Women of War-Progress!

Today’s been a good day. I finished a guest spot for my friend Kristina’s Blog Kristina’s Books and More. She’s been kind enough to offer a guest spot, review, and giveaway for our upcoming release extravaganza.

My friend Cathy’s BEAUTIFUL bookmarks arrived in the mail today! Anyone taking part in the Facebook Event will be very pleased with these! You just have to Check out her work! Wonderful handcrafted jewelery and, of course, these lovely bookmarks.🙂

I’m getting very excited about the Facebook Event and the release in general.

I actually was able to buy the ISBN today so “Women of War” is already on its way through the CreateSpace process and zipping to Amazon.com as you read this. It should definitely be available on the site a day or two ahead of release day if not more. Which is good because we’re expecting a nasty snowstorm tomorrow night through Saturday. I might not have any power. So now I’m assured of staying ahead of the game. Paperbacks will be fairly reasonably priced through Amazon.com at $9.95. I don’t think I’ll offered signed paperbacks for this one just the signed hard covers that are already available on the site. Ebooks are still available there get them for $2.99 before I submit them to Kindle/Nook/blahblahblah and the price goes up to $3.99.

Of course I had to come up with a new cover for the paperbacks. What do you think?


A little bolder than the hard covers. I hesitated at adding in “OF WAR #5” but stopped VERY SHORT of adding in “by best selling author”!

That’s right, baby! “The Heart of War” has sold WELL over 800 copies! Technically that makes me a “best selling indie author”! LOL! Too funny, huh? Wanna know what’s funnier? “Child of War-A God is Born” ain’t far behind it! *snicker*.

It took me…ah….5 years…but I made it! Am I now an “overnight sensation”? LOL

Still, it’s pretty cool. I won’t be putting it on my bookcovers or on my bio or on my website or anything like that. Nope, I’m not going to claim that title until I reach it The Old Fashioned Way; 20,000 copies. Then I’ll grab that brass ring and shove it in everybody’s face. *smirk* That’s bad, I know. ;P

So now I just have to upload to Kindle/Nook/blahblahblah and we’re all set for our launch party. I won’t do that until Monday, maybe Sunday if there’s power. That way it should be available for those February 13th posts but will be definitely be available for the February 14th and 15th spots.

Right now hubby is off to an open mic but he’ll be home soon cuz making the darn cover for Amazon took longer than I expected. I’m gonna head upstairs and get under my nice warm covers.

There’s a storm coming.

There’ll be one after the P&Z meeting tomorrow night as well.🙂

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