The Promo Wheel Grinds On

You should check Ares and Alena’s Interview on Wanderings of an Overflowing Mind. Along with a cool new interview by Mokkelke, there’s your very FIRST CHANCE TO WIN an ebook copy of “Women of War”. Many thanks to Mokkelke for giving me some space on her blog and for the interesting questions she asked.

In getting ready for our release extravaganza, I split up the merchandise pages to make them more attractive and added a very interesting items to the “Special Edition” collection; new extra large magnets and notebooks and such. I came across several places that will let me make bedding…that’s right bedding! One place has decent prices for fleece blankets and linen pillow cases😉 I’m wondering if I should add those to the merchandise. I know I wouldn’t mind cuddling up under a blanket with my head on a pillow…maybe with a warm cup of tea as I write in my notebook looking up at the poster. LOL


You can check out the ‘new stock’ for the ‘special collection’ and the new prices! Click Here to see what’s available and let me know if you’d like to have such a blanket or pillow case.

For the FaceBook party we’re going to have lots of goodies. I made up new bookmarks and fifty of them shipped so I can sign them, they’re on their way. We’ll have a couple of “Special Edition” coffee mugs and mouse pads, maybe some of those yummy magnets. My friend has donated some of her absolutely gorgeous jeweled bookmarks for our event! Check them out as well as her jewelery and so many other wonderfully handcrafted goodies. I imagine we’ll have a signed copy or two of “WoW” to giveaway there. We should have a nice and fun-filled 3 day event. So don’t forget to RSVP To The FaceBook Event. Tell your friends! Spread the word far and wide, we’re having a party and everyone’s invited.

Most of my promo spots are done but I still have to write that short story. Hoping to write it during the week if I can just find a burst of inspiration that isn’t linked to promo or advertising. Sold a couple of hard covers for “Women of War”, a few advanced ebooks to which was very nice. Hard covers are ordered and soon to be on their way. SmashWords paid off so I was able to get the bookmarks at no cost and should be able to send out the giveaway merchandise the same way. If it works out that way…that will be awesome! The whole event won’t have cost me a dime.🙂

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