Home in Bed

I don’t know if I’m getting a cold or the flu yet but it’s one of them. I started feeling it earlier in the week and tried to ignore it but today my head is pounding like a big bass drum, my chest is tight, I feel achy and feverish. I went to work and long about 11 o’clock I was told to ‘go home’. I’m not hacking and coughing…yet, I think ‘the guys’ are hoping to avoid whatever I’m getting by sending me home. Not sure that’s going to work even though I’ve been spraying phones,light switches, and door handles with Lysol for the last month or so.

So, I came home. The kitchen floor was filthy. I made a pot of tea and used the Swiffer Wet Jet to wash the floor. Gee that thing sucks. It really does. It’s good for ‘light cleaning’ and a ‘quick mop’ and I do love the fact that it doesn’t leave dirty water lines on the floor but, in the end, it just doesn’t do as good of a job as a bucket of hot soapy water. That and I had to search the house for 4 AA batteries because someone keeps stealing them from the Swiffer!

Floor cleaned, kitchen cleaned up–Becca put the dishes away–hot tea in hand I tried to sit at my desk and clean up the last bits of “Women of War” before sending it off to FAB for editing but I just couldn’t sit there. I am now upstairs, in my bed, toasty warm under the covers (kinda my feet are freezin’!), with my tea and TV….”Law and Order”. I have WoW too and I’m trying to work on it. If I just stay off Yahoo! and the New London Patch I might be able to eek out enough energy to get some work done! But they’re pissin’ me off and that’s not helping my head any. But they do make me laugh too. Yahoo! has informed the world that 53% of Americans agree with stricter gun laws and just getting those nasty ‘assault style guns’ off the streets, out of the hands of criminals, the ‘mentally ill’, and…well anyone who is not in the military or part of the Police Department. All of a sudden 53% no longer constitutes a majority.

Huh? I guess it’s the “New Math”. Maybe 100% isn’t 100% anymore. Maybe it’s been raised to 110% due to inflation, in which case 53% wouldn’t be a majority. Maybe.

Yeah, it’s the same people who whole-heartedly believed Obama would never get re-elected.


I’m guessing they don’t like surprises nor, like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, do they realize how out of touch they are with the rest of the country. You can bet your ass if the exact same article by the exact same source said 53% of Americans think ‘assault style weapons’ are A-ok, well that would be the biggest majority ever!

So yeah I told ’em it sucks to be in the minority but that they should try to do their best to take their own advice and ‘suck it up’. People no longer believe that the 2nd Amendment is an absolute. Live with it. My favorites are the ones who are holding on to these guns just in case the government rises up and turns on the people. Oh, yeah, that AK is gonna come in real handy when/if the government starts flying over Your Town USA dropping bombs. Good thinkin’. I hear air support is a real bitch. Let’s not forget the aircraft carriers, submarines, and plain ol’ warships the government owns and the private citizen does not. I mean, hey, look at David Koresch, huh? He went up against the government and….oh no wait, that was a hell of a cookout, wasn’t it?

So if anyone out there really believes they’re going to defeat the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines…they might want to check into their own ‘mental health’ issues. Start with delusions of grandeur and go from there.

And the New London Fire Fighters Saga Continues. No one lost their job but in the middle of great financial crisis…somewhere around a 1.4 million dollar short fall…three firemen were promoted. I’m not saying they don’t deserve a promotion but a pay raise isn’t the best idea at this juncture. They’re complaining that they don’t get any overtime pay unless they work more than 42 hours. What a shame! Hubby doesn’t get overtime at all. If he works overtime he’s ‘compensated’ with ‘time off’. Nice, huh? So, I’m not feeling too generous toward the fire department and their sad story. The fact is that if the citizen doesn’t get properly compensated for overtime they can’t compensate the fire department for overtime.

On another thread, a very nice article about how Ocean State Job Lot and it’s customers raised enough money for 4 truckloads of food to donate to the poor. That’s great…right?

No. No, it isn’t. According to the people on that thread the only thing that’s been accomplished is to allow lousy/lazy/good-for-nothing people to get yet another handout. Last I looked there were over 120 comments of utterly vile bullshit from some utterly vile ‘people’. I’ll bet they’ve never dropped a single penny into a Salvation Army kettle or given a dime to Jerry’s Kids.

I hope they never need any help and, if they do, that no one is there for them because they’ll just be another lazy/lousy/dontwannawork/goodfornothing son of a bitch.

Yep,I’m still wishing Benedict Arnold would come back.

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