust forward again feeling the muscles at the back of her throat welcome him like a sword swallower with her favorite blade and felt cheated. “I can teach you better,” he snarled grabbing her by the back of the head and bringing her up to him. The disappointed smirk on his gold face turned to a sneer of satisfaction as she began choking.

From just the other side of the broken window, Eros peered inside and fell to his bare knees in the deep snow at the sight of Apollo forcing his cock down Maggie’s throat. Hanging his head in his hands, the God of Love began sobbing as his heart told him the worst was yet to come. By going against the small voice that pleaded with him to set her free, he’d set something in motion that he could never hope to set right.

I hope you enjoyed my little offering. The story releases in paperback and wide release e-book 2/14/2013. Don’t forget the The Release Extravaganza no less than 7 blog stops in 3 days each with a giveaway, new interview, character interview, author interview and more! Click the link for the entire schedule and to join the event on FaceBook for trivia and extra prizes! The OF WAR Anthology will be FREE on KINDLE 2/14-2/15! Tell everyone! Let’s make this one of the biggest release parties of 2013🙂

The LAST novel in this series, “Kingdoms of War” will release some time in 2014.

For now I’m taking a few weeks off to let my brain settle before climbing aboard the last big roller coaster.

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  1. Kristina Haecker

    I hope Area does kill that rat bastard.😡

    Can’t wait toread WoW!🙂

  2. thank u for this! i’ve been stuck in bed sick since fri. ugh. but this…love the teaser! aww… my poor Eros.😥

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