Even Professionals Self-Publish

“The Day” brought me a very interesting article today that I almost passed by. I mean the only reason they published it is because it involves a Professor at Connecticut College…if it was you or me, they wouldn’t give a crap. BUT this article may end up helping the rest of us who have gone the Self-Publishing Route.

It seems Andrew Pessin, Chairman of the Philosophy Department at Conn. College (no less!) has had several non-fiction books published the ‘traditional way’ but when it came to publishing his foray into fiction, let’s say he had a less than warm greeting by those same companies. While he did get an agent and was able to secure a publishing house he was unhappy.

For the same reasons a lot of the rest of us are unhappy.

He didn’t want to be pigeonholed into a particular genre.

Me either.

He didn’t want to gut his book to make it more palatable to a mainstream audience.

Me either.

He didn’t want to follow the plethora of made-up-rules that included word count and POV changes. (Point of View)

Me either.

Seems that the good professor and I have something in common; we remember good books. We do. We remember they weren’t labeled as anything other than “A Novel by ______”. We remember word count not being any type of issue (in the age of digital publishing it should never be an issue!). We remember when a storyteller was allowed to tell the full story and not just one character’s POV. We remember when the narrator–ya know the prose in between dialogue–was the narrator and not a full part of the story. We remember, with fondness, the omnipresence of the narrator before the narrator was pigeonholed and chained beyond belief.

Mostly, and sadly for he and I, we remember when people were intelligent–which allowed them to follow the story including the narrator. Thus the Gnats were born, swarmed, and took over everything in the paths of their shortened attention spans. We also remember Common Sense but that’s another blog altogether.

In the end, he said, as I have said all along that the whole thing…the whole ball of wax…just left a really bad taste in his mouth.


Today’s ‘publishing industry’ is designed to crank out one piece of crap after another. All homogenized to the point that people thought “Fifty Shades of Gray” was actually something new and different…and hot and interesting. How bloody pathetic is that??? About as pathetic as “Twilight” but at least nobody sparkled in “Fifty Shades of Gray”. That’s something…I guess. Although I imagine Harold Robbins and Jacqueline Susann rolled over in their graves over it all.

Honestly, in today’s market, if you’ve read 1 book by 1 genre author….you truly have read them ALL.

So, the Good Professor decided to try the self-publishing route. Like the sane Indie Authors among us (or the sanerER ones anyway) he has no delusions about hitting it big with his book or becoming a millionaire off this endeavor although he’ll sell a few hundred copies now and that’s a nice boost. We should all get so lucky but not all of us can be professors.

If you get to this post before mid-February you should be able to read the article on “The Day” so here’s the link. Conn College Professor Gets Philosophical About Fiction (yeah, with that headline, you know damn well I almost passed the article by! LOL)

The music world got kicked to its ass by hard rockin’ indie musicians. My most cherished hope is the ‘publishing world’ (that includes the puny little internet companies calling themselves ‘publishers’) experiences the same kick in the teeth. They already are, yep, they’ve definitely taken a few hits the jaw. They’re trying hard to fight back. They’re losing.

Let’s hope the Good Guys finally win a round.

After all, no matter what your poison of choice is…aren’t you tired of reading the same thing over and over again? Wouldn’t you like to read something that’s actually ‘new’ and ‘different’ and ‘interesting’? If that happens, then poor James Patterson may finally be let out of Little Brown’s basement and walk in the sunlight again.

We all want that for James…don’t we?

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  1. Hoorah for people writing what they want to write! Bland, let’s all write like someone famous, let’s put everyone in a pigeonhole fiction is such a mind-numbing marketing con trick.

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