I am a Writer Not a Film Maker

Yes, that’s true, I am and there’s a reason for that. The reason is if I put 9 hours in at the keyboard rolling right along with a BOOK I have 20 or more pages to show for it. If I put 9 hours in at the keyboard rolling right along with a TRAILER I have 1minute and 39seconds of ‘footage’ to show for it! OY!

I don’t know how those guys & gals do it, I really don’t. It’s fun and it’s creative and once I get going and find all of the parts to assemble I do enjoy the process but I don’t think I could make it as a film editor or anything like that.

Last night I put up what I thought was the final version of the trailer for “Women of War” but when I showed it to hubby on his phone the thing was just zipping by faster than I could keep up! Strange. It didn’t do that on Facebook. So, after 7 hours of work on it, we went upstairs early deciding hubby would put Windows Movie Maker on the laptop so I could continue editing while he played a game on Xbox. That didn’t work out so well, the two versions of Movie Maker weren’t compatible AT ALL. I spent a half hour between the laptop upstairs and my computer down here in the office trying to get it to work! No go. Damn! But I did make a few tweaks that I didn’t upload and called it ‘good enough for bedtime’. He kept playing his game and I wanted a few more graphics since there was about 20 seconds or so to play with. I cruised the web under my covers with a cup of coffee and after nearly 3 years I finally stumbled across a useable pic for Cernunnos! Do you know hard it is to find a useable image like that? Or for Apollo or Eros or ANY of the Gods? Been a royal pain in my butt since “Heart” came out. All I could ever find was digital art. And it’s good but throwing in digital art with real photographs doesn’t sit well with me because they always stick out like a sore thumb. But when I can find real photographs of men dressed up like Cernunnos they’re always so comical they’re not useable in the slightest. I also managed to find a decent image to represent Cernunnos’ fortress.

This morning I got up early (for me!) and spent 2 hours patching it together. It’s only 1minute and 39seconds, people, give me that much more and take a peek, huh?

Well? What did you think?

Ya know, I’d give my right arm to be able to use any of my images of ‘Ares’ in these things. The left too if it would help! I’ll type with a stick between my teeth from now on.🙂 In looking for something to represent Apollo I came across ‘Apollo’ from our favorite show. I almost used him. Almost. The pic was too small and I never liked the way the character was portrayed…some California Surfer Dude. Ick. I couldn’t use the few images of ‘Eros’ I stumbled across because he’s easily recognizable now! Who knew he’d turn out to be one of my favorite actors? I certainly didn’t.🙂

I’d love to put up an ad on Craig’s List or the Connecticut College Bulletin Board…I don’t think the USCGA would let me!…looking for models for ‘Ares’, ‘Apollo’, ‘Eros’, ‘Zeus’, and the gang. Trouble is I can’t pay a hell of a lot so I doubt anyone would take me up on it. That and, well, I dunno….Casting could be quite fun! hahaha but, in the end, I probably won’t find many people who would properly fill the bill around here. I’ve even thought about how to word the ad so it doesn’t sound like I’m making a porno flick/shoot or something but I’m still working on it.😉

Now everything is done. Can you believe that? I already sent the ARC around to a few friends and reviewers for our upcoming extravaganza. The only things left to do are; get final edit back from FAB, grind it through Smashwords, upload to Kindle/Nook, and run the paperback through CreateSpace. That’s it. Two hours…max. I don’t think I’ve ever been this far ahead of schedule before I’m usually pulling my hair out as I stare at a looming deadline with a mass of work before me that includes finishing the story! Not this time. I hardly know what to do with myself. I should write that little Valentine’s Day story for splitting between those two blogs. Doesn’t have to be long or intense. We can go back over it sometime in March or April and make a full short story for ebook.

Laying in bed last night, I do believe the opening image for “Kingdoms of War” settled into my head. But I’m taking a break for a bit. Not too long mind you that wouldn’t be good but for a little while. Gotta recharge Ye Olde Batteries and give Da Boyz in Da Sweatshop a little vacation. I’m expecting to take the full year to write the last story so…sorry…don’t expect anything until at least January, 2014.

Before we close for the day, I hope you stopped in to take a peek at Dragon Moon by Nulli Para Ora and that you’ll check out the book further. If there’s anyone out there who wants to have a promo piece like that here just let me know! I’m glad to help out anyway I can.

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