I Think You Can See It Now

Over the weekend, hubby was kind enough to go door-to-door and hand out the flyers I made. Thanks honey! I did a good job on the count, he only came home with two!

My neighbor came up to the house yesterday and we strategized. She and I are going to the P&Z Meeting but she’s doing the talking! I’m not good at public speaking unless I’m pissed off then you can’t shut me up. Yeah, I know, I’m pissed about the parking lot so I should be able to talk a blue streak but, to tell you the truth, this is one time where I’d rather just shoot someone, preferably in the public square on the evening news. I’d settle for putting them in The Stocks and whipping them soundly if shooting is unacceptable to the General Public.

We came up with a nice little speech and even offered a few compromises.

While we both firmly believe the lot should be 1st shift only, we are willing to put up with the freakin’ lights until 9pm…at that time visiting hours will be over.

While we both firmly believe that Lawrence and Memorial Hospital should have to go far out of its way to cover up that mess, we are willing to allow them to come on our lands and pay our properties to be professionally landscaped so we don’t have to look at that hideous bit of barrenness.

I think those are fair compromises. L&M and P&Z will surely see it differently.

Yeah, and we both put a heavy part of the blame on the City of New London that once again can’t see past its own ass to attempt to empathize with its tax paying citizens. That would be the residents…not the hospital.

I managed to get my old butt out in the backyard with my ‘good’ camera–around sundown, of course–and get some more shots. These are not as fuzzy as the others.




Beautiful, ain’t it? Why how anyone could ever say that isn’t a ‘a nice addition to any neighborhood’ I’ll never know!😛

Just wanted you to get a better look at it. I should have them blown up to 16×20 along with a few shots of the yard ‘before’ and have people hold them up at the P&Z meeting. I won’t say a word other than; “Exhibits A, B, C, D, and E….you get my point?” LOL

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  1. I agree, when visitors are gone you only need to put the lights on near the ER room…rest should be locked up and shut down for security sake… go get em girlie!!!! And I think you know what they’ll say about landscaping …yeah better chance of seeing God…

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