Lawrence & Memorial Hospital-A Public Service Announcement

I’m getting the word out on every “social media” outlet I can find! I also intend to start knocking on doors and handing these out! If you or anyone you know is in the area please pass this information along to them. It’s time we took a stand!


Dear Good Neighbor:

By now you have received a letter from the Planning and Zoning Board regarding the new parking lot Lawrence & Memorial Hospital has constructed adjacent to our properties. This letter was misleading! The meeting IS about L&M turning ON the lights in the parking lot and leaving them ON until MIDNIGHT. If this upsets you and you find you are no longer able to completely enjoy the quiet use of your own property due to this eyesore I urge you to ATTEND THIS MEETING!

Tell Lawrence & Memorial Hospital you do not appreciate their very un-neighborly practices and that this parking lot is not “a nice addition to any neighborhood” as was promised by L&M at the start of this project. Tell them that you do NOT want those high-intensity lights shining into YOUR windows/doors and onto your land until MIDNIGHT EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the duration of the existence of the lot.

Haven’t we given up enough for Lawrence & Memorial Hospital just by allowing this lot to be built? Lawrence & Memorial Hospital has taken away the atmosphere of serenity that all of us once enjoyed and replaced it with barren asphalt. That, in turn, has substantially lowered the value of each and every property that has no choice but to continually view this football field sized monstrosity.

There is a ‘speaking list’ for this meeting, if you would like to speak please come early and sign the sheet. If you do not wish to speak, please come to show your silent solidarity and support.

If you have any questions regarding L&M’s plans for this lot, including how and if they ever intend to landscape it so that it does not continue to be a hideous distraction to a peaceful residential neighborhood, please call Adam Kuhn, the L&M Facilities Project Manager, 860-442-0711 ext. 2432.

If you have any questions about this meeting please feel free to contact Shelly Briscoe at the Office of Planning and Development 860-437-6379.

The meeting is February 7, 2013 at 7pm at CITY HALL 181 State Street, New London, CT.

Thank you for your time and attention. I hope you will attend this meeting and voice your concerns to Lawrence & Memorial Hospital as well as to the City of New London.

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