Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Strikes Again

If that title makes you think they’re ON Strike…all I can say is; I wish.

No, no, no. It’s that damn parking lot again. To be honest with you I was growing more and more complacent, becoming a Good Sheeple, where the damn thing was concerned…much to my discredit, I know.

I was going about my day and minding my own business when my own when the MailMan showed up and I completed the simple task of retrieving the mail only to find a letter from the City of New London Office of Development and Planning. For one glorious second I had delusions of news of a new sidewalk!

Yeah, stupid, I know.

I’m going to type the whole letter so you can enjoy it as much as I did the four times I read it before actually calling Planning & Zoning to ask what it says.



Re: Planning & Zoning Commission Regular Meeting–February 7, 2013 Modification to Approval $1070 (11/17/11), Landscaping, Bioretension Basin, Drainage and Embankment Armoring, Lighting, hours of operation, 449 Ocean Avenue & U Ray Street, Map E20/, Black 54, Lot 20, Map e!9, Black 54, Lots 5& 6 (emphasis included)

Dear Abutting Property Owner:
The Planning and Zoning Commission has directed that this notice be sent as a courtesy to all abutting property owners of the Lawrence & Memorial Hospital employees’ parking lot located at 449 Ocean Avenue and 7 Ray Street.

The Commission wanted you to be aware that the Lawrence & Memorial Hospital has requested changing the hours of operation including lighting (emphasis included) from the originally approved 6:00 am to 6:00 pm to 6:00am to midnight, this applies to the Lawrence and Memorial site proper and does not include (emphasis for reader’s benefit) lighting on the Cash site (In front and directly behind the Recovery Room restaurant and the Dunkin Donuts) which has no restriction.

This application for a Site Plan Modification will be before the Planning and zoning Commission at the Regular Meeting on Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 7:00 pm (emphasis included) in the City Hall Council Chambers, 181 State Street, New London, Connecticut.

For further information, the application and associated documentation are on file and available for public examination in the Office of Development and Planning, 111 Union Street, New London. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Shelly Briscoe
Land Use Assistant


Feel free to read it again if you have to. Like I said, I read it 3 or 4 times going back and forth between the “Re” and the “does not include” saying to myself; what the hell? Why am I even getting this? What do I care if Lawrence & Memorial PROPER leaves it’s lights on 24/7? But the header says 449 Ocean and 7 Ray.


Where the hell is Ray Street?

I go to the Dunkin’ Donuts often, yet I’m old and feeble, but I’m nearly 99% positive the blue and white sign on the parking lot reads; 449 Ocean Avenue.

I Google Ray Street.

I never knew it was there. In fact, I’m not sure it’s one would actually call a ‘street’ but I could be wrong. The map tells me we are talking about the ugly parking lot that now smacks me in the face every time I go into my yard or look out a south facing window. Yet, the letter we’re not talking about that and at the same time the letter says we are talking about that.

Just to refresh your memories as to what we’re talking about here.





It’s a foggy day but I’m trying to show you the size of the lights in the parking lot. Can you see it below?

This is (sorta) what it looks like at night when they turn on those damn lights!



Feel headache coming on, call P&Z. I actually spoke with Shelly Briscoe who seemed like a very nice woman. But I got the feeling who wasn’t the only one who called about this. With any luck at all I will not be the last. I discover that yes, the meeting is about the parking lot directly behind my lot and no it’s not about the parking lot where the hospital actually sits.

Well, at least we got that cleared up.🙂

I asked her flat out; “Are we being invited to express an opinion on the matter or is the City just telling us this is going to happen?”

She got a little flustered but that’s ok. It’s sort of a public meeting in that the public is invited and if you get your name on the list you might be able to stand up and express an opinion.

Oh joy!

I asked if there were any plans at all to make Lawrence & Memorial landscape the property and cover up that hideous mess. (The header is the letter does say “landscaping”). She didn’t really know. That’s ok. I’m not an idiot, I realize none of this is this woman’s fault so I’m not going to yell at her anything but I was a little curt. She gave me the information I needed and I may actually show up at that damn meeting. I hate leaving my house after dark but I don’t looking at that hot mess 24/7 either!

I’m tired of being jerked around by the City of New London and Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. They’re terrible neighbors! Horrible! If they were actually people living next door you’d call them boorish pigs and never associate with them. Now they want permission to leave those damn lights on for 18 hours a day. (I know, I’ll have to get better pictures when they light that fucker on again. It’s a cell phone camera…what else can I say?) You’ve just got to be kidding me! Why don’t they understand that they dropped a barren monstrosity the length of a football field–or more!–smack dab into the middle of a residential neighborhood? Why can’t they have a little common sense and think to themselves; gee, I imagine ALL of our “good neighbors” don’t want high intensity lights shining into their windows half the bleedin’ night.

Is that really so hard? Just too damn difficult for them?

I know they can’t step back and take a look at it FROM someone else’s property…that would be too much trouble for them…but can’t they at least try to imagine it? Oh, probably not. Since they can’t do that then they can’t possibly understand just how ugly the thing is, what an intrusive eyesore it is, and how they’ve totally destroyed the peaceful and quite lovely atmosphere of this part of the “neighborhood”?

They can’t see past their own noses. It’s pathetic. But, us, we poorly lowly TAX PAYING HOME OWNERS are just supposed to pat them on the head and say “good job”. For what? Taking so much property off the tax rolls?

Hounding the mostly poorer citizenry of New London for medical bills? (Love it when they do it because their billing department got it wrong…again.)

Buying up once nice houses and almost killing off this “neighborhood” back in the 70s and 80s? (Did they think we forgot?)

Clogging up our streets with their employees’ cars for DECADES without doing anything about it?

Oh no wait, it’s for putting The Pond House at the top of the street, right? Light Lockdown…always a happy place and makes you feel so safe. Yes, I have had a naked man run through my backyard chased by the NLPD because he was so tightly watched over during his little mental lapse. Always fun, always puts an extra zip in your day, huh?

Because they’re “New London’s biggest employer”? Hummm…is that the “biggest employer IN New London” or is that “The biggest employer OF New Londoners?” I think the jury is still out on that one.

Someone remind me of just why are I’m supposed to be so thrilled and grateful that Lawrence & Memorial Hospital is my “good neighbor”?

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