Ok, Who Brought the DeLorean?

I had so many titles in mind for this post:

How Old is Too Old?


Let’s Do The

See, something really freakin’ WEIRD has been happening lately. I guess it all Started with “The Expendables” a movie so bad I wouldn’t even consider seeing the sequel. Then came “RED” which is hilarious and I love it.

Earlier this month I started seeing movie previews for


Ok, so he needs the money. Maria’s probably raking his ass over the hot coals (and rightly so!). I wondered if it was going to be any good and figured I’d wait for DVD to find out. Hey, it’s Arnie! I LOVE Arnie’s action flicks. I have MISSED Arnie’s action flicks. I really have. I’m willing to give it a shot…on DVD.

A few weeks go by and suddenly I start seeing ads for


Hummmm….does Sly need the money too? I know “Rambo 58” was horrible! Right up there with “The Expendables” but…really? Ok, confession: I LOVE Sly’s big budget action flicks too! And I have missed them. Another ‘wait for DVD’ release went on the list.

Then, last night, as hubby and I were cuddled up in bed the last shoe dropped…


SERIOUSLY? I began wondering; What YEAR is this? Who brought the friggin’ DeLorean and didn’t tell anyone?!

Ok, confess again: I LOVE the “Die Hard” series. Seen ’em all. Owned ’em all at one time or another on VHS and DVD…ok, fine, I still have several of them on VHS hahahaha. “Die Hard” was the first time I fell in love with Alan Rickman. Oh…was he HOT or what? Yeah, ok, I still like him whether he’s playing ‘Hans Gruber’ or ‘Severus Snape’ or ‘Harry’ in “Love Actually”…I like him. I do. Come on, say it with me; “Yippie-ky-ay-mudderfucker” hahahahahaha

Still, I’m wondering if ALL of Hollywood’s ‘leading men’ have fallen so flat on their faces that The Powers that Be decided to dig up the ‘Old Guys’ and give them a shot at bringing back Hollywood’s sagging economy. Let’s face it, Colin Farrell sucked in that crappy version of “Total Recall”…not an Action Hero. Jason Statham? Love him but he’ll never be as big as the 3 Grandpas. Gerard Butler? If you want him, you can keep him. I don’t mind at all.

Then I made the horrible mistake of going to IMDB to find out that

Arnold is…..66
Sly is……..67
Bruce is……58

Holy shit that means I’M….OMG!

Two of my heroes can collect Social Security. That only means one thing; I am not far behind! UGH!

Still, I can’t help feeling nostalgic and looking forward to these movies releasing on DVD–probably all around the same time. I love Movie Marathons. I do. This could be a good one. It could.

Or it could stink like dirty Depends.😉

I’m willing to take the risk, ya know, For Old Time’s Sake.

While I was on IMDB I did something really stupid…

Mick Jagger is….70!
Paul McCartney….71!

Oh the pain! The agony!

Gene Simmons….64
Paul Stanley….61
Tim Curry…….67
Morgan Freeman…76! Oh, ‘Red’! No!
Sam Jackson……65
Bill Shatner….82!
Leonard Nimoy…82!

I’m dyin’ here.

Last but never, ever, least….

Stephen King….66.

Ok, about that DeLorean…which one of you has got it and how the hell do we get back to 1985?????

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  1. when are we leaving!!!! i’ll grab my bags.

  2. Karen Garcia

    You are hysterical, Lisa! Yup, all your heroes are getting up there. By the way I’m 65 and would see the Stallone movie only because Jason Momoa plays a bad guy in it…I can’t stand to see the wrinkles either. Love your blog.

  3. Fred the Wolf


    old people = Roy n Lisa nyuck nyuck

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