Strange Brew

(Anybody recognize the guitar player? hehehe)

The Internet is a strange brew. It is. I sat here in utter amazement yesterday watching the numbers on this blog go up, up, and up. I made one post on the Patch to show people my sidewalk and ended up with 526 page views. That’s unheard of for this little Life Blog. I know pretty much everyone who comes in here on any sort of regular basis and, on a good day, this blog gets fifty hits. On the days I post something it’s more like 90-110 or so. Most of the time when the hits go bonkers it’s because people have found this post and I know that there is someone sitting on their computer doing the happy dance. Always makes me smile.

As of 7:30 this morning we’re up to 35 hits. Again, nearly unheard of for this small blog. By this hour maybe I’ve had 10 hits since midnight.

Yesterday, I picked up new Facebook friends, new blog followers, new twitter pals, and had that link reposted on about 15 other pages that sent more readers my way. Sixty-six people came in directly from the post on the Patch. 66 new people. I always tried to tell people there are way more lurkers out there than there are posters.🙂

It seems I’m not the only one upset with the state of my sidewalk. Or, ya know, the sidewalks in New London in general. The hits from New London were off the charts. I have maybe 2 readers that are actually here in New London, yesterday there were over 100 different ISP hits just from New London. That doesn’t count the ‘surrounding towns’; Groton, Mystic, Stonington, Waterford, Old/East Lyme, Uncasville, Norwich, Oakdale, Gales Ferry and Pawcatuck. Those were the top towns anyway there are more but we won’t worry about the hits from outside the state for this post.

Now I’m left wondering about the timing. We do have that P&Z meeting tomorrow night. I’m afraid I may run into one of those readers while I’m there. That should be interesting. After all, a lot of the New Londoners who came in yesterday knew how to use the tags and read all about stuff I’ve posted regarding good ol’ New London–and more! Much more! The first posts of which were the recent posts on Lawrence & Memorial Hospital (they come up first because they’re most recent). They read about the fire fighters and the taxes and the schools and the fuckin’ parking lot. And about me, of course. If anyone out there in Patch Land had been wondering who “LB” was…surprise! It’s just me. A few of them found my website but it was easier for them to find me on Facebook and Twitter. No, I didn’t pick up too many ‘fans’ off of it, most of them send requests to the personal Facebook page even though that’s not the link to your right.

If I could have just gotten each one of them to buy one book apiece….damn.😉

Being angry over the sidewalk and the parking lot isn’t the only thing drawing a nice bit of attention. I’m suddenly being noticed for my recent posts on Independent Publishing. Weird. I’ve picked up several new blog followers for that subject and had those articles reposted all over the internet as well. People seem to like my advice or something. Also weird, since those posts are really just for my own amusement. Just sitting here babbling away.🙂 But if they’re of help to anyone then that’s great. I hope they are. I hope they become more encouraged than discouraged by those posts. So many blogs dedicated to writing/publishing are very discouraging, they focus on the negative ‘don’t do this’, ‘don’t do that’…’you must write like this not like that’…kinda weird.

Oh, well, it was an interesting day! LOL

Now I gotta drag my butt out into the bitter cold, start the old truck, and carry myself into work. I don’t wanna. We had such a ‘nice night’ last night I’m tired and just want to curl up under the blankets with hubby, snooze a while and then do it again. And again. And maybe one more time after that.

But….work. Bummer.

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