Playin’ Catch-Up

I’m tired so….TGIF!

Been a long week. Work’s on a bit of a downward spiral and that’s not good. I still like my job I just don’t like it as much as I once did. We’ll go into detail there on a pass protected post if the spiral continues. Not as interesting as the Law Office and The Crazy People by any means. I actually miss them and I never would have thought that in a million years. Every so often, I find myself wondering how Crazy Mother and Crazy Son are doing or George Jefferson or Werewolf Lady. I see her from time to time, she doesn’t look so good.

Oh well…C’est la vie…right?

All of that hullabaloo with Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. I made up 30 of those letters to hand out over the weekend. I did! And I am! Hubby said he would go with me. We’re just going to do our best “We’re Here For God” impressions, knock on the doors of the homes that face that ugly parking lot, see if the person who answers will take one. I tried to find out if I actually need a permit to do this but the City’s website is so fucked up it’s difficult to find anything. I figure the “I’m Here For God” people probably don’t pull permits. I don’t think God needs a permit. That would be messed up.๐Ÿ˜‰

I submitted a cleaned up for-the-general-public-service-announcement for The Patch and they printed it! Cool! Probably is I’m saying something against L&M so it’s not on the main page you have to go look for it. But, if you go there, you’ll notice L&M blogs there (too) often and their uncommented on articles are on the first page. So, do me a favor, no you don’t have to post anything! Click the link that’s all. I want to see if more hits on the link will bring it to the main page. Of course, if you live around here and you actually have an opinion on the subject feel free to step up and say something over there or here for that matter.

I’ve been working my tail off on promo and getting out the advanced ebooks AND HARD COVERS are available…signed only, as usual. Hit the Women of War main page for more details (See, I’m too tired to even make a proper link!) I got 3 straight promo pieces out, one interview which I think came out well, another interview is sitting in my inbox as I type, one more interview to go, and that two-sided Valentine’s Day story. Then promo will be done. That’ll be good.

“Women of War” got two more awesome reviews!!!๐Ÿ™‚ I never put up a page for a book on Goodreads until it’s on the market but my friend went ahead and did it for me anyway. So sweet. It is very good know that your friends are pulling for you and really want to see you succeed! Here’s the Goodreads link to the book

Because I’m not quite as humble and modest as I should be;
5-Stars! “Lisa Beth Darlingโ€™s writing is phenomenal in this flash back of time. The reader is whisked away into a visionary insight of a past full of war, passion, deceit, and revenge.” Ronda, Reviewer, post to be added to Bitten by Paranormal Romance.

5-Stars! “Once more Lisa has succeeded to pen down a wonderful piece for us to get lost it…If you have read the previous books in this saga I’d highly recommend investing in this one, you will not be disappointed and be taken on an emotional roller-coaster.” Tanja, Reviewer (thanks, you!)

Ha…go me!๐Ÿ™‚

I keep being bowled over by the reviews and at the same time rolling my eyes ward and saying:

Ya know, if you could pull the tiny string that would allow me to make $20,000/yr. at this gig, I could quit my job and devote my ENTIRE LIFE to YOU. 24/7! I know you’d like that. I know ya would.

He sighs, groans, shakes his head, and as always tell me;

Patience, my dear, patience.

Which is easy for him to say, he’s got another 5,000 years to wander around the cosmos! I do not!

Time is Fleeting,
Madness takes its toll.
But listen closely…
Not for very much longer.
I’ve got to keep control.

“Rocky Horror” anyone? No? Yes? Maybe? LOL

The Superbowl is coming up Sunday and I had to do my grocery shopping for the occasion. I don’t really care all that much about the game this year, which kinda sucks, but it’s an American Tradition. One that I proudly participate in every year. Wish the Pats were playing but…can you guess which team I’ve got? Come on…guess. Ya got 50/50 chance.


Did I have another option? Neh.

GO RAVEN…oh wait…GO RAVENS! Yeah, that’s it. hahaha

Two odd things happened while I was doing the shopping. First, the store is being renovated and it was making me mad even though I know how MUCH it NEEDS renovating. As we know, I don’t like change, I roll with it but it ain’t my fave. Just as I started getting mad and started saying something like fucking assholes to myself I stopped. I realized…oh yeah…these are my assholes. We got the job to renovate the store. Fucking carpenters! LOL But I imagine it will be very nice when they’re done. In the meantime it has this huge barren spot in the middle of the store that, if you’re smart, makes you realize just how big the store is. It’s big. Not laid out well but big.

Second, after I grabbed a pork butt for smoking for the Big Game, I went to grab a bag of rice and I turned to put in the cart and beheld a glorious sight….Coke in individual glass bottles. Ahhhhh. Nothing will ever remind me of my childhood the way a small glass bottle of Coke does, all I have to do is see one and suddenly I’m dropping a QUARTER into a red machine and opening the glass door to pull out my cold cola goodness. These bottles were longer and thinner. The sign above the display read; Mexican Coke. I thought; WTF is Mexican…oh wait! A friend told me about that…. She said it was the only Coke you could buy that’s made with real sugar and not corn syrup. She said if I ever came across a bottle that I should definitely snag it. So I did…six of them, at a buck a pop! I’d pay ANYTHING for the little bottles of Coke. Every now and then I plunk down six bucks on a six pack and guzzle them down like water. I TRY to save and savor them…but…I’m weak. So sad. I don’t know if these bottles will make it to The Big Game…probably not…but I’m waiting to try it until it’s good and cold. Hubby is drinking one warm…right now!…he says it’s delicious.

Looking forward to a weekend of feasting, football, sibling rivalry on the field (should make for an interesting game!), the commercials, of course, and maybe some writing. But mostly lots of much needed downtime. Well, there is freakin’ Valentine’s Day story to write!

Ya know, if you would just….

Shut up and dance with me


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  1. Go Ravens!! One of the boys on the team is from NLHS I hear.. Reed, ? will have to check him out not sure how old he is etc..

  2. Fred the Wolf

    a point for texas, we get all the mexican cokes we can, and other flavors too.

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